Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

"If Shakespeare had a MySpace profile..."

("Redfield Records"; CD):
That's something pretty cool and also something 'extravaganza', and something really pretty damn good, point and fact. Does anyone outta there remembers ENTER SHIKARI, or does anyone outta there knows about WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER and acts such like that?!? If so and if ya like what comes to your mind then damn it and make sure to check out this guys here, HIS STATUE FALLS. I stumbled across this band and album while I was slendering through the shelfs of the local "MediaMarkt" store and saw this CD for just only 2,50 Euro or something around like this. I decided to take it with me because the artwork, the songtitles, bandname and albumtitle really made me curious about it and for that low price I thought that I only in a very rare damn extreme bad terrible case could only possible somehow do something wrong. So I took it with me without knowing anyhow what would be coming for me... and HIS STATUE FALLS truly blew me away. They play a very 'danceable' and damn exciting, fresh and energetic as well as energizing mixture out of Hardcore, Metalcore, and Emo/Screamo Core on the one side and Techno, Trance and Dance on the other side. What now may sound for ya a little bit weird and strange and 'non-compatible' turns out to be a great and fascinating mix out of the described respectively mentioned music genres and trademarks and it's all floating perfectly into one and another. Hard yet very melodic guitar work, all very soul- and skillful, great diverse lead vocals that cover a pretty wide distance of different styles of lead singing schedules, and a damn precise and tight and heavy and massive rhythm section, all made round by just pure great mentioned electronical styles like soundnotes of Techno and Trance and Dance Keyboard- and Synth-Sounds, really amazing shit. It all is done in or maybe better by a way of a very clever and intelligent and grapping and fascinating songwriting, and all delivered by a bunch of musicians that damn know how to play and work with their instruments, point and fact. Maybe call the music that HIS STATUE FALLS are unleashing at us Trance Core or Dance Core or Techno Core..., how-ever, it's really not that much important at all at the end of the day. Personally I like the more on the electronical side of things playing songs even a little bit more and if you want to know how great HIS STATUE FALLS are in their strongest moments then listen to the phenomenal "GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP!" (and especially the final part, and hell yeahr, that's really PUSHING music and nothing else). Check it out some really grapping, exciting, and fresh music is waiting for you - great!!! Also the lyrics are pretty cool and damn good stuff, the artwork looks amazing and the production sound is nearly perfect for the music. So, that's all, if ya searching for something maybe still anyhow 'obscure' that will really suprise you in one way or another then better go out by your own searching this one here and check it out and buy it anyway, maybe you'll find something 'precious' for you or so. I recommend this album highly to everyone out there that's at least only a little bit into 'special' heavy music. Check it out, or better get it anyhow!!! Really damn good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 30. Mai 2011

*** "LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN!!!" ***

("Powerhaus Productions"; CD):
Uh, damn it, I've always thought that this record was released back then in 2009 because that's pretty much the time I remember seeing it being reviewed and stuff like this for the first time over here in Germany, so it would have been already a little bit older and I knew it anyhow but taking a good look at it again I got aware of it that it was primarly released already back then in 2007 and so okay you and I do see that it's already even a little bit more older anyway, yehp, but who cares, so just that you know about it. This is a 'new' band (okay, more or less 'new', remember first 2009 and then even 2007) formed by pretty prominent guys that played before or beside POWERHÄUS in such acts like BOUND FOR GLORY, BEFORE GOD, TRI CITY TRASHED, THE OLD SOULS, WESTWALL, CUT-THROAT, BOUNCIN' BETTY, PLUNDER & PILLAGE, TOTAL WAR, and are today also involved in YOUNGBLOOD (if I now completly threw something over then please 'forgive' me my mistake/-s), yehp, and finally again I can see the alarm bells of some (if not a lot of) you guys outside are going "Ring! Ring! Ring!" over and over again and again. But like some other bands of the mentioned ones that are currently active (so no BOUND FOR GLORY and no BEFORE GOD) also POWERHÄUS are a band without any political approach to it for all what I would now (and also back then) say so everyone scared of the 'White Devil' you see there's no reason for you to be anyhow afraid of POWERHÄUS and if you are it still anyhow then you are guys holding their oh so strong and unquestionable ideological believes above everything all and above anything else (like for example real life issues) so damn strong dear to the heart that this is your personal problem you've to deal with anyhow anyway. So okay, after this introduction words straight up and on to the topic, the review of the full length debut (?) album "LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN" of POWERHÄUS. First listened to this album (back then some-time in 2010) and it took me by storm!!! That's just awesome great music somewhere between a big bunch of totally clichè free and very melodic (and in the case of the- Metal- genre we talk about very suprisingly very melodic), traditional as well as modern U.S. Trash and also U.S. Power Metal with a strong impact of NWOBHM classics and also a big dose of melodic somehow Skate styled and 'punky' American West Coast Hardcore Punk music (just listen to the amazing "ONE FOR THE BOSS", a song that bands from PENNYWISE to IGNITE would have wished to have written by themselves once in a band-lifetime). Larger than life and awesome well-versed and amazing rich on variations being guitar work is main character trademark of the music of POWERHÄUS, and it delivers truck loads of power and force and energy and sheer heavyness and harsh aggression and an ultimate brutality that gets along without any oh so brutal music clichès and is mainly caused by the huge, huge dose of emotions and passion as well as the already mentioned sheer force of the music and the songs. The guitar riffing is incredible strong and damn heavy and really just a statement of its own, awesome. The guitar leads then create an incredible tight and intense atmosphere and are giving you showers of healthy goosepimples one after another, and about the phenomenal and fantastic guitar solos we really don't have to talk about anyhow, really just some larger than life stuff that POWERHÄUS are delivering to us. Then there are the great lead vocals that are truly just pure pwerful and charismatic and stand-alone stuff, sometimes here and there at some songs supported and backed up by brilliant and passionated female co-lead vocals that really stand strong and truly shine out through from out of your speakers. The rhythm section then is a well-oiled damn precise and incredible tight and massive and bulky and heavy working rhythm-artillery-machinery that really fills every anyhow maybe blank space, and that's making this whole album even far, far better than it already is anyhow. That's really just an awesome and a stand-alone band and album, point and fact. About the technical skills when it's about playing their instruments we don't need to say anything here and now (just take a list of the mentioned other bands the POWERHÄUS guys used or still use to play in before or beside POWERHÄUS and then you should really know about the deal), and that these folks also are phenomenal songwriters (interesting, fascinating and grapping moments non-stopp in uncountable many variations) and that they do offer us a lot of suprises and great changes as well as some damn clever arrangements I say just for the fact that you know it anyhow and so I just say it for the record even I think that a lot of you guys out there maybe already know about it anyway. Okay, beside all of this we get a big bunch of fantastic lyrics, from great and non-clichè love-songs to stuff with a (for what I would say) pretty metaphysical and philosophical background and approach, and that's also great and even far more. The artwork of this album is also awesome shit, and the production sound is nearly perfect, yes, it is. So you see, this one here was and still is truly and really the complete package, so if you still don't know or still don't own it I highly recommend this album to you and you and also you out there. Awesome!!! I love every single song on this one here but my personal total favorites (musically and lyrically) are "SYMBOLS", "IN TIME" (and make sure you also listen to the incredible 'alternative' version of it that you can find on this very album here as a not listed bonus track), "POWERLUST", "MRS. LIBERTY", "LOST" (incredible!!!), "ONE FOR THE BOSS", and "WALK AWAY", so check them out at first!!! And I really desperatly hope that the follow up of POWERHÄUS will come out asap (and it's already really about time for it). I love this shit!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now you get three video clips of POWERHÄUS for your enjoyment and so that you know about this brilliant and great band and that you can asap go out and buy their album from where the hell ever you still today may can get it. And you now get the clips (or what here and now shall be called so) of the POWERHÄUS anthems of the titles of "LOST", "SYMBOLS", and "IN TIME", and hell yeahr, incredible strong and mighty hymns anyway all the way. Check them out, right now, right here, POWERHÄUS in ya face!!!




Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Rockabilly strikes back!

(European Top # 5 Double CD 'Celebration Edition')
("Warner Music"; 2CD):
Okay, now some Rockabilly (yes, it's true) for all of you out there. This band and record came up some-time around late 2010 or so for all what I know. This band really hit the market like a bomb and celebrated some sort of a huge success in many (especially european) countries. Especially over here in Germany they grabbed up what DICK BRAVE & THE BACKBEATS kicked off eight or nine years ago with a very huge mainstream chart success, what then BOPPIN' BE carried forth (without that much mainstream success, to be honest) and what today they, THE BASEBALLS, by themselves are doing here in their own way but also comparable to the before mentioned bands. This band played and still plays (still with a lot of success, for all what I know) pretty classical Rockabilly music and it really reminds me from the music, the aesthetic, the spirit, and the style and sound very much of the whole "ESKIMO LIMO" (or, in german, "EIS AM STIEL") movies (maybe you know one or two of them). THE BASEBALLS are a very controversial and heated discussed band in the Rockabilly scene (at least the german part of it and at least for all what I've heard because I don't give a damn about this scene and damn no I'm a part of it), pfff, but I don't care. I don't care if this is a 'true' or just a 'casted' band, if the guys in the band are 'true' Rockabilly folks or just 'casted' fakes, if the guys have a background in dirty Rock & Roll subculture or if they've danced before they've played in THE BASEBALLS in some stupid disco holes to brainless chart mainstream dance pop techno mall music crap, and I don't care if they listen and still dance to it or not in their private lifes still today, nah, I really don't care. It's good music and at least to me today this whole "Keep it true!" bullshit, especially when it comes to this clichè 'arty-gaily' Rocka-/Psychobilly, is just retarded and obsolete crap, there are just more important things in life to think and take care about. If you're a 'hardliner', no matter out of which subculture ever (in this case naturally especially of the Rockabilly and maybe also the Psychobilly scene), you may think different about it, maybe, and if so that's all okay. So, yehp, after this back to the topic: THE BASEBALLS (and even that's pretty cool and funny, but maybe also the only true 'minus point') are just some sort of a cover band. They do cover mainstream chart pop mega hits of today in the above described way of very traditional and 'softy' classical Old School style of Rockabilly and Rock & Roll music, here and there enriched by some cool Barbershop impressions and 'Acapella' music marks. A (btw pretty cool) Stand-Up bass, very full and charismatic and ELVIS PRESLEY like vocals as well as cool traditional CHUCK BERRY styled guitar playing and a very relaxed drum work are the ingredients of this music, and they do play it very well-versed and also with truly a lot of really much heart and soul and passion, yes, and that's  very cool. They do covers of such 'bands' and 'artists' like (if I spell some names not correct then please forgive me this mistake/-s) for example JENNIFER LOPEZ, KATY PERRY, RIHANNA, LADY GAGA (the total bullshit song "POKER FACE", and damn it, they truly make a really great hymn out of it), ROBBIE WILLIAMS, LEONA LEWIS, SQUISSOR SISTERS, THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS, etc. pp. and many more of "top" 'bands' and 'artists' like this. No need to discuss the original songs and 'bands' and 'artists', nah, but THE BASEBALLS are doing a damn good job here, they really understand to make damn good versions out of this bunch of originally crap songs, and especially when it's "Party Time!" this whole concept works out great and strong, but also when you're alone just spending a relaxed time, or when you're with your girlfriend/women making yourself together a great evening or when you're driving around with your car making some noise, yehp, THE BASEBALLS will help you having a nice time. It's nothing you should or could take all too serious but who cares (and I think the band itself isn't taking it all too serious and this is making this all pretty sympathic), it's all nothing really anyhow fascinating-grapping new but who cares, it's all truly very 'soft' but who cares, it's just some pretty funny and cool and good stuff and that's the only thing you should care about. This is some sort of a rerelease version with a cool bonus CD, a new artwork (the original one looked way better), and all is coming with all lyrics (don't ask me if they've changed something everywhere compared to the original ones, I could just tell ya that they've changed the lyrics of the THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS song "DON'T CHA" quite a bit) and all in a great production sound. There's also already a new album of THE BASEBALLS out and I think it's again still just filled with cover songs (maybe thinking about changing this in the future, could help to take it all more serious and creating and keeping a own identity... even it would maybe cause some 'back-growing' mainstream success) and what I heard was also again some really cool and funny entertaining stuff so maybe also check their new album (titled "STRINGS'N'STRIPES") already out. If you're looking for some nice, funny and damn cool, not too serious at all Rockabilly of the most traditional way of style and sound then check THE BASEBALLS out and open yourself some brews and have a good time with it. (They would get one point more, but hey, they're just a cover band so come on...) So all in all they get the following rating and I truly recommend them and especially this CD to you anyhow anyway, at least if you like the here delivered and above described music and if ya do not take all too serious... Yes, so if that's the case, then damn check it out!!! (7 of 10 points)
If it all works out like it should then you should now get the official clip to the THE BASEBALLS version of the KATY PERRY song "HOT'N'COLD" so that you can draw your own picture of this Berlin based Rockabilly band, so yes, enjoy it if you like to, I like to. Ah, and like I've already mentioned one or two times before do yourself the favor and don't take it all (and maybe your oh so beloved and 'true' scene and maybe also yourself like the big 'scene-chief' you definitely are) too serious, then you'll (maybe) have a good time.


Are you really an Anarchist?!? Then we don't need you around!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! Fuck all you Hippie Punks!!!

HEy folks!!! After my personal total new discovery VENOM (the british Oi! band of this name, great early british Oi! Oi! Oi! music, not the clichè Metal band, but they are also legends anyway) I felt the need to also put the following band up here: CROWBAR!!! Not the Doom/Sludge Metal/Core band from New Orleans (also a damn good and great band and that's also featured up here, to just have it mentioned it here btw for ya), but the legendary great british Oi! champions from the more or less early 1980's. The band was something like more of a (way far too short lived) project than some sort of a proper band (for all what I know anyhow) and for what I know they've released just a short tracked 7'' (two songs, the title track "HIPPIE PUNKS" and a cool THE CLASH cover of their classic "WHITE RIOT") and were also featured (with the same songs) on the legendary "MADE IN BRITAIN" compilation (alongside with THE LAST RESORT, SKINDEEP, and ANTISOCIAL), all released back then in 1983 or so. You now get the larger-than-life anthem "HIPPIE PUNKS" of CROWBAR and maybe some of you also know that the controversy german, hm, okay, let us call it/them: Skinhead Rock band of the name of KAMPFZONE many years ago did a cover version of them, all in german, and they've done quite a good job but they can't beat or even only rival the original one. But the cover version that the almighty german Hardcore legends of BRIGHTSIDE (still know them?!? You should, awesome band!!!) once did also oh too many years ago on the amazing "THE WORLDWIDE TRIBUTE TO THE REAL Oi!"(Volume 2) compilation (great stuff, the two compilation discs) is even greater and while also BRIGHTSIDE didn't beat CROWBAR they came pretty close and you should do anything to know their cover tune of this classic anyhow, point and fact!!! Back to the legends of CROWBAR: It's hard stomping, yet catchy and very anthemic good old early british Oi! music and if ya like this stuff (for fuck's sake: How could ya not?!?) then you will also love CROWBAR and their "HIPPIE PUNKS", so enjoy it!!! I've chosen the version that's to be found on the mentioned compilation due to the far better sound quality, but otherwise it's exactly the same song. So, yehp, now just fucking enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!


British Oi! made in 1981... VENOM firing the "GUNS OF GLORY"

Hey guys, I've found found this video recently on the web and it's some damn great stuff (even the sound is... hm... very, very 'old school' stuff...) of a band that I didn't know before: VENOM, not the Metal band that's often called the inventors of Black metal music, but an early British Oi! band active sometime around 1981 (or so). Here's the video of their song "GUNS OF GLORY", it's taken from their demo released back then and it's announced to be a very rare track what I would believe without only one single doubt at all. It's great stuff, hard hitting early Oi! Oi! Oi! music from Britain, also fucking good lyrics. Check the clip and song and enjoy it and if anyone knows more about VENOM then please just let me know about it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!


MÖBBEL OIMEL praising the "GLORY BRITISH Oi!" we all hold dear to the heart!!!

Hey folks, I'm currently pretty short at time (can I say it so?!?) and so it's just a 'Videos' posting that I now have here for ya. And finally it's some damn good Oi! Oi! Oi! music again. I have no clue what this is all about but some time ago I stumbled while I was surfing through the web over this band and song. The band is named, so it seems, MÖBBEL OIMEL and even I have no clue what nationality this band is all about (could be some 'spanish rooted' singing or something pretty similiar to this) I hope that I don't 'hurt' anybody but this bandname is one of the most stupid that I've ever heard in my life (in case that this is the name of the band, but that's how it seems... more or less) and why a band that seems not to be from at least somewhere in Britain does a song called "GLORY BRITISH Oi!" might also be a question left open (but maybe it's just about paying tribute to the roots of our music... I know, clever, right?!?) but forget about all this, because this is a great battle scarred Oi! Oi! Oi! stomping anthem. I found this video quite a while ago but just got it now done to bring it up here (don't ask me why... I'm a busy guy;-)...) and I thought I would find something about this band and all but I wasn't lucky with making this ambitions become true, sorry, and that's why I can't tell ya more about it all here and now. So if anyone out there knows more about it just let me know it via leaving a comment (here) or sending me a message (through MySpace or Facebook, for example). I would love to hear more from MÖBBEL OIMEL and if this band got a record out I think I would love to call one copy of it my own. Maybe also this MÖBBEL OIMEL thing is just a profile name for some uploading guy on YouTube, I don't know, I just know that I love this song (despise the stupid "Fuck U.S.A.!!!" chant) and unfortunately I don't know who've done it (somehow I can't help myself that MÖBBEL OIMEL can't be a bandname at all, it's too stupid after everything), so yes, if MÖBBEL OIMEL now is a band (and the band that's done this song) or maybe not, it doesn't matter that much at all right now... If anyone has some proper informations about the band and song featured here and coming now for ya then please just help me out of this mess via above mentioned 'helping-actions'. Thanks a lot!!! And for now just enjoy this great song!!! If you love Oi! (how could ya not?!?), then you will love this one coming now for ya, too!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!


Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Trippin'... Gotta take a trip out of this place... Gotta get away from the human race... Trip at the brain... You know what I'm saying... I'm going insane...

Hey folks, today only a little 'Videos' post for ya, and this one features finally again some good old well-known guys up here on this blog and I'm talkin' 'bout no-one-else than the legendary and almighty SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Damn it, I love this band!!! Old School yet still damn fuckin' fresh Skate Hardcore music from the Westcoast of the USA, just great stuff!!! You now get the clip (funny stuff, awesome shit) of their immortal anthem "TRIP AT THE BRAIN" (amazing song), the opener of their "HOW CAN I LAUGH TOMORROW... WHEN I CAN'T EVEN SMILE TODAY?" masterpiece (I think it was released in 1988 or something like this, but I'm currently too lazy to grab the album from the shelf and take a look at it, hopefully you'll understand my lazyness...) and I can't tell ya often I still fuckin' listen to this great piece of music even today. That's it for now, I'm tired, so just enjoy the clip and then untill soon!!! Oi!


Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011


("People Lie You Records"; CD):
Okay, some days ago I reviewed the "TROUBLED GROUND" album of ZEBULON and announced that this would be the last record that gets reviewed of the CD package of old "PLY REC." releases that I'll do reviews of up here... but I was wrong with that announcment because now finally here's the last record of that package that I am about to review for ya up here, and this one was and still is (what else?) the first label compilation CD that used to kick off the today pretty well-know "WHERE THE BAD BOYS ROCK" label compilation album series. This sampler is pretty cool stuff and it really doesn't matter at all that it was released quite a few years ago. This compilation CD really shows how strong this label once used to be and how strong it really could have been. Not that it is or ever was a anyhow 'bad' record label but compared with most of the bands featured on this first one here (like for example THE AWESOME MACHINE, ZEBULON, ABDULLAH, MACHINE GUN, SUNRIDE, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, and SPIRIT CARAVAN) all this Punk'n'Roll, Drunka/Rocka/Punka/Psychobilly stuff that fills the ranks of the roster of "PLY REC." so much mostly today is really pretty weak and also somehow 'mainstream' and 'un-original' stuff... okay, but anyhow... We get here a pretty cool and nice mixture out of Stoner Rock, Doom Rock/Metal, Psychedelic Rock stuff, metallic Hardrock & Roll, Punk'n'Roll, Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll, and some (Punka)Billy stuff, and all in all the damn most stuff of it all on a high if not very high level of quality. Some bandnames (also already mentioned ones): ZEBULON, THE AWESOME MACHINE, ABDULLAH, THE BONES, THE SPITTS, NEBULA, SUNRIDE, THE GENERATORS, BLIND DOG, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, THE FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, SPIRIT CARAVAN, LOWRIDER, MACHINE GUN, MANTARAY K.D.; and also some bands more. Even some of the bands are pretty unknown today or at least unknown to some (and maybe also you) outta there don't make the mistake to think this would say something about the quality of the bands, songs and music you get here because this would be a damn big mistake, and you better trust me upon this. You should really check it out!!! (If you don't call it your own already anyhow.) A lot of damn good stuff waits to be finally discovered by you (and also you and you and you, yehp, and you, too). The artwork looks pretty cool and is really a great job that the guys here did back then, to the lyrics I won't say anything (because it's a compilation disc, so what should I say at all, 'light' and 'shadow(s)' grow close to each other, if ya know what I mean with that) and the production sound of all bands and songs is really damn good stuff. Btw, funny to see that once back then the german Metal magazine "ROCK HARD" used to present and sponsor this "PLY REC." label compilation album. You should get it today for damn low prices (maybe at some places- still- for not more- if not less- than one lousy Euro buck) so don't think twice and you all should know by now what you have to do here and now in the case of this disc. Really damn good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Introducing TRI CITY TRASHED via a vicious "SUPRISE ATTACK"

Hey folks, another new and the finally the last post for today. I want to introduce a damn great band with that I recently got in contact via MySpace and this band is TRI CITY TRASHED (or TRI-CITY TRASHED). A damn great band!!! In the future more of and about and maybe also with them will come, I'm pretty sure aout it and so you should it be, too, and then I'll write much more so that ya all know more. Btw, to all our self-proclaimed brave 'leftists' out there (which means all you brave virtual warriors out there that give themselves a banner like the 'digital AFA' or so): You can all go and shove your crap up your ass and then leave here and go crying sitting alone somewhere in the dark because your oh so bitter feelings about finding TRI CITY TRASHED up here. A damn great band, that also seems to be compiled/founded/formed by pretty sympathic and 'grounded' guys. Now you get their track "SUPRISE ATTACK" (I hope the title is the correct one), and now just you enjoy this great hymn by this outstanding band. Ah, btw, their current album is still hot and out and the new one shall be already in the making for this year, just that you know about it. Check them out and contact them via http://www.myspace.com/tctoc and enjoy what you get to listen to from this guys. Yehp, and btw: This is Punkrock, baby!!! Cheers & Oi!



("Century Media Records" / "Savage Messiah Music" / "Metal Hammer Magazine"; CD):
This here is a gratis promotional release that comes (or came) as a free garnish with the (still) current (?) issue of the "METAL HAMMER" titled music magazine and so you should get already a pretty good impression what's now coming for ya (in case you don't know about ARCH ENEMY by now) and this is a dose of Metal music. This shall be a exclusive and non-commercial CD that features two brandnew songs, one KISS cover (that was before solely released as a Japan Edition Bonus song) and a bunch of live songs and some compiled older songs (maybe a fan of the band would call them their classics, I don't know). I never really listened to ARCH ENEMY (to say it precise beside some few songs I know nothing from them, and I mean really nothing) before this one here but I decided to grab this CD anyhow and so I took it with me... A bad guy I am, I know... But you also know that I'm just revolting against the status quo of the capitalistic system we're forced to live in and its rules, haha;-). Founded in the middle of the 1990's as a offspring of the almighty and immortal CARCASS they developed to a pretty impressive successful Metal band from Sverige (?) that pretty soon became pretty famous (on a global level) for being one of the more or less very few female fronted Death Metal bands. Okay, for all what I do hear now I wouldn't label them Death Metal anyhow anymore. It's some sort of heavy and very, very skillful Power Metal between some heavy loads of traditional stuff and also big doses of modern impressions, and yes, with some deep and intense guttural female lead vocals. Big harmonies and melodies, symphonic leads and very gifted solos, the guitar work is really impressive and damn fucking skillful and well-versed, no doubt about it and much respect for that, even I have to say that for me personally it's some huge doses too playful. Anyway, great skills and work at and with the guitar(s). The guttural lead vocals are pretty charismatic and also still pretty 'clear' so that you can really understand what's sung about. The rhythm section is working damn precise and fucking heavy. All is done with a lot of heart and passion, and after (for what I know) the band is around since something like 1996 or so it's all still really damn enthusiastically done. I like it even it's definitly not my favorite music anymore (for at least 15 years or so), especially not that kind of melodic and playful, surely hard but yet damn 'sweet' style of Metal music, nah, I can't really rely to it. Anyhow, that's a good record. The two new songs are good and especially the second one called "NO GODS, NO MASTERS" is really a great anthem, without one single doubt!!! The KISS cover sucks, sounds like your ordinary Power Metal song between MANOWAR and ICED EARTH with some Death Metal drumming and rhythm work to it and not really like a KISS tune anyhow... The live and/or 'older' songs I didn't know before but some are really good and some are not that really good at all, Melodic Death Metal (or better melodic Power metal with guttural vocals) on a very high technical level and with some good songwriting ideas, yehp, and all very 'playful'... Lyrically they deal with issues like freedom and individuality and they seem to use the Anarchy "A" as their (new) band logo. Seems more like a thing of a general meaning and not like a political or ideological agenda, so thank Buddha for that you don't hear any political preachings here on this one by this band. The lyrics are okay and (far) better (again: "NO GODS, NO MASTERS") and the artwork looks really cool, yes, and the production (studio) as well as the recording (live) sound is a damn good one. So, yes, it's a CD for free so if you see it grab it (which way ever;-)...) at least if you like the described music. If you're a (Death) Metal head I would bet that in at least 80 out of 100 cases this CD will make you hungry for more new stuff of or from ARCH ENEMY and you'll be left curious about their new coming full length album (shall carry the title "KHAOS LEGIONS") after listening to this record here and so it's a good done one and you can easily and surely say: "Mission accomplished!!!" (8 of 10 points)

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("Roadrunner Records"; CD):
Okay, here's the next one on my list that I want to get worked through finally. This is still the current album of the Metalcore or Modern Metal megaseller(s) of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and so there's still enough reason to do a review of it even today after it was already released back then in 2009. So, okay, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE just convinced me with their precursor release to this one, "AS DAYLIGHT DIES", never before. All their other releases that used to see the light of the day earlier really had never been on my list, not even at the bottom of it. This whole Metalcore and/or Modern Metal stuff, nah, I mean it's not like it would be crap in general, no, but it's just like if you used to grow up with 1990's Neo Thrash Metal (like for example FEAR FACTORY) and 1990's 'New School' (Scandinavian) Death Metal (like for example AT THE GATES) and late 1990's as well as early 2000's Nu Metal (like for example SLIPKNOT) then all this hyped acts like for example THREAT SIGNAL and also KILLSWITCH ENGAGE never really hold that much potential in store for you and you could never ever understand why everyone was (and partly still is) making such a noise when it comes to such bands and genres. And, beside this, (because this wouldn't be that bad at all, despise the hype and as long as it is first-and-formost good music then it's also not that much important if it's all oh so new or maybe not,) especially KILLSWITCH ENGAGE had been a band that I always categorised as one of the most heavily overrated bands out there (even the level of technical skills of the musicians was always damn high, all the records really lacked the most importat thing about music, and that's simply interesting and grapping songs and fascinating songwriting). With the "AS DAYLIGHT DIES" album this changed and as I got my hands on this here for just something like ten bucks I decided to give it a try and even more because I bought it recently. And what you get here is a good dose of that typical melodic Metalcore or Modern Metal style for that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE became pretty or even very famous. Hard yet melodic and very skillful guitar work heavily marked by the great leads and a big dose of exciting solos. Above that there stand the vocals, pretty grapping stuff, all done very well-versed, changing between brutal shouts and grunts and very clean and clear yet powerful lead vocals, and then there's a very heavy and massive rhythm section at work that really fills up every only possible blank space so that it's all a massive wall of sound that's coming directly at you if you listen to it. What's new is the fact that here you find even far more parts that display a huge influence of traditional NWOBHM music (for example IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST) and even some if not a lot classical Stadium Rock marks (think about VAN HALEN and stuff like this) can be recognized when it comes to the guitar riffing and the rhythm structure. The technical skills of the musicians are very impressive (as usual when it comes to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) and like on their direct precursor release also this time the songwriting works out again, hm, maybe even a little bit more than the time before. Really a pretty good album that you need to check out if you like the above mentioned bands and genres. On top of it we get some good lyrics, a great artwork and massive production sound. Check it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Marcus Giese, 02. 08. 1969 - 15. 05. 2011 - Rest in Peace man, we'll never forget you!!!

Hey folks,
this post is a very tragic and also a very personal one... It is now a week ago (more or less exactly a week) that a good friend of mine tragically passed away. The night from last saturday to last sunday Marcus Giese died at a 'major heart trouble', his aortae ruptured or cracked while he should be taken from the hospital in Goslar to the hospital in Hannover where he should have been operated... We were celebrating the birthday of Hank this night and I still remember me saying, asking where Marcus would stay after he did not arrived hour after hour... Two days later on Tuesday I knew it... I think from us guys here from more or less out of Golsar I was maybe one of the last guys who knew it (that's one reason why I recently and finally joined 'Facebook' this very day today...) and it hit me really hard (but that was and is nothing compared to his family and closer friends) and I was thinking since Tuesday what to do about it, and pretty soon I decided to do a tribute or hommage or farewell post to honour Marcus and show him some last final act of respect. It took me a while because, to be honest, I didn't know what I should write and I still don't know it... Friday Marcus was buried and it was a very hard and intense day with his burial and then all of us sitting together and talking etc. pp. through the day and night... It was good to see all of the girls and boys who were there to show also their respect and honoured him... And it was really some sort of great 'thing' who were all there... hopefully we will see us the next time because of some far better reasons...

Like I've said; since Tuesday I knew and know that I want to do this post here, but still I don't know (and never really knew) what to write... there's so much I could write and it still wouldn't be enough or it would still miss a lot. So let me say it just short and precise and just on a personal level and not talking about music (you may remember him from the THROAT-CUT interview that I've done with him at the end of the last year) or business or work or what-so-ever, just about personal issues and that are in this time the only important issues that should be mentioned up here: Marcus Giese was one hell of a great guy, a great human with a lot of heart and soul and passion and character for the things he did and that he recognized to be important and necessary, with a open ear and a open eye for all of his closer and not so close friends that could always count on him when they were in trouble which kind ever. A very good friend and an even greater human, a person like you don't find them today that often anymore, and a big loss to everyone who knew him. My thoughts are especially and first-and-foremost with his girlfriend and the mother of his and her just a few weeks old little son Samuel (and that's making it all even moe tragic) and with his family!!! And I think I can say it also in the name of all of his friends: Marcus, we will miss you!!! One day we will see us again!!! Rest in peace man, you'll never be forgotten!!! Farewell, Marcus...

R.I.P. MARCUS GIESE (02. August 1969 - 15. May 2011)

(This is just a short video that I've done in the thoughts of Marcus, the musc is by the great DOGMA IVS, the first (?) band he sung in and it's my personal favorite song of them. He wrote the lyrics something like eleven years back when his and his brothers mother died and maybe I am wrong but I feel that the song, the music, the lyrics, the mood and atmosphere also fit to the current situation and so here comes his short and little farewell video clip, something like a short moment of serenity and a last display of respect...)

"Hey, when it turns to dust before your eyes - why don't you take it like a man? And when your strengths are running down your spine - why don't you show them take a stand? Why don't you be a man?"

("People Like You Records"; CD):
I used to review a pack of old "PLY REC." releases some time ago over the last one or two months and here is now finally the next and (I think so) last album out of this record pack introduced to you via a new record review and the band that's now in the focus is the band of the name of ZEBULON from (I think so) the country of Sverige. This record shows again what a potential this label once really had before it went totally in the direction of this whole Punk'n'Roll and WTF-ever-Billy music(k) stuff. This record is already pretty old (more or less 'pretty' maybe, but 'old'- or 'older'- anyhow) and was released back then in 2004 and this album should still be out on the market to be bought by you (if you want to do so) and this normally for very low prices and if you have some sort of some little luck then you could really still get it for something like around just 1 or one (read: o-n-e) Euro, just that you know about it. So, yehp, yehp, yehp, okay and now onward straight forward  into and with this very review here and now: What we get here is some damn strong and really incredible grapping and fascinating Stoner Rock of the highest grade of quality. Heavy and 'groovy', really cracking and hard rockin', 'groovy' and also pretty often (sometimes more, sometimes less) very nice and 'likely' droning guitar work is the major trademark of ZEBULON's music, especially the riffing is incredible strong and heavy and also damn tight and some really impressive stuff, and beside this ZEBULON also used to work with some great leads and also a big bunch of very impressive solos, and yes, that's all done fucking strong and just impressive, no matter if it's about rocking or if it's about droning all is done just through and through great, so thumbs up for that. Then there is the amazing lead singing voice, clear yet damn powerful and also very passionate and full of emotions, and the voice as well as the style of singing really perfectly fit to the music. And the rhythmsection is just a pure great celebration of awesome 'tightness' and just great groove and pure rock and all done with sheer power and ultra-heavy force and is also a really incredible strong and heavy and tight rocking as well as forceful and very earthy and dronin' grooving affair on a top level, and the rhythm architecture is also just damn good stuff that offers for example grapping changes between heavy droning stoic pushing parts and forceful and mercyless heavy rocking parts and in between this we do find hell a lot of nice and very interesting changes and suprises more so that it all is pretty exciting after all. Also ZEBULON really knew (and maybe still know) how to write grapping and exciting, fascinating and interesting songs, how to create really impressive arrangemens, and to play their instruments ZEBULON knew (and maybe still know) very impressive. So all in all this is a great album by a great band that you need to have if you're only a little bit interested in Stoner Rock and maybe you can compare them a little bit with (old or early) FU MANCHU and stuff like this even ZEBULON really and truly used to call a own identity their own without being a copy of anything or anyone and they had been much and far better than most of the other bands labelled as Stoner Rock back then and also today, so make sure that you check ZEBULON on their "TROUBLED GROUND" out asap if you still don't know them by now. The lyrics are like the music really great and pretty rich on variations and pretty well-versed stuff, too. And also the artwork looks really very, very good and the production sound (this album was recored and done in the swedish "Sunlight Studios" and that proofes or proofed that this recording studio/-s used to work really, really good and strong and that the guys running this studio/-s really could do much more and better than just doing all the same sounding Death Metal records respectively recordings all over and over again) is just a great dirty and earthy affair that totally fits perfectly to the music of ZEBULON. If it wouldn't had been for two 'weaker' songs "TROUBLED GROUND" would get the highest rating here and now by me, yes and that's true no matter waht ya now may think, but also so this is and gets and more than just damn good rating. Really and truly and honestly great stuff, so damn fucking check it out and best do it now, point and fact!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Sorry folks, unfortunately I haven't found a Homepage or MySpace- or Facebook-site of ZEBULON.)

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Hey folks, here's coming the second and last or final post for today, and it's a 'Videos' post to pay some tribute and give some honour to the legendary Hardcore warhorses of SS DECONTROL, Old School Hardcore at its best!!! You get their great hymn "POLICE BEAT" (that was also covered in damn strong way by the great and already anyhow almighty THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES once) and I think that I really don't have to make any more words right now and here, so just enjoy the clip and then we will see if it takes again a week for the next stuff coming up here. Cheers & Oi!



("D.I.Y."; CD):
Okay folks, after something like a week of pure silence up here I'm finally back again with some new stuff for ya, and this here is a record review that's now coming for ya. Okay, after the musical journey up here led us the last time from Hardcore to (Neo) Rockabilly we will this time here and now let our ears ring by some good ol' Death Metal. WESTWALL, great band name, I like it, and this is a more or less 'new' band by pretty prominent guys... Former members of the WP NS Metal (and former WP Bonehead) band BOUND FOR GLORY and also of the NS Black/Death Metal band BEFORE GOD (btw, even I disagree with their ideology, political agenda and weltanschauung that two bands had been great acts anyway) and that are now-a-days playing or had playd in bands like (the great) POWERHÄUS, BOUNCIN' BETTY and PLUNDER & PILLAGE and THE BULLY BOYS (great band, too), and that also once formed BOUND FOR ATTACK with Ken from BRUTAL ATTACK (that used to do once a pretty funny and cool cover of the CCR classic "BAD MOON RISING" with a little bit changed title and lyrics...), and this guys (at least some of them) are teaming here finally up again for a next round and they do this via WESTWALL. I can now see a big bunch of ya out there starting heavily to think WTF is going on up here finally again with me giving room to a band like this... Just get used to it and if you feel uncomfortable then you don't have to read this review here on any longer, and- btw- on this album here aren't any common and to be expected subjects and issues of the weltanschauung of the guys in the band to be recognized, sure if you search for it you'll find some room for interpretations as sure as you will find anywhere a place to sit down and shit your heart out when you desperately search for it, but here's no "Sieg Heil!" or so to be recognized, maybe this will make your mood calm down again, and if not that's your issue you have to deal with. Okay, for what I do see this album was released and all done totally in the D.I.Y. way of doing such things (but be sure that you shouldn't expect any amateur 'demo' stuff at all) and it was released by the end (?) of 2010 and I have it from somewhere since back then and don't ask me why the review of it is just coming now... I couldn't tell it to ya no matter how hard I think about it. Okay, WESTWALL, Death Metal, "CONQUEST OR DEATH". Here we go: The album starts with an incredible strong and grapping intro track named "SLAVEDRIVER" that creates a lot of tension and a really intense and tight atmosphere and is also enriched with samples taken from the Russel Crowe blockbuster movie "GLADIATOR" (that's how the movie was called over here in Germany, I hope all of my not from Germany being readers know more or less what movie I now do mean...), and then for sure "On my signal... unleash hell!" gives the signal and the monster song "SHIELD WALL" is unleashed and this song really destroys every resistance in its way. Grapping changes of the rhythm arrangements and the pace work, totally grapping and interesting, ultra hard and massive, evil and battle scarred guitar work, that also offers just amzazing leads and melody lines, also great solo wok, and all is backed up by just great done brutal stomping and incredible tight rhythm work, and the lead vocals are fantastic stufff, everything but your ordinary Death Metal grunts, grunts and screams and shouts the most brutal but also the most charismatic and passionate way, and that they have also the abilities to write and create and arrange just total fist in the air battle anthem refrain parts they proof right from the start also with "SHIELD WALL". This song is just phenomenal, point and fact!!! And all what makes this song so great is also the case when it comes to the complete album, all the described trademarks are there in various variations and this guys really know how to write great and even greater song, suprises over and over again and great intersting arrangements and on and on and on, and also they all are awesome musicians, so nothing gets here boring anyhow, and that's just great!!! What's making this album even better and even greater is simply the fact that WESTWALL also refuses to walk the same boring walk that so many of todays Death Metal bands are walking, no "Oh, look how fast we can play!" soulless crap and also the drummer is really playing with heart and soul, power and force and not just with a trigger... if ya know what I mean. To compare WESTWALL with any other Death Metal band is pretty hard, maybe you could just compare them a little bit with the mighty BOLT THROWER, even WESTWALL do really much if not far more at all and also WESTWALL have their very own identity. The artwork looks great and the very clear production sound suits the music perfectly. The lyrics are great war stories that are told from the medieval and older times, and are really worth a read and even more a listen. So, yes decide for yourself if you dare to give such 'evil' guys your money or not but if you are into Death Metal and also into heavy and brutal and extreme and first-and-foremost great music no matter out of which specific genre it may be then WESTWALL and their "CONQUEST OR DEATH" album are your damn fucking duty. One hell of an outstanding album!!! Can't wait to get more from them and for all what I know the next one shall be coming this year, so be prepared. Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)
To let you know a little bit more why this band convinced me this strong you now get two songs of them from their here reviewed masterpiece via two (more or less) videos, one song is my total favorite "SHIELD WALL" and the second one is there angry and mad trashing Death Metal tank "SLAY THEM IN MY PRESENCE", so start the videos, pump up the volume and then bang that head that doesn't band and enjoy this great band and their two mercyless anthems!!! Ah, and after this two clips you also get their anthem "OVER THE MAGINOT LINE" and latest with watching this video a lot of folks will totally run amok (even it will be just the mental and/or virtual way...), haha;-), but who cares, nah, not me, it was the first song I ever heard of WESTWALL (or maybe WEST WALL) and it was and is just a larger-than-life anthem of the highest grade, point and fact. So, hell fucking yeahr, just you enjoy it, too, and never forget: "MIGHT MASTERS RIGHT & BRUTALITY IS MAJORITY!!!"




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Hey chummers (ha, who of ya did use to play "Shadowrun" from time to time when he/she was young?!?), next and last or final post for today, fuckin' work is calling me up way too early and soon tomorrow morning again, fuck it. You now get a nice little 'Videos' post for ya now, and the twist or change in the musical direction is pretty srong (but who cares), from harsh Hardcore sound to (Neo) Rockabilly noice by the legendary and really outstanding STRAY CATS (yes, I love this band), and I've said what this band means to me already before in the earlier post that I've done to pay tribute to this stand-alone any- and everything else outshining legends some weeks (or had it been months) ago, yehp, so I will keep this one here short. Just wanted to say that it's (again) a fantastic song of the STRAY CATS (and nothing else or even less than this) and you get it now in a live version from 1983 and it's again truly just incredible impressive what great and phenomenal musicians they were (and still damn are) and it's just incredible grapping how they've change the song again compared with the studio version of it. Awesome!!! Check it out and enjoy it (maybe as muc as I do enjoy it), and we'll read us asap again. Good night for now and soo more. Cheers & Oi!

STRAY CATS - "ROCK THIS TOWN" (live, 1983)


("Iron Clad Records" CD):
Okay, I've first got aware of this band and record thanks to Bernando and his great work his doing with his infamous "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog, I got the dl and what I was listening to really convinced me quite a bit and so I was searching for it for quite a while and now today finally I call this CD my own, bought it via the second hand way even it looks more like being third or fourth hand anyhow... But okay, hm, I mean, who cares, this was originally sold together with an EMPIRE FALLS box set for what I know... and yes, it's a EMPIRE FALLS side project... EMPIRE FALLS... wasn't there something?!? Yehp, you're right, but after I finally call it my own (after searching for it for quite a while) I will review it anyhow and btw this here is 'really' free of any political garbage that- awful enough- EMPIRE FALLS, BETTER DEAD THAN RED, BRUTAL TACTICS and all the other bands and projects of Bryan Scorch do propagate one way or the other today (playing Blood & Honour shows and headlining such festivals, doing splits with White Power NS Rock bands like WHITE WASH and hailing the Nazi German War-Marine in their songs, etc. pp.) and so, yes, I'll review this one here anyhow for you (and me), so better get used to it. Okay, what NOT WITHOUT BLOODSHED are giving us is a move and I mean a big move back to the roots of EMPIRE FALLS and so they do give us a through and through pure hard hitting Hardcore massacre somewhere to be located near New York Hardcore with some few Boston Hardcore influences, all pretty much the Old School way of doing it but also here and there sometimes offering us some nice New School marks with heavy and at least a little bit metallic guitar work and stuff like this. Heavy and noisy, pushing und beating guitar work, brutal and militaristic stomping drums and a mercyless buzzing bass, nice crew shouts and above all (if ya now may like it or not) this time finally again damn charismatic lead vocals (hard and bitter, yet done with a lot of soul in it all), all delivered to us in a pretty strong way of writing songs and especially the heavy stop'n'go parts and the pretty cool changes between brutal up tempo parts and devastating mosh parts really rule. Okay, it's all nothing new, but who cares, because it's also all something pretty strong and damn good stuff, and that matters way more than anything else when it comes to music. So, if ya like above mentioned Hardcore styles and if you're maybe also familiar with the more Hardcore sounding side of EMPIRE FALLS (and if ya like what ya get to listen to from them) then search for this little album and check it out because otherwise you could or would really miss something good. On top of it we get some nice violent lyrics, as well as a great artwork and a good production sound. Okay, decide for yourself if ya want to know NOT WITHOUT BLOODSHED and from whre the hell you can get this album (at least over here), but even it's nothing over the top going it's really good stuff that I can honestly recommend to all of you who are into Hardcore music. (8 of 10 points)
(PS: My cover looks pretty awful so I've taken a picture of it that I've found on the web, but calm down, this is the coverartwork of this record.)

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English Oi! is fighting back...

Hey chummers, last respectively final post for this day before I go to bed and now you get again a little 'Videos' post to introduce a more or less new band (at least 'new' up here on this vey blog) to you the readers (just in case you don't know the band already) and the band I'm talking about right now is the hard hitting and harder knocking and stomping British or better English Oi! band of the name of CODE 1. There's a lot of cheap bullshit talk about this band going on (especially) over here in Germoney, hm, but I don't mind it at all... and if ya would believe this talking you might get the impression CODE 1 would be playing ressed up all in Svastika shirts and SS uniforms live up on stage... The same old story of defamation and anonymous witchhunting that we all know all too well anyway... So, okay, back to the topic, if ya like CONDEMNED 84, CLOSE SHAVE, BAKERZ DOZEN, RETALIATOR, and bands like this (maybe we could also name LOYALTY and SCUM... but compared with the mentioned four bands this two groups are pretty weak bands so maybe we shouldn't name them here at all...) then make sure that you heck out CODE 1, especially if you also like the 'earlier' THE EXPLOITED (because CODE 1 do play it all very fast and heavy and 'punky' comparable to or with the mentioned band and phase... at least somehow comparable... and also at least if you ask me) and even it's maybe nothing groundbreaking it seems to me to be some really good and pretty strong stuff and besideTMF and THE LONDON DIEHARDS and SKINFULL and other bands also CODE 1 are a pretty good proof for the thesis that Oi! from England is comin' off strong again. Check them out, could be worth your time. Really good stuff!!! You now get a clip (okay, it's not really a video clip anyway... but never mind it just concentrate and focuss more on the song, the music and the lyrics) of their heavy and angry (both, musically and lyrically) smasher "Oi! INVASION" and then decide for yourself if you could use a even (much) bigger dose of English Oi! the CODE 1 way. Strong stuff, really good job by a band that you should know and we should keep an eye on. Check it out and enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!



Hey folks, I just got aware of a new (?) german Hardcore band from Berlin, so I guess we can talk about a Berlin Hardcore band and this band we do talk about is named PROTECTION OF HATE. Like back in the golden 1990's days of Hardcore cuming from Germoney the city of the name of Kassel with acts like RYKER'S and BRIGHTSIDE was a leading force today you can't go on without mentioning Berlin when it comes to Hardcore made in Germoney, I mean with legends like
DISRESPECT, bullnecked silverbacks like PUNISHABLE ACT and FINAL PRAYER, already battle scarred hopefulls like REBORN TO CONQUER, or promising Newcumerz like ALL FOR REVENGE and NEVER PUT ASIDE or the here mentioned PROTECTION OF HATE this city is nothing else like a statement of its own when the talking is about german Hardcore music, point and fact. And this very band here, PROTECTION OF HATE, I discovered while I was reading through the content of the "CRAZY UNITED" webzine (http://www.crazyunited.de/) where you can find an introducing interview with this (btw pretty sympathic) band. It's some great 'moshy' and angry, noisy and heavy, more or less Old School Hardcore that's cuming really with a load of tons of energy and power and force and it's done really, really strong, great stuff. I think I'll buy their fresh release  titled "BLEEDING HARDCORE" asap with my next mailorder-ordering-session (it's their second album and it's- again (?)- released via the german "RÜGENCORE RECORDS" label that you can find by clicking on the http://www.myspace.com/ruegencorerecords link) , and if you're into Hardcore I think you should do it, too. You now get, to introduce this band, two video clips of them, the official promo clip of their already mentioned album and the band live on stage performing and playing their double fisted anthem "UNDERDOG" (great stuff, pure gold), and hopefully you will enjoy this band and their music (maybe as much as I do it already now), and closing this post you will find the links to the Homepage and the MySpace site (and to the Facebook siteor profile as well) of PROTECTION OF HATE, so check 'em out... now!!!



Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Nippon Hardcore - ''A TRIBE CALLED HARDCORE''

("Bowlhead Inc."; CD):
This is a fucking good piece of pure through and through raise your fist Hardcore musick that I was searching for now for quite a while, and it was released back then in 2010 and for all of you who don't know about CREEPOUT then I will let ya know that they are from somewhere near Tokyo or so in Japan (so hopefully they are alright anyhow after the atomic devastation that hit this little 'island-country' recently) and they are around for some years now and have released already quite a good dose of releases (including a split with the almighty INTEGRITY) with this here being their first proper full length debut album. After the reviews of records up here used to grow on and on I will try it this time again to keep it short(er) and so after this general informations on the band CREEPOUT here for ya straight onward in this record review, so here we go: CREEPOUT, Hardcore from out of the cold concrete streets of the land of the rising sun, but if ya associate Hardcoe from japan now only with chaotic ultra-fast speed Hardcore (joining forces with Noize and Grind) then you're damn wrong (for fuck'z sake), instead of this CREEPOUT give us a very intersting and grapping mix out of New York Hardcore born and bred by the likes of AGNOSTIC FRONT, WARZONE, and also MADBALL with the Boston hardcore roughnecks of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, some up to date brutal Beatdown Hardcore like for example UNIT 731, and Clevo Style Hardcore like INTEGRITY, and yes, it sounds now by just reading it not only great, damn it, it sounds great every damn moment of this record. Damn high energy level and packed up full with 100% authentic streetfighting silverback mentality and attitude, here and there some (very) few Metal impressions, and beside this we do get the full dose of great Hardcore musick: Amazing Groove'n'Moh parts, cool Beatdown assaults, Mosh Pit artillery non stopp, great songwriting as well as also grapping changes of pace and very cool rhythm arangements, harsh and sharp guitar work, punishing and massive stomping bass and drums, brutal and charismatic shouted vocals, über-fat gang shouts, and a lot of suprising stuff (especially when it comes to the vocals), hell yeahr, here you get it all. The first half of the record is in all a little bit weaker than the second half that features only hits, but all in all this is nothing but a through and through truly great album. Maybe nothing anyhow 'totally new' but who cares, it's damn fresh and grapping and interesting and just damn good and strong done and that's what matters most at the end of the day. And yes, this guys do not only know how to write songs, but also how to play their instruments, so thumbs up even more. On top of it we get good lyrics, a cool artwork, and all is coming in a damn strong production sound to us at home. To say it short and precise: This is a great album that you need to have if you're only a little bit into Hardcore music, point and fact!!! Get it, now!!! (9 of 10 points)
Here now you get three songs of them via live clips, the title track of the album and my two personal favorites of them here on that one, so watch it and listen to it and then draw your own picture of CREEPOUT and their music and what they are doing here on this one... and then go and get their reviewed album, asap!!!




PS: CREEPOUT also teamed up for a split record album with no one else than the already here on this very blog mentioned and for a lot of reasons infamous EMPIRE FALLS, back then in 2004, so maybe ya can say before EMPIRE FALLS (even I don't know if it is really justified to still talk of EMPIRE FALLS as a full proper regular band anyway...) used to have their (or his...) B&H/C18/WP/NS coming out (and so it's the case with BETTER DEAD THAN RED, BRUTAL TACTICS, ...) but I could swear that this would be over here in Germoney totally unimportant and just this split would be reason enough to start a defaming and offending anonymous witch-hunt on them (especially and first-and-foremost... if not solely... via the internet), CREEPOUT, all started and done by the AFA jackasses, PC idiots and 'Oire Szene' fascist pigs around... but it's truly good to see that it's in other parts of the world different!!! And, btw, again: Check this great band of the name of CREEPOUT from Japan out asap!!!

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011


Hey folks, last post for today, and this time again a real classic band that was once and for some reasons still is very important to me will now be coming up here, the almighty BODY COUNT. Formed around ICE-T, one hell of the greatest and best and most controversial Rappers and Rap/Hip Hop artists ever and especially of the golden 1990's era, BODY COUNT really left their impact on the Hardcore, Rap/Hip Hop, Metal and also Rock in general world and should became one of the best and biggest and hardest and most controversial Crossover bands of the 1990's time period. A great legendary band, very important not only for myself as a private person but also with a lot of potential and weight for the world of uncompromising heavy music in general. Probably best and most known for their infamous debut and the god-like single and video "COP KILLER" (that song is the reason for the fact that the debut in its original version can't be bought over here in germany legal and official... oh, how great and free our so called 'democracy' really is...) and the debut of BODY COUNT is still one hell of a damn great piece of music(k), no doubt about it, but for me their second release, the also infamous "BORN DEAD" album, is even a little bit more important to me, lyrically and musically, and especially their, hm, let us call it somehow ''Black Power'' attitude, hehe;-) (after some WP bands now also a maybe somehow BP band is finally coming up here;-)...), and its very gladiatorial and battle-scarred attitude and revolutionary spirit (ICE-T's fight against Whit Supremacy... or something like this you ca maybe call it, hehe;-)...) is just incredible grapping and this still even today. Okay, enough words already now and I also want to go to bad asap from now on (so hopefully 'Blogger' isn't ticking me off again that badly with uploading the clip- the first try currently totally failed, fuck it- ... but if so this post will then come tomorrow up and online and ready to read here at this place, and if so you can thank 'Blogger' for that...), okay, so now finally comes the official video of their great "BORN DEAD" anthem (great song, a real anthem, with great music and damn strong lyrics), so just check it out and enjoy it and maybe you feel the same way like I do feel and this songs brings a lot of damn good memories to your mind. Enjoy it!!! Ah, btw, even BODY COUNT aren't today only nearly as strong as back then in the days of their first two albums it's anyhow damn good that they are back since some years now. I love this band and I stay and also always stood for it, point and fact!!! Ah, but before the (official) "BORN DEAD clip you now also get a inofficial D.I.Y. clip of their bandhymn "BODY MOTHERFUCKING COUNT" (also to be found on their infamous "BORN DEAD" masterpiece) and the clip is fantastic and would find the total head-knocking by the band, great stuff, so check it out and damn enjoy it!!! Great clip (and song)!!! So, yes, just check the clip and enjoy it and then good night!!! 1990's Gangsta Crossover  Black Power Thug Noise Crossover music rulez (still) totally okay!!!



Okay, after 'Blogger' was totally ticking me off two days or so ago when this post should primarly come off big online and it just worked now out I thought that I could as well give ya another nice clip of BODY COUNT (even this time it is not really a anyhow video clip based on moved pictures) and it is of no song else than their biggest hit the almighty and legendary and truly larger-than-life "COPKILLER", the song because of that their self-titled debut today is censored and forbidden in this damn great democracy called the federal republic of good old shitfaced Germoney. So, yehp, what shall I say more here at this point (that I've also not already said/written before), anyone of you who was already back then around in hard hitting heavy underground music(k) in the 1990's (and stayed true to the cause until the present day) know(s) about and also this song and the lyrics and anyone who propagates he/she was around in the mentioned 'circles' in the 1990's but don't know about and don't know this song is nothing else than a damn lying fake ass looser idiot and anyone who wasn't there back then (due to his/her late/-r birth) should really get known with and to this legendary band and their great songs and records (especially and first and foremost their already above mentioned first two groundbreaking albums, hell yeahr, start wit them), yehp, and that's all, so now just enjoy this damn great song and don't you ever forget: "I'M A COPKILLER!!!" Great outstanding stuff!!!


Yeahr, I've licked blood (or was it clit... maybe both...?!? Uh, sounds great, doesn't it;-)...?!?) and so onwards we go with two more BODY COUNT songs and clips (and this time we speak- again- about real videos) and the first one is the great 'intro-track' and band anthem "BODY COUNT'S IN DA HOUSE" (great guitar work and some damn strong gladiatorial spirit and atmosphere to it all that all of today's oh so harsh and brutal and evil Tough Guy Beatdown Hardcore bands except some very few expectations can't even rival at least a little bit) and of my absolutely favorite track of them of the name "NECESSARY EVIL" (it's the official video clip what means that the song is- and that's a pity and also as usual in cases like this ridiculous- censored so they changed the lyrics and so you won't hear the words like "Nigga", "Bitch", etc. what sucks and is totally non-sense crap but okay it's also not so much disturbing anything here anyway and yes, this is really my total favorite of BODY COUNT, taken from their immortal "BORN DEAD" release, and in my personal perception this song beats even "COPKILLER" and"BORN DEAD", so yes, just you enjoy this immortal through and through anthem that comes btw also with great lyrics- even they are changed due to censorship fascism here and there 'cross the world and especially ove here in Germoney... fuck it anyway!!!...) and so, yes, I hope you will enjoy the clips and songs and that you maybe discovered with this post a damn stand-alone and great and important band again or maybe yet for the first time, ha, and we will see, after White Power and now somehow Black Power ;-) who knows what will be up next on here, maybe some Chocolate Star Fish Power;-), haha, we will see;-)...



Yeahr, and here comes even a little bit more for ya all, and after you, me and we all do know that ICE-T founded BODY COUNT (with a little help by some friends), yes, yes, yes, so it's also the right time to pay with this post some tribute to him, great Rap/Hip Hop artist and great guy in music anyhow and also he's a really strong actor and anyhow now you get ICE-T's anthem "COLORS" (I think it's from 1988 or so and was primarly the official sountrack of the movie "COLORS (BLOODS VS. CRIPS)" from 1988 with Robert Duvall and Sean Penn - damn good movie, just to let you know that btw) and you get the song now in two different video versions, the original official video (but the sound isn't that good, sorry for that) and then a great video compiled with pictures taken from th movie and much more and also in proper sound quality this time. Great late 1980's Rap/Hip Hop, unbroken, critical and gladiatorial, just awesome shit, point and fact!!! Ah, and if ya think "Buh, buh, buh, that's Rap/Hip Hop that should not be up here, uh, uh, uh, buh, buh, buh..." then shut up and just don't listen to it and just don't watch the clip(s), you damn nutjob. And to everyone else, yeahr, just enjoy the song and the clip(s). Great stuff!!!

ICE-T - "COLORS" (1.)

ICE-T - "COLORS" (2.)

That's all for this pretty long tribute to BODY COUNT and ICE-T 'Videos' posting, yes, and that's also all for today/tonight, more will be up here for ya asap as I can get it anyhow done. Now I say to ya good night and wish ya a well sleep, yes, and trust me, we will read us moreor less soon again. Cheers!!!