Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

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"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 29 (including a CD) Fee: 2,50 Euro
Here we do have the yet up-to-date issue of this first class printzine, dedicated especially to Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock, but also very much to SKA, Reggae, and Hardcore music. It comes from Austria, and Bommel, the guy who is doing it, is around for quite a while. The zine is a printzine and damn, that's what I call professional but still D.I.Y. and Underground and Subculture enough to be what you can truly call a through and through FAN(!)zine. Great!!! The issue no. # 28 was a little bit weaker than the usual standard of the "Oi! the Print", but hey, that's a very high standad, so that's grouching on a very, very high level. And yes, that was sometime back yesteday, and this issue no. # 29 here is definitely a move back to the old and usual strength of Bommel's work. Oh, but okay, also his "new" side kicks Melanie and Hinkel (of Germany's top Oi! band VOLXSTURM) are doing a very, very good job. On the cover we do see Roy Pearce of THE LAST RESORT... and what shall I say, it's maybe not the most beautiful cover in the history of fanzines, haha;-). But now the content of this issue here: It's as usual that much stuff that I just name my favorites. First I have to mention the interview with THE TEMPLARS, done by Melanie. Not just because they're one of my absolute favorite bands ever, but also because it's something a little bit special and definitely not your ordinary interview stuff. You have to read it!!! Damn good job!!! Then the interviews with the great THE DOCKSIDE HOOKERS (infernally good Canadian Oi!, I can't wait to finally get their "Killing the Music" 7", released on "Bandworm Records"), the reformed Streetpunks of THE DROOGIEZ from Nuremberg (cool music, damn good interview), the legendary THE LAST RESORT (nice shot!!!), and with the german Streetpunk youngstars of STRONGBOW, done by Hinkel (cool stuff, and you should really check 'em out). The writing (of everyone of the three) is fuckin' good, very cool, all very passionated and stout-hearted, it really makes you to want to read on and more and more. Also I have to underscore, that also the story about the fine german label "Grover Records" is just brilliant, as well as the very interesting introduction of the new Skinhead documentation "Skinhead Cross Culture", and also the bandhistory/interview mixture about/with Garry Lammin (former COCK SPARRER guy) and his new (?) band THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS and the story about the german clothing label "RageWear" (very sympathic) are just fuckin' cool, nice to read, and good done. Very good stuff. Beside that we do also get a lot of more fine stuff here, that you really should have read, more very well recherched interviews, more bandhistories, more bandintroductions, informations to the CD (very, very good stuff on it), a huge bunch of reviews (records, fanzines, ...), and much more, so that you have even more reasons to read this issue. Like you always should read this zine here, it's a Must-Read!!! Great!!! Get it!!! Ah, and the new issue no. # 30 will be coming very soon, in a week or so, and I think again with a CD on top of it. So keep your eyes open!!! Ah, as usual, coloured cover and backcover, very fine black/white lay-out, very good picture quality, nice grey contrasts, very good writing complete in german, and the usual funky VHS video cassette format. Like I've said before: Get it!!! Cheers & Oi!

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