Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Illness is coming to you by mail...

 COLD RUSH - "THE ILLNESS" ("Music By Mail GmbH"; CD):
What we here have is a little bit something out of the Metal genre. Somebody remembers this whole thing called Techno Metal?!? This band here, COLD RUSH, is bringing some new loads of music out of this genre. They're marching on the path that bands like DIE KRUPPS and/or GRAVITY KILLS have founded and marched on long before them back in the 1990's. All not bad, a good mixture of some hard and danceable electronic beats (let us call it Techno, okay...?!?) and a hard hitting Metal machinery, and especially the guitar work beats the shit out of you. Nice job, what this guys have done. Nothing too fancy, nothing too special, but some nice songs they have settled together so far. Sometimes they also integrate some 1980's Speed Metal riffing in their songs, to loosen it up a bit. Would be great, if the Techno elements would be even a lot stronger, 'cause they totally rule. If you were back in the days at least a little bit in this whole DIE KRUPPS like Techno Metal thing then you should really give it a try. A nice artwork, a good sound, and at least some good lyrics make it a nice package. (7 of 10 points)

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