Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

Finest American Oi!, brought to you by "Headache Records"

TOUGHSKINS & BROKEN HEROES - "SPLIT" ("Headache Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, this fine piece of great music is coming to you through the New Jersey based, well known label "Headache Records", yeahr, and it's coming on Vinyl, on a 7": Just great!!! Okay, it's a liitle bit older now, ah, but that should not matter here at this point. Not at least because the TOUGHSKINS seem to be back on track again. Also: Just great!!! From both bands we do get two songs. The BROKEN HEROES deliver us "Smashing Hippies"(a great, damn fast and sharp, forward driving Up Tempo New Jersey style Oi!/Streetpunk anthem) and "Held Back" (total fist in the air smasher). Both tracks are just fuckin' great stuff!!! Hard, fast, yet melodic and damn gripping American Oi!/Streetpunk, rough, raw, and merciless. Also just great lyrics, patriotic, blue collar, authentic and just 100% real. The way it's menat to be!!! Then the TOUGHSKINS are coming. They are one of my favorite bands, and their "Raised In Anger" is a real classic. Hard, mid paced 1990's American Oi!, pure brickwall working class sound, good rockin' and also not to over-serious. "Oi! is having a laugh and having a say!!!" And they known about both elements!!! And yes: They still know 'bout them!!! They changed their style of music a little bit, the songs are more faster and also more melodic, without forgetting to put enough harshness in their grapping music. It's all more the Streetpunk Style nowadays, like the early DROPKICK MURPHYS ("Do or Die", "The Gang's All Here") combined with the loud and raw New Jersey Streetpunk Style, cultivated with a little bit of the WHISKEY REBELS like hymnal Punkrock Flair. And all done very well-versed, genuine, and self-contained. Just pure gold!!! We also get very good lyrics of them to hear, and much more serious this time. Against Terrorism and defamation. Like I said, just pure and solid gold!!! Then we do also get a nice looking (but maybe not too creative...) old school artwork, and a very nice and dirty production sound, ah, and the 7" comes in black vinyl. If you still don't call this great 7" your own, then you should really fuckin' get it as soon as you can. Cheers & Oi!
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