Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

German Analytic Expertise at work...

('SACHVERSTAND' = 'Analytic Expertise" respectively 'Know-How'; 'Drei Jahre' = 'Three Years')
What we have here?!? Some 'German Punk' (= 'Deutsch Punk') mixed up with some 'German Rock' (= 'Deutsch Rock'), and sometimes they also tend to shout 'Oi! Oi! Oi!', but that's not making it an Oi! record at all. But okay, 'cause that's not the point. This is an selfproduced Demo of this young band coming from the german city of Magdeburg (or at least I think so). It's all in all a 'little' nice Demo CD (coming as a CD-R) that contains 14 songs (13 regular songs and one through and through heavy drinking song as a 'secret' bonus track). It's all well done but also nothing too special or too great stuff. Some songs are more Punkrock, some songs are more just Rock, sometimes they shout 'Oi! Oi! Oi!', all lyrics are in german, they mostly sing about stuf like freedom, friendship and 'feelings', and yes, also it's no too 'damn good stuff' this CD really makes fun. The guys can play and they know what they're doing here. So it can be exciting to see the development of his band, yes, so I will try to keep an eye of this guys, and if you like German Punk and German Rock then try a round. Ahh, the production sound really is okay, no problems with it, but the artwork truly sucks and I wouldn't have used it (even not for an Demo), but you also get a free sticker on top of it (maybe as a compensation for the ugly artwork...;-)...). (6 of 10 points)

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