Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Living in a democracy, who said that freedom would be free?!?

SACRED REICH - "THE AMERICAN WAY" ("Displeased Records"; CD):
As you all should know, this is an old record, hm, I think pretty much from 1990 or something like that, so this is the rerelease of this record. "The American Way" was the second full length album of the great SACRED REICH from Phoenix, Arizona, it came out after the Debut LP "Ignorance" and the EP called "Surf Nicaragua". I've always thought and still think that with "The American Way" SACRED REICH made a big step forward, and even today this record is just great and will crush your bones, blowing away all the garbage and the cliché crap that's known as Metal since oh so many years now. Very hard, ponderous like uncountable tons of steel (of course of steel, what have you thought, this is a Metal record...) guitar work, a hard, tight, and damn well-versed stomping rhythmsection (drums, bass), incedibly charismatic vocals, and just great and interesting songwriting, that's even today totaly goddamn good and unique. That was and still is Trash Metal at it's best!!! Ah, and with the great "31 Flavors" named track SACRED REICH also delivered an awesome Funk song. Great!!! On top we do also get very good, very intelligent, and very critical lyrics on a lot of social issues and topics of Politics and Economics. Inspired by the right wing political practise of the republican party during the Reagan and the Bush (the Senior...) years, a policy that SACRED REICH heavily critized (for a lot of damn good reasons). And also with that, they were and still are an outstanding band in this whole circus cliché piece of garbage that's currently called Metal (for soooo many years now...). Then we do also get the very cool artwork, some short but really fine linernotes, a great fuckin' heavy and not to clean production sound, and some nice Rerelease Bonus Stuff (some pre-production Demo versions of some album tracks, and also a CPU video). That's Metal how I listen to it even today!!! Brilliant and necessary, maybe today even more than 20 years ago!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

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