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Cheers to you, the readers!!!

Like you can read in the 'about me' section, this is the blog of the old printed 'Manslaughter Fanzine'. The reasons why the printed version is currently defunct, and why this blog came to see the light of the day, what shall I say, watch to the right of your screen. There you will find also a short description of who is doing this whole 'blog thing' here... some informations about me.

The banner you can see at the 'name spending top' of the blog is the old emblem of the print zine, back in the days it was designed by Lars 'xFINCHx' K. of 'Blacklist LTD.', 'Tweeny Kills Faster' and 'This Is Save'. I decided to use it... still... and I still like it very much. And yes, so I can easier connect the digital present to the analog past, and so the 'bridge' is (/was) build.

This blog, the 'Manslaughter Thug Life' blog will be all about the music I love!!! Bands, records, zines, books, movies will be featured, and maybe sometimes also some political and/or personal stuff, time will tell.

It will be largely about Oi!, Hardcore, Streetpunk, and Punkrock - the music that is giving me so much for so much more than a decade right now - , but don't be suprised if you will also find something about SKA, Reggae, Swing, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock & Roll, Metal, and also some Electronic music and Rap stuff some day, once again: Time will tell!!!

The next days (maybe at the weekend or so) I will get things really going here. I have interviews with the great Texas Oi! band 'THE BROADSIDERS', with the awesome 'MOUTHGUARD' (Oi! influenced Old School Hardcore from Australia), and with the outstanding '45 ADAPTERS' (Skinhead Rock & Roll from New York City) done and in the pipeline. You will get them to read here at this place, at the latest at the weekend of this week. I hope, that it will work and that I can also give you more interviews to read in the future. I think that there will be coming also some histories of old bands in the future.

Reviews of records (new and old), (print) zines, books, and movies you will get to read whenever I will have the time to write and post some.

I also have a MySpace profile, you will find me in the 'space called my' by way of using - there you can find older writings (reviews, news, etc.) of me (but all in german), and you can get in contact with me, too.

If you are thinking, your band, zine, book, movie, etc. should be propagated here, then just feel free to get in contactwith me. I'm alway looking forward to find new bands, fresh music, cool and enthusiastically print zines, great books, nice movies, etc., so yeahr, just get in contact with me.

I have also become a big nerd when it comes to sport. I love to pump iron, and I'm doing it as often as I can, and also doing other sports. So maybe there will be featured some sport topics here in the future, too. We will see. You know what they say: A healthy mind in a healthy body!!!

And please, stay the fuck away from me with this whole racist/fascist bullshit. My attitude, my life, my work, etc., it's all still based (beside some other guidelines) on anti-racism and anti-fascism, so stay the fuck away with your White Power and/or NS (Rock) music/scene/movement bullshit, you will find nothing like this crap here!!!
So I think, that's all for the moment now!!! Keep ypur eyes open, there will be coming more very soon!!!

Cheers & Oi!
(Currently listened to: TURMOIL - 'The Process Of')

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