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(Running time: 39:15 minutes; 11 songs)
("Lost & Found Records"; CD):

(03.) "ANGRY MAN"
(05.) "ON YOUR OWN"
(07.) "PARASITE"
(10.) "GREEN"

Hey guys, yes, like yesterday announced still today right now and right here coming right in through at ya the ('obligatory') "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" (introduction'n'tribute) post edition March 2018. This time here and now you get something very special to/for me, one of the bands and the albums that I grew up with and that had a tremendous huge impact on me and my 'socialization' (and this definitely not only music-wise) and a band and an album that's still very important to/for me and also a band and an album that are now for more then twenty years 'proud'n'brave' companions of me, myself and I and also a band and an album that were and still are sort of a defining factor'n'moment of what to/for me Hardcore was, is, and always will be... and by the way, yes, after February 2018 and March 2018 (so far) somehow were only (sort of) Metal and Rock months up here it is maybe also a good time to shake it all up here again... and so enough of the all introducing smalltalk and now what it is all about right now and right here is the 1997 album "ENGINE OF HATE" of/by the belgian Hardcore roughnecks HARD RESISTANCE containing eleven tracks in a running time of 39 minutes and 15 seconds and that was back then released via the infamous "LOST & FOUND RECORDS".

In the 1990's a lot of european Hardcore bands came up with their very own honest and heartfelt interpretation and respectful and proud development of what was once exploding out of New York City what/which was nothing else than the almighty New York Hardcore and especially bands from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria really made names of themselves and left a mark and an impact, bands like BACKFIRE!, RIGHT DIRECTION, DISCIPLINE (who later on should became the best in Oi! we had and thankfully have again around), DEVIATE, the RYKER'S, BRIGHTSIDE, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, SPIDER CREW, BUST THE CHAIN, and many more raised hell and kicked ass and somehow and somewhere and somewhen along the way in the 1990's the term Euro Core was formed or formulated to categorize all this bands under a more or less fitting/matching but anyhow uniting and defining/identifying label to sum them up. How much sense this made or makes is here and now not of any concern, nah, so let's go further on: HARD RESISTANCE I haven't mentioned there above with all the other bands but they were and still are one of my very favorites of all this glorious bands of all in Euro Core and with their absolute masterpiece "ENGINE OF HATE" they gave me one of my all time most favoured abums outta there, definitely. HARD RESISTANCE roar out of/from the city of Antwerp in Belgium and were fromed in 1994 and they released their also damn strong debut album in 1996, titled "IT'S ALL AFROUND", and then in 1997 with their second one "ENGINE OF HATE" they gave us a lifechanging masterpiece, to me as a kid of the 1990's 'ongoingly growing up' on Hardcore, Metal, Crossover, and Punk it was nothing less than this. I was roughly 16 years young when I first listened to it and it totally conquered me in a more than supreme way and now with becoming 37 years old in a few months it still conquers me again and again and time after time. I think that says quite a bit. In 1998 HARD RESISTANCE released their third one, the MCD "PSYCHO TALES" (also damn fucking great), and after this they sort of called it a day for quite a while but nowadays they are back again (also already for some time now) and going strong again with playing live and having also released new albums (fucking great) since then. Good to see that the good guys sometimes come back again.

HARD RESISTANCE play(ed) a tough as nails NYHC born and bred Hardcore style with not much or not often used breaks on board and enriched with a harsh slightly crusty edge to it, in the no prisoners taking constantly forwards whipping approach of the songs, and all flavoured with an also slightly metallic taste and spirit, in the massively to all devastating heavyness of the musick, to it all. So, yes, HARD RESISTANCE served us a slightly crusty and metallic version of NYHC inspired Euro Core that was and still is today pretty to very self-conatined and 'independently' in its very own identity and unique character. Any sort of cheesy or catchy melody lines or any sort of trendy and/or corny gimmicks you simply won't find here, no bullcrap and false fake ass shit, hell no, instead of this here with HARD RESISTANCE's "ENGINE OF HATE" you got and still get the REAL DEAL in form/shape of highest intensity, high octane energy, no holds barred power, and sheer pure impact and full force, hell yeahr, and this non stopp and without end. Straight and direct in your face hammered songs full of authentic attitude, honest emotions, and real groundshaking heavyness and intensity, and yes, this was and is and will always be what Hardcore was meant to be at very first and will be also be meant to be exactly this. The guys knew what they had to do and what they wanted to do and so they did, and even when mostly all the songs rage on and heavy in a massively stunning up paced way they always managed to work some strong breaks, great twists'n'turns, and in general re-/upfreshing moments and elements into it all to shake it all up again and again and keeping it so all 'alive' and fresh while maintaining the incredible high and forceful intensity all the time and I always loved and still love the powerful onward slashing arranged verses as well as the mighty and full force refrains and not to talk about the devastating grooves (and also the in exactly this very way in general done rhythm work), oh yes, this was and is and will always be purest platinum from 1997 on up to the end of time(s). Harsh roaring lead vocals, full'n'loud gang back ups, devastating guitars, a roaring bass, and smashing drumming make the musick of HARD RESISTANCE "ENGINE OF HATE" and the title is sort of the 'program' that made and still makes the agenda. Outspoken and direct lyrics, a fantastic artwork, and a still today dirty and heavy production sound used to round it all up and still do so today. Each single song is a fantastic slasher and Hardcore at its very, very best, then and now, and so I could calmly and easily spare me any listening tipps for you but so I won't do because if you want to know my total and absolute über-favorites then here they come, oh yes, first and foremost the massive and ultra-heavy titletrack "ENGINE OF HATE" itself, and then the bitter and pissed off "ANGRY MAN", "SCHOOLDAYS SHOW", "NEVER GIVE UP", "GREEN", the programmatically "RELEASE THE BRAKES", and the stunning "ON YOUR OWN", yes, songs I simply sort of can't live without since 1997 like with the whole album, HARD RESISTANCE's "ENGINE OF HATE", one phenomenal piece of musick and Hardcore the most supreme way - then and now.

From my point of view HARD RESISTANCE's groundbreaking masterpiece "ENGINE OF HATE" is a especially today far too often overlooked and forgotten absolutely supreme and superior album and sort of a crowning album in the history of Hardcore in general and in particular in the history of european Hardcore and especially in Euro Core and personally for me, oh man, this band and especially this album meant and still means and surely sort of forever will mean so incredible much to/for me and the memories this songs bring up in me, all the good friends back then, the damn good times, yes, all this just so damn fantastic memories... oh damn it, I slowly but steady grow old with feelings of nostalgia popping up in my mind when I listen to certain songs and albums, hell man, but I think that's maybe just how things go when you suddenly realize that you have a real and proper biography yourself for quite some time now (if you get what I mean) and so it's probably nothing to worry to much about, hahaha. ;-) And this takes anyhow anyway also nothing away from this superior album and to anyone into Hardcore (Punk) who still really doesn't know HARD RESISTANCE and their "ENGINE OF HATE" I hope I helped to change this with this tribute article a bit and maybe I manged to make you curious for/of it and you finally change this with finally buying it (you should get it for pretty to very low prices this days on the second hand market) and I just would wish that I succeeded in paying my heartfelt and honest tribute to this to/for me damn great and important band and this absolutely amazing fantastic album in a proper way. And then I will now leave you with recommending highly and strongly to get this album and with wishing you a good night and then tomorrow may all you guys have a joyful easter(n)-weekend. Next week (at least probably) we will read us again up here. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!

HARD RESISTANCE - "ENGINE OF HATE" (1997) ///the complete album\\\

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(Running time: 22:32 minutes; 5 songs)
("AFM Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, I'm back on track again. So for now you will get this post and this very one will be or better is my record review on the current ASENBLUT Mini-CD "LEGENDEN" that was released pretty to very recently via the pretty big and active "AFM RECORDS" label, yes, and then tomorrow you will get the 'obligatoiary' "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" post and then that will be pretty much all for this month... the two bigger posts that I've announced and promised you earlier this month for coming up still this very month I will serve you pretty soon and early at the beginning of April 2018 because... I was just too damn lazy to get it still right now done and I was especially far too lazy during my current (easter) holidays/vacations... I know, shame on me... to get the finishing touches done on 'them'... sorry folks... and, okay, after you now know 'what's up currently?' up here let's kick this 'thing' here really off and so now let's go: ASENBLUT are a Viking themed Death Metal band from Germany (I think, more precisely, from the City of Göttingen, pretty much near-by where I live) and they are already around for a bit over a decade or so I think and for all what I've read they seem to be a bit 'controversially discussed'... to be honest, yes, I don't see any reasons why. First of to this pseudo- and wannabe-political bullcrap farce that ASENBLUT would be a right winging Nazi band I won't even say anything but just: Hell no, they are definitely not, period. Just get a real life you AFA nutjobs and your most worst problems (especially those that you have with yourself) will  surely and simply vanish. And second or 'secondly'... music-wise... oh mighty Buddha, stop talking them down just because you don't like their german lyrics or because you are full of complexes and so you don't like that their frontman and singer is outspoken about being an active Strongman and an inactive Bodybuilder or because you just have to talk them down because they are 'just a band from near-by' because anyone and everyone who likes AMON AMARTH will also like ASENBLUT simply because at least today with what they show us here on and with "LEGENDEN" they are already next to the guys from Sweden, point and fact. I used that phrase 'at least today' because their earlier relases I don't know properly so far, but this very one here, ASENBLUT's "LEGENDEN", I know very, very well and it features four own old songs of them that are for what I know more or less completly re-done on their current level of skill(s), and this four songs namely are "DIE LEGENDE", "HELDENBÜRDE", "ASENBLUT", and "VON DES VERRÄTERS UNTERGANG", and then they also add a pretty nice and cool cover of MANOWAR's "GOD OR MAN" to it (no match compared to/with the original but still a very decent one). Heavy forward(s) pushing bulldozing Death Metal with a clear and strong Viking (or Pagan) vibe and spirit to it and with a focus on rousing mid-pace slashers with some few faster up-paced outbreaks and with very massive and the songs strongly marking melody lines to it all. Very compact and focussed songwriting that creates a pretty huge intensity and shines with a tight atmosphere. Crushing guitars, harsh grunts and screams (but still also pretty easy to understand), and a thundering rhythm section to back it all up. Imagine a good and strong mixture out of AMON AMARTH, with some UNLEASHED and some BOLT THROWER (especially if we talk about the general approach and the pace work of the songs), add some skullsmashing Thrash Metal to it with some few blackened notes to it all and you're pretty much right there. I would just wish that ASENBLUT would maybe work some more variations into their song arrangements to fresh it all up and maybe work out your own identity at least a bit more but maybe that's also just me (and after I like my Death Metal more of the brutal and U.S. american kind I am also maybe surely just not in the main target group of ASENBLUT as well, just that you know that) and other than that I really like what ASENBLUT serve us here with their "LEGENDEN" Mini-CD and I can calmly recommend this little shining disc to you. Some 'genre-typical' lyrics, a also 'genre-typical' and pretty good artwork, and a fat bombing production sound we get on top of it all. So, yes, even I am surely not in the main target group of a band like ASENBLUT they definitely convinced me with their "LEGENDEN" and made me pretty curious for a new longplayer of them hitting the scenery in the future and if you are into the above described and named styles of music and bands you now get right here and right now my honest and clear recommendation(s).
(7,5 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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(Running time: 42:24 minutes; 8 songs)
("Metal Blade Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes and finally: I am back home from my trip to the (by me massively be-loved) city of Amsterdam and currently I've found the time to do something up here again... and with this month already coming to a close we will see if my plans up here will work still out for this month... but anyhow, yes, being back at work again up here feels good and means that here and now the next dose of record-review(s) by me for you is coming right in through ya and so here we go finally one more time again: Here and now it will be all about the current and for all what I know all in all second full-length-album titled "CONQUEROR'S OATH" by/of the young and impressively strong going U.S. American Heavy Metal band VISIGOTH released pretty much more or less exactly one month ago via the almighty "METAL BLADE RECORDS" label. VISIGOTH were totally unknown to me before I got my hands on the "CONQUEROR'S OATH" and it was due to the great cover artwork and a big bunch of very good and positive record-reviews that I pre-ordered this album and thank and praise to the almighty gods that I did so. VISIGOTH hail from Salt Lake City, Utah/U.S.A. and what they give us is nothing else or less than absolutely phenomenal Epic Heavy Metal of the supreme(st) kind and with a born and bred american flavor to it all and if you now maybe need some references then let me tell you that if you can imagine a very, very self-conatined and delicious mixture out of MANOWAR and GRAND MAGUS then you're on the right way and if you add here and there some very few slightly (early) VIRGIN STEELE reminiscences in that power-driven-epicness of the songs and then maybe also add here and there some few (early) CANDLEMASS impressions in form of that here and there nicely ''doomy'' delivery of the songs to it all as well and then you're pretty much totally right and if you can imagine this all with joy and enthusiasm then let me tell you that VISIGOTH's "CONQUEROR'S OATH" will be sort of your new holy grail and this for good and also for sure. All this influences are melted together by VISIGOTH here on "CONQUEROR'S OATH" in a totally 'independently' and/or self-contained way so that I simply have to state that this fine'n'young band already is thru'n'thru one of a kind and possesses a very strong and huge own identity and character and this combined with an immense and impressive musical quality is something that conquered and still continues to conquer me massively. VISIGOTH deliver very fresh, damn exciting and highly anthemic/hymnal songs with a huge own character and that are delivered via fantastic multi-facetted and multi-layered songwriting full of stunning and big tension arcs with massive amounts of power and tremendous portions of highly rousing energy, a mercyless onwards pushing drive, filled with grapping song architectures, intense and exciting arrangements of the verses and truly larger than life refrains, a great to outstanding riff and rhythm work, a very soul- and playful compositorial approach to it all, a nicely varying pace work, yes, and all is studded with fresh and surprising twist'n'turns all along the road like for example the damn great hard rocking and heavy rolling THIN LIZZY inspired über-anthem "SALT CITY" so that you are definitely in for an amazing, rousing, exciting, and grapping ride. Absolutely fantastic and bright shining clear and clean and also damn powerful and highly charismatic sung lead vocals mark the songs massively and truly enrich and cultivate them in a massive and impressive way. Then the stunning, heavy and forceful and yet 'phenomenally' diverse and especially intense guitar work with its singing leads and stunning solos and that brilliant rhythm and riffing work is for sure adding tons of highest quality and of that very own and unique identity to the songs (and this for all the right reasons), that are massively and stunningly backed up by the furious forward charging rhythm section. Hell yeahr, this is real Heavy Metal at'n'of its damn much very, very best and so much I can tell already here and now you can be sure that you will find VISIGOTH's "CONQUEROR'S OATH" ranked up in my this year's best of list, definitely. It's hard to name you any personal favorites but if you would want me to do so I probably would go with the almighty hymn "STEEL AND SILVER", the stunning "WARRIOR QUEEN", the absolutely poser slaying slasher "HAMMERFORGED", the already above mentioned über-anthem "SALT CITY", the sawing battle hymn "BLADES IN THE NIGHT", and the massively by (Epic) Doom Metal interwoven "THE CONQUEROR'S OATH", yes, so maybe start your discovery of VISIGOTH's "CONQUEROR'S OATH" with this purest platinum gems but don't make the mistake to think that the not mentioned "OUTLIVE THEM ALL" and "TRAITOR'S GATE" would be only anyhow anyway only slightly bad or weak songs because hell no they are definitely not, point and fact. On top of it all we do also get brilliant and (at least to me) nicely multi-facetted battle-scarred lyrics, a gorgeous artwork, and a heavy and powerful and yet warm, earthy, and organic production sound on top of it all. Okay, I think I have said all what I had to say so far and so I will now leave you with my highest recommendations to anyone into real Heavy Metal, Epic Metal, Power Metal, and/or U.S. Metal respectively American Heavy Metal (so to say) and I would like to add VISIGOTH with and due to their almighty and fantastic larger than life masterpiece "CONQUEROR'S OATH" because of the highly intense battle scarred and gladiatorial atmosphere to my personal list of Cimmerian Metal or Conan Metal and when you should finally listen to it you will pretty sure know why. All praise and hail to VISIGOTH and here with "CONQUEROR'S OATH" we definitely already have one of the very best probably top ten albums of/for 2018, definitely; highly recommended and so finally get it as soon as possible and this best right now. And now: DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!!
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


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(Running time: 41:27 minutes; 7 songs)
("Cruz Del Sur Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, back at it again, trying to deliver some more stuff this month then I did deliver over the last month, and so here now comes my newest post and this means again in this case my newest record-review for you. Some general words before I will carry on respectively really start with this very post here and so just let me tell you that beside a bunch of new record-reviews and of course the next ''CLASSICK OF THE MONTH'' post I think in March 2018 we will probably also finally see new different stuff and not only new record-reviews coming up here, two 'big ones' I have already in the work and to/of two 'smaller ones' I am currently drawing the outlines and it could be that also this two will see the light of the day this month. More I won't already tell you right here and right now, won't spoil the ''entertainment'n'enjoyment'' for you and also and especially don't want to make any 'big plans' and so I'll rather be a bit more 'silent' about this all from right now on, again. But if you ask yourself if I will ever do new interviews as well again then let me tell you that I am definitely figured out that I will do finally also new interviews again and I have also already some pretty good and concret ideas of the bands I would like to do new interviews with, yes, but just give me some more time and let me work out some proper questions and I think from next month on or so 'things' should be realistic to come up with more precise informations in the case of new interviews. Okay, and this now should have been enough ''words-in-general'' I would say and so now let us start this post here probably. Here and now it will be all about a to me so far totally unknown band and this band is the (U.S.) American Heavy Metal band of the name (of) SACRED LEATHER and this guys have (just very) recently released their for all what I (think to) know debut-album "ULTIMATE FORCE" via the sympathic "CRUZ DEL SURE RECORDS" label and so now here and now it will be all about this bright shining and deadly piece of real Heavy Metal, yes, and so now here we go: SACRED LEATHER are another one of the surprisingly strong going new wave of fresh and real Heavy Metal bands hailing from the United States of America and were absolutely unknown to me before I saw and listened to their "ULTIMATE FORCE" titled album released still very recently last month and for all what I (think to) know "ULTIMATE FORCE" is the debut full length album of/by SACRED LEATHER this young roughnecks roaring out of the dungeons of the city of Indianapolis in Indiana/U.S.A. and SACRED LEATHER serve us a damn strong and really great mixture out of classic and harsh smashing U.S. Metal and strong rocking and with fantastic and slightly stoic delivered leads and melody lines shining NWOBHM and maybe to describe them as an already pretty to very self-contained/stand-alone mixture out of OMEN and JUDAS PRIEST really comes damn close to describing SACRED LEATHER so far in a nearly perfect way and if you maybe add some few early SAVATAGE (somewhere between "POWER OF THE NIGHT" and "HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING") impressions as well you sort of have a pretty to very complete picture drawn, and especially when you keep in mind that SACRED LEATHER are no ripp-off and also definitely no retro crap band but a very fresh and alive/lively and also already pretty 'independently' band. SACRED LEATHER conquer on and with "ULTIMATE FORCE" with a fresh, strong and rousing songwriting that also offers again and again a strong epic approach to it all and that convinces with tension-filled arrangements and grapping rhythms and a big bunch of forceful riffs to kick you in the ass without any mercy or regrets, very strong composed verses as well as 'highly-mighty' refrains and true and real hymns they hold also already in store. Biggest shining trademarks are the sharp cutting 'air-raid' siren lead vocals and the impressive heavy and powerful hitting and smashing guitar work first class riffs, absolutely boneshaking and sometimes nicely speed filled rhythm work, and high skilled leads, singing melody lines, and storming solos. The rhythm section is backing it all with powerful strikes and bonesmashing slashes and adding tons of force to the songs'n'music and this for all the right reasons. A very strong and sympathic basic'n'old-scoolish artwork a big bunch of cool lyrics, and a heavy and yet dirty and very oragnic production sound round it all finally perfectly up. My personal favorites are "PROWLING SINNER", "ULTIMATE FORCE", "THE LOST DESTRUCTOR/PRIEST OF THE UNDOER", "WATCHER", and "POWER THRUST" and so maybe try this Heavy Metal Monsters out first. If you ask me then you need to have SACRED LEATHER's "ULTIMATE FORCE" in your collection if you are anyhow anyway only slightly into Heavy Metal and so here and now you get my clearest recommendation(s) and now I think it's enough of the talking and so you better just go out and get it best promptly and then praise the SACRED LEATHER, all hail!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the bandcamp site of the band)


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(Running time: 66:51 minutes; 11 songs; Bonus CD: 24:39 minutes; 4 songs)
("SPV"/"Steamhammer"; 2018; Double CD):
Hey folks, yes, time to get back to work again up here and so I now do and so here now comes my review on the (brand)new 2018 masterpiece that the British AOR legends MAGNUM (titled "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY") released at the 19th of January of 2018 via "SPV"/"Steamhammer" and I have the (limited?) Double CD that I bought recently when it was released this January and that so is up now for being reviewed here by me for you. Back in 2015 MAGNUM took me by storm with their fantastic "SACRED BLOOD, 'DIVINE' LIES" longplayer (my review on it I finally did last summer up here) and so I was very hungry and curious for their new album to finally see the light of the day and enthusiastically I cheered up loudly when it finally was to be found in/on the shelves of the local record/media store here where I live and I took it promptly with me. And what shall I say, MAGNUM's "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY" conquered me massively and 'overwhelmingly' and this even more than "SACRED BLOOD, 'DIVINE' LIES", yes, even more. "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY" is filled to the max packed up full from start to finish with larger than life monsters of songs that will manifest and establish an overwhelming and exciting grip on you and won't let loose of you again even when the nearly 67 minutes are over and the goosepimples run down your neck and back without an end so that you can't do anything different then just simply press the 'play-button' one more time again- and again and again and again... This is fantastic and in all and every ways and manners highest skilled and highly authentic as well as 'engagingly' sympathic AOR (or name it Melodic Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock or Heavy Rock, what-ever term suits your gusto better) in absolute perfection filled with an incredible hugh amount of manifold biggest and mightiest honest and heartfelt emotions, full of rousing passion and bursting with life due to a bright shining heavily beguiling soul that breathes life and fresh-alive/lively air into the whole album so that it 'formally' comes fiery hopping out of the speakers sheer exploding (be)for life and it completely takes over with an adorably fresh and high amount of highly dynamic energy so that it will nothing else but take you by storm and maybe even as much as it took and conquered me. The brilliant songwriting that this fine gentlemen and highest skilled formidable musicians in 'persona-union' that form MAGNUM deliver us here on "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY" is just mindblowing and breathtaking and so incredible rich and multi-faceted, multi-layered and highly diverse, packed up full of/with an amazing amount of awesome fresh ideas and exciting and grapping twists'n'turns all along the ride, while at the same time and over the whole time being so massively stunning and intense and highly atmospheric as well as full of gifted melodies and unobstrusive and yet so even more 'conquering triumphantly' hymnal/anthemic catchyness, yes, it will leave your mouth wide open, your eyes shining, and your ears sounding and clinging for/of joy, yes, and the instrumentation as well as the variety of 'musical influences' (for example enrich gifted Folk arrangements and great slightly Medieval melody lines as well as a ton of dreamlike fantasy impressions the brandnew MAGNUM compositions here on "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY" heavily and massively and even more than before) is just stunning and so wide'n'broad and all is at the same time so perfectly flowing and highest skilled 'inter-woven' into the AOR music that it only furthermore prevents your mouth from closing again. Something that also definitely needs to be mentioned here explicit and precise are the just sheer fantastic and heavily rousing pace arrangements and the almighty forceful rhythm structures that mark all the songs and the whole album in a just sheer fantastic way'n'manner. That's perfect, nothing else, period. 'Instrumentation-wise' the biggest trademarks are surely (at least so in my book) the highest gifted and incredible soulful, passionate, heartfelt, and playful, rich, varying, and diverse as well as above all else highly characteristic guitar work, the mighty and powerful vocals with a very own and strong character of their very own, as well as the fantastic paino/organ/keyboard arrangements, yes, and this is all 'just' absolutely amazing and totally fantastic. The powerful and precise, tight and yet also very diverse, playful, and nicely and refreshing 'airy-loose' rhythm section is the perfect and much needed backbone of it all. Ah, yes, and the title-track also offers first class guest vocals by no one else than AVANTASIA's very own Tobias Sammet, yes, just that you know it. Fantastic, thoughtful and throughtprovoking, expressive and interesting lyrics, a drop-dead gorgeous artwork (I'm totally in love with it), and a very warm and natural, round and yet still nicely heavy production sound then round it all (perfectly) up. My personal favorites? Ha, the whole album, period. (Even the absolutely amazing larger than life and incredible powerful "STORM BABY" is my total love affair up here on MAGNUM's "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY".) The Bonus CD features a bunch of fantastic older MAGNUM opus' in a formidable live quality and is a very welcome nice bonus goody. Even we now have just reached March of 2018 I am pretty sure that you will definitely find MAGNUM's "LOST ON THE ROAD TO ETERNITY" in my 2018 top ten list, and so I think I've said it all and I can now only leave you with my highest and honest recommendation(s) and so in my book every fan of honest and passionate Rock music simply needs to call this giant of an album his/her very own and so you better get it way earlier than any later in case you still don't have it. A masterpiece of one of a kind. Cheers.
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Samstag, 3. März 2018


(Running time: 47: 47 minutes; 12 songs)
("Silver Lining Music"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, back from the fantastic TANKARD gig yesterday and somehow holding the infuenza a bit 'on distance' today or so it seems at least currently I decided after an easy-going day today that will thankfully and very smoothly move over into an easy-going night tonight I could also do something new up here and come up with a new post one more time again, yes, and so I now do with my record-review on the brandnew SAXON album "THUNDERBOLT", yes, the 22nd SAXON (pushing on since 1979) full-length-album that was released @ the 2nd of February 2018 via "SILVER LINING MUSIC". Last year I did my review on the predeccessor "BATTERING RAM" from 2015 and if you know this then you pretty much know that I love "BATTERING RAM" and also and especially SAXON in general, right, and so it was instantly clear for/to me that I would grab a copy of "THUNDERBOLT" as soon as it would be out, yes, and so I did. "THUNDERBOLT" is purest and best Heavy Metal through and through, SAXON are still NWOBHM in perfection, and... "THUNDERBOLT" is just damn great, period. It's not exactly that strong as "BATTERING RAM" but it comes pretty close and it is anyhow one hell of an asskicking Metal output of the highest quality grade. I still think it's amazing how fresh, how powerful, how strong and how enthusiastic these fine gentlemen still sound after now almost 40 years of delivering the goods and still they deliver fresh ideas and surprising sprinklings in and with their songs and albums like the (Viking/Pagan) Death Metal marks in "PREDATOR" or the operetta-like dramaturgy'n'arrangements in/of "NOSFERATU (THE VAMPIRE'S WALTZ)" up here on "THUNDERBOLT", yes, that's really great and makes SAXON at least in my book stand-out quite a bit with (maybe even only in little steps) ever 'ongoingly' enriching and cultivating their sound'n'style even after nearly 40 years of playing Rock & Roll. And it's also amazing and just heavily and massively rousing how high the dynamics and energy levels still are that SAXON serve us again and again and "THUNDERBOLT" is no exception to this, hell no, but rather the complete opposite as it stands in the best tradition of high energy Heavy Metal that SAXON are so well known (and loved) for. Also in 2018 SAXON deliver hard rocking, sharp and heavy slashing, and yet very melodic and catchy respectively hymnal/anthemic Heavy Metal with great atmospheric intensity and marked by a fresh, powerful, rousing, and nicely varying and diverse songwriting that offers nice little surprises and very alive/lively twists and truns all along the road and that shines with an immense own character/identity and some damn strong arrangements and compositorial tricks so that "THUNDERBOLT" stays from start to finish and also again and again and time after time 'thunderous' like it should be with a title like that. Really strong and forceful onwards pushing guitars, that deliver first class riffs and smashing rhythms all the way and yet especially shine with atmospheric melody lines, singing leads, and brilliant solos, mark the songs heavily as well as the razorblade like sharp cutting and 'highliest' charismatic vocals, and the heavy roaring bass work and the thunderous drumming reliable pouring the loadable concrete of SAXON's "THUNDERBOLT" and making sure that this Heavy Metal warhorse one more time again rides gloriously into battle bringing destruction to All False Metal outta there... or so to say. My personal favorites are the heavily forward pushing titletrack "THUNDERBOLT" himself/itself, the epic "THE SECRET OF FLIGHT", the highly dramatic "NOSFERATU (THE VAMPIRE WALTZ)", the heavy rocking and hard rolling MOTÖRHEAD tribute "THEY PLAYED ROCK & ROLL", the fantastic SAXON/AMON AMARTH mash-up "PREDATOR", the 'epicly paganized' and 'worn-intoned' hymn "SONS OF ODIN", and the catchy as fuck and highly hymnal anthem "ROADIES' SONG". A gorgeous artwork, very strong and diverse, interesting lyrics, and a powerful and heavy smacking production sound finally round it all up and turning SAXON's "THUNDERBOLT" finally and one more time again into the real deal and the complete package. To any Heavy Metal/NWOBHM fan I can nothing but give my honest and highest recommendations and so make sure that the thunder strikes and so that SAXON's "THUNDERBOLT" will become a (prominent) part of your record collection and this by far better much sooner than any later. And don't Forget: Heavy Metal is the law.
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Donnerstag, 1. März 2018



(Running time: 46:20 minutes; 9 songs)
("Metal Blade Records"; CD):


Hey guys, yes, I know that this post was meant to come up @ the last day of February 2018 or so but after it seems like I was sort of too enthusiastically last week and that this fucked up influenza that I've mentioned last week gives its comeback this days and is playing ping-pong or hide'n'seek with my immune system and so I'm currently struggling a bit to just keep going and that's why this post is just now coming up, not as the last February 2018 post but as the first March 2018 post. And this post is all about the next load of the newest posting series up here, the "CLASSICK(S) OF THE MONTH", yes, and so now here we go. And this month I will introduce you all to the album that was "PAINKILLER" before there was "PAINKILLER". And of course I am talking about JUDAS PRIEST's larger than life masterpiece "PAINKILLER", yes, and the album that I will no introduce to you pretty much was/is all what "PAINKILLER" was/is but just sort of two years before. So, yes, you see that's all more than justified to finally pay tribute up here to this outstanding album of divine might that was and is and always will be "THUNDERSTEEL" the 1988 masterpiece of/by New York City legends RIOT. The aggression, the energy, the attitude, the high octane songwriting, the full force songs, the sheer heavyness, the high skilled musicianship, yes, that's all totally on "PAINKILLER" levels and also the compositorial ways hold steady similarities and are also totally 'on-balance' and that alone is impressive enough and also a statement of its very own. So if you are searching or looking for maybe sort of the blueprint that JUDAS PRIEST (maybe... sort of) had and used to compose and arrange "PAINKILLER" or maybe at least used to draw some inspirations from them, just maybe, then don't search or look any further because here you finally have it. And now enough of the lifechanging "PAINKILLER" of/by JUDAS PRIEST, here's the groundbreaking one that came before, here's RIOT's "THUNDERSTEEL"...

I discovered RIOT first in the 1990's via some compilation-albums back then and then my first ever album of them that I knew and had was their evergreen classic "BORN IN AMERICA" and then later on their smasher "SONS OF SOCIETY". RIOT were (or as RIOT V still are) roughnecked Hard Rock and Heavy Metal veterans that were (and, again, as RIOT V still are) around since the late(r) 1970's and they pretty much always held a somethimes more stronger, sometimes less stronger (1970's) Hard Rock influence in store... at least before and after 1988... and then "THUNDERSTEEL" came and conquered with relentless and mercyless speed and power filled full force Heavy Metal with incredible high octane levels and harsh heavyness non stopp. I love earlier RIOT albums (especially for example "BORN IN AMERICA" and "FIRE DOWN UNDER") as well as later RIOT albums (like for example "SONS OF SOCIETY" and "ARMY OF ONE") but "THUNDERSTEEL" always held and still holds and will forever hold a special place in my heart but not only there because (from my point of view) also in general in RIOT's very own discography because never before and never again after this very one here  RIOT sounded like on "THUNDERSTEEL", on this earthshaking monster they've created and unleashed in 1988. No what-so-ever Hard Rock influences to be noticed on "THUNDERSTEEL", no THIN LIZZY marks or what the hell else ever, but instead of this full power Heavy Metal with biggest loads of Speed Metal in it and thundering heavyness as well as some good loads of hymnal and hard hitting MANOWAR styled Power Metal and this all delivered in a very own way with a strong own character and a very uniqie tone/toning to it all. "THUNDERSTEEL" was and is not just an absolutely fantastic but also an 'amazingly' impressive and also just sheer outstanding album and definitely sort of truly 'one of a kind'. I currently have it or finally have it here in form of the damn great 2015 rerelease edition done by the (al)mighty "METAL BLADE RECORDS" that I desperately wanted to have because I simply really, really like this re-release editions.

"THUNDERSTEEL" takes off going out all guns blazing with the damn phenomenal title-track "THUNDERSTEEL" itself/himself, sharp hitting, sharper cutting, heavy hitting, a deadly strike full of huge tension and power with lightning riffing and larger than life amounts of intensity. One mighty hellblazing monster of a song. "FIGHT OR FALL" then is a hymnal fist in the air anthem with high impact guitars and above all the everything and everyone else outshining vocals. Like MANOWAR going all out attack in a sheer Speed Metal way. "SIGN OF THE CRIMSON STORM" then is one of my personal über-hits here on "THUNDERSTEEL", a smooth and yet incredible heavy forward galloping smashing hymn full of hugest amounts of power and attitude and with brilliant arranged verses and outstanding refrains. "FLIGHT OF THE WARRIOR" follows and storms forwards'n'onwards without taking any prisoners driven into the fight by stunning drums, shredding guitars, and brilliant and expressive vocals to kneel down to. Then "ON WINGS OF EAGLES", another pure platinum full throttle and full force slasher rages on like a wild-fire that simply bruns down'n'out everything with boneshaking drums, alarm siren lead vocals and dirty rocking and even dirtier rolling guitar riffs. The 'masterly' arranged "JOHNNY'S BACK" with a forceful smacking bass work on top of it all then takes a little bit the pace out and slows a bit down and shines with superb songwriting and 'imploringly' vocals that just make showers... sheer floods... of goosepimples run down your neck and back. "BLOODSTREETS" then is an atmospheric masterpiece full of dramatic tensionbuilding and a really huge dramaturgy and another 'simply' perfect song here on "THUNDERSTEEL". Then follows the almighty "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" and this is forward pushing pure Heavy Metal with biggest melodic arrangements in perfection. Then this masterpiece album is closed by the epic'n'dramatic "BURIED ALIVE (TELL TALE HEART)", one hell of an outstanding atmospheric longrunner. And all and each song(s) shine in an absoultely unique and characteristic and very bright light. Totally self-conatined and stand-alone.

The whole album is marked by the totally bright shining, diverse, clear and clean sung melodic, soulful and highly charismatic lead vocals that enrich and cultivate "THUNDERSTEEL" in a damn very, very massive and sheer impressive way and that deliver the brilliant verses as well as the fantastic refrains just perfect(ly). Then the heavy and yet highly melodic guitars also really shine as well and this in all ways'n'manners, no matter if we take the riffing work and the rhythm structure or the highly melodic and really singing leads as well as the sheer pyrotechnical solos, yes, this is all nothing but purest platinum and (again) nothing but perfect. The massive rhythm section is then all backing it up with strong muscles and heavy loads of beefy'n'bulky meat to the backbone and is stunning as well as highly diverse, too. Diversity, perfection, an own identity, and pure(st) platinum, yes, all this terms also lead us to the passionate, soulful, and playful songwriting that is not only intense, atmospeheric, tight, and to the point as well as totally on point but that's also multi-layered, highly diverse, nicely varying, and multi-faceted and offers so many surprising moments, rousing elements, and grapping twistsn'turns all along the ride that it just conquers again and again and again time after time after time. Yes, and that RIOT were (andof course still are as RIOT V) absolutely high(est) skilled musicians should here and now definitely need no further explanation anymore anyhow anyway. First class and interesting lyrics, a very cool comic artwork styled artwork, and a smacking production sound we finally get on top of it all, turning this all into the complete package and this still today.

RIOT's "THUNDERSTEEL" is a timeless classick and a perfect album, a turly larger than life masterpiece... and sadly somehow an album that time sort of forgot about; and in general if this world would be a better and a more just place to live then RIOT (or today RIOT V) would be anyhow far bigger than they are and were anyway. However, okay, maybe (and just maybe) I can help to change this a very little bit with this very post here and now and if you really should not know RIOT's "THUNDERSTEEL" so far then by any means make sure to change this finally as soon as possible and also make sure that this groundbreaking piece of perfect (Heavy) Metal finally becomes a part of your record collection and this best right now. Also RIOT's "THUNDERSTEEL" was, is , and will always be one of the most precious gifts of the Metal Gods high above and now: "BANG THAT HEAD THAT DOESN'T BANG!!!"