Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Listen to what the VOICE OF THE STREETS has to say...

"VOICE OF THE STREETS" Issue No. # 10 (Fee: ? ... circa 2,00 Euro or so...)
Yeahr, I know it's a liitle bit older now, but it's still the current/up-to-date issue of this very, very fine fanzine, that's coming from Innsbruck based in Tirol. I just hope that the next issue will see the light of the day as soon as somehow possible, 'cause it's with the "Oi! the Print" fanzine one of my absolute favorites when it comes to printzines. This fanzine is all about Oi!, Hardcore and Streetpunk music (but don't be suprised, if you also find SKA and more intersting stuff in it), and yeahr, what shall I say, it hits exactly my taste in music. We do get a bunch of very labor-intensive and well-recherched interviews, done in a very passionated way, with the Swedish Oi! Roughnecks of GATANS LAG, with the Hardcore henchmen SPIT ON YOU! from Germany, with the young german Streetpunk crew of the GHOSTBASTARDZ, and- my two personal favorites- with BELLIGERENT 86 (great American Oi! music, very hard and dirty rockin' stuff) and WISDOM IN CHAINS (fuckin' great, harsh and brutal Hardcore). All very good done and interesting to read. That's how I like it!!! Fine!!! Then we do get tons of reviews (records, fanzines, etc.), a Skinhead History about the Skinhead movement in Austria, some very good introduction words, and a lot of interesting stuff more. But especially the Martial Arts Sports Special and the good Fitnesstraining practises are very good and unique stuff, and I felt the need to underscore that by some aimed mentioning of them, what I've done hereby. We do also get a very good and clean (yet not too clean) black/white lay out, done on a very high level of quality, fuckin' good writing (in german), and a nice coloured cover picture (if that's the everyday life in the "Voice of the Streets" editorial staff, then it's no wonder why the new issue takes so long, haha;-).) So, what shall I say, if you get the chance to still buy/shift/etc. this issue of this zine, then you shouldn't think twice. Pure gold!!! Cheers & Oi!

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