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Shattered Realm - Brutal Mosh Hardcore from the States

Dear readers,
here I am giving you right now a nice video of the great SHATTERED REALM (feat. former members of the everything else outshining FURY OF FIVE like you all should know), it's a good (live footage) video (some really good quality) of their monster track "NEW DISGRACE"!!! Great song, fatatsic band, damn good lyrics, hell yeahr, here you'll do get the complete package!!! You do find the song on their "FROM THE DEAD END BLOCKS ... WHERE LIFE MEANS NOTHING" masterpiece, released by "ALVERAN RECORDS" some years ago. So I won't loose that many more words here, just sit down, lean back, click start, pump up the volume, and enjoy the very good (live) clip of this great song, much pleasure to you all for now!!!

Ah, and here are the lyrics of "NEW DISGRACE" coming for ya all out there that (still) don't know about it:
So, now here we do go, now you get the video:
(taken from the "FROM THE DEAD END BLOCKS ... WHERE LIFE MEANS NOTHING" full length record, releases by "ALVERAN RECORDS" in 2005)

Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Vegan Reich ... Straigh Edge Jihad

Hey folks, again some video stuff for ya!!!

After it was al a little bit quite on the blog front this month (but don't forget the birth of some new categories in this month, like 'Sports', the 'American Oi! History Series' (that will be continued very soon, trust me) and the 'Videos', and some other stuff- reviews of records and fanzines, as well as gig report-, so ya do see, it was all not that "quite" this month, even not that many entries like before saw the light of the day), and I do think I won't be able to get the next one to three weeks much more going than this month I decided to give ya all some nice stuff for your eyes and ears to eat here with the (maybe? ... possible?) last entry for this month. And I've found a true goody for ya all!!!

Even if I may make myself a lot of enemies right now (or some friends that I truly don't want to have, haha;-)...) I don't give a fuck about it. I give you a great song and video of the brilliant VEGAN REICH (damn militant and outstanding xSTRAIGHT EDGE HARDCOREx from the 'good old days', violent, aggressive and militant not like much else, just great, pure gold!!!), with fantastic lyrics (you'll be able to read them 'in' the video by watching it) and also scary and sinister pictures!!! The lyrics, the song, the clip, the pictures: There arent't any open questions left!!! Animal Liberation, for a better and more just world!!! Go and get it!!!


If you want to get to know a little bit more about VEGAN REICH (very controversial back in the dayz, and I also think: Still today... but FUCK IT UPP!!!) then just read this great interview you'll find by using the link (I hope that it works out like it should...) and go to to listen to and read about them!!! The rumours are going that they will be releasing new stuff and also a compilation disc this year or so, so maybe there will be coming more of them soon, would be great!!! But for now, enjoy this here posted video of VEGAN REICH!!!

young in love with Australian Oi! / Streetpunk music

Yeahr, here's a very cool and good record 'especially' for your enjoyment!!! You like Oi!, you like Streetpunk?!? Yeahr, alright, that's fine!!! (And by the way, how should you not like it?!?) You like that good old hard stomping mid paced british brickwall Oi!?!? Even better!!! You also do have a favor for some good rockin' and rollin' marks, as well as some (very few) American Oi! / Streetpunk influences?!? Perfect!!! Here are SLICK 46 for ya!!! The guys are coming from Australia, hailing out of the city of Melbourne, and from Australia we do get to hear a lot of very good or even great bands these days, and shall I tell ya what, that's totally perfect with me!!! SLICK 46 are now an already longer runnin' band, with several releases already out there. I think that before this record there must had been som changes when it comes to the bad personal. On playing the bass (what alese, haha;-)...) and also singing (great voice!!!) is the beautiful Renee girl Flea!!! So, now enough about the history (or however you may like o call it...) of SLICK 46, now to the record: The "YOUNG LOVE" 10" brings us seven new songs, respectively six new songs ("STAND UP", "JOHNNY JESUS", "WASTING AWAY", "YOUNG LOVE", "FOLLOW THE LEADER", "RICH KID") and one of these songs ("WASTING AWAY") also in a (brilliant) acoustic version. And you do get a very hard and grumpy, harsh forward stomping Streetpunk, very british and rough done Bootboy music melted together with some few American Streetpunk marks and cultivated with a mercyless forward rockin' and rollin' spirit, that leads ya straight forward into the pit!!! Dustdry and boneshakin' guitar work compared with just hard and grumpy and rough bass playing, settled together by cracking drumming and very raw edged vocals by the singer and truly beautiful and melodic as well as powerful vocals by Flea. (Trust me, listen to her and go and grab your DEADLINE and send them down the toilet!!!) I would wish she would sing even more!!! All well-versed done, the playing as well as the writing (of the songs), so you won't do anything wrong if ya into Oi! Oi! music, not at least because the forceful fist in the air Sing-A-Long parts and mighty refrains. To say it short: Damn great stuff!!! Then we do also get a bunch of very good and very diverse (when it comes to the topics) and also critical lyrics, a truly good and dirty production sound and a just simple beautiful artwork, ah, and the 10" comes in a great looking red vinyl (and I could imagine that it's all limited, so better be quick or be a moron!!!), and I honestly think that this 10" is a necessarity to every good Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock collection out there, so damn get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now here you'll get also some video stuff of SLICK 46, older songs and older stuff (so, for example, don't search after Flea in this 'clipping stuff'), tearing down the house in their homeground area.



Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

K-1 / MMA classic - Gary Goodridge vs. Don Frye - Harsh and brutal K.O.

also this I've found somewhere deep down in the net!!! Like you see it by a look at the cathegory this is again some sports stuff for ya all out there!!! But okay, this time it's pretty much basically only a nice short video clip for your enjoyment!!!

It's a FIGHT, 'Big Daddy' GARY GOODRIDGE versus DON FRYE!!! You should know both... if not shame on you, but calm down, there will be coming something of both here on this blog sometime in the future.

DON FRYE, hard knocks and porn moustache, legendary MMA fighter from the U.S.A., and GARY GOODRIDGE, the always onward forward into battle going fighting machine, what a great setting to fight a good clean classic all or nothing fight, and that's what it turned out, all or nothing. But I won't tell ya too much already at this place here, just wach the following video.

Ah, okay, both are already older and maybe they should have retired some years ago to keep their legacy intact, but I'm not that sure about it all, especially GARY GOODRIDGE is always putting on one hell of fight, and that's what matters most at the end of the day, if you ask me!!! Ad yes, I'm a fan of both, but okay, espacially a fan of GARY GOODRIDGE, and just watch the video and you will know why!!! So, now, enough of the introduction words, just click and enjoy the clip... especially the 'time-zone' between 0.55 and 0.58, just great!!! And yeahr, just what a great FIGHT!!! Fist!!! Get it!!!
So now comes the video clip, should be- if you ask me- in truly good quality, so yeahr just go and watch and enjoy it, it's worth your time if you're into K-1, MMA, PRIDE, UFC, and good and exciting stuff like that!!! Go and get it!!!

Militant Straight Edge Hardcore from Detroit - xTyrantx

Hey guys,
I've found some nice piece online, a live clip (in very well if not damn good quality) of the incredible damn great xTYRANTx, brutal and atomizing, militant and forceful Straight Edge Hardcore from Motor City Detroit, you can watch them performing their larger than life hymn "BRAVO ONE TWO" ("MADE FOR FUCKIN' WAR!!!" - yeahr, that's right, ARMED WITH THE TRUTH!!!), and that's just phenomenal, I tell ya!!! You will be able to see the clip right after this introduction-words here. Also great live performance and very, very good crowd reactions!!! Great!!! Just pure and solid gold, if not even platinum!!!
I truly love this band for their 100% authentic no compromise, take no prisoners, love 'em or hate 'em attitude!!! And especially this song got a great SUPPORT THE TROOPS attitude that I can at 100% share and that I would wish would become rooted here in germany, too. Without that stupid politicians do rape it and proclaim themselves as supporting the troops for the health and wealth of this fucked up fatherland... but that's another story... another sad story... But however, just watch the video and enjoy it!!!

Now you get the lyrics, then the clip, so here we go:
"Made for fucking war!!! Baghdad, Baghdad these blood streets!!! Carbombs and gunshots, you can't blink!!! Slip up, we tear through life!!! Break you, tonight is the night!!! Urban Decay - is all these streets know!!! Stroming through your town, it's my life over yours!!! 5 - 5 - 6 tumbles through your chest, made for fucking war, best bring your best!!! --- You kill the innocent, you prey on the weak, eye for an eye, judgement day we meet!!! --- Clear your mind, clear your thoughts... Better not wait, I'm coming for you!!! --- Game over!!! --- Bravo One Two!!!"
(Taken from the "Welcome To Hell" longplayer released on "Seventh Dagger Records" in 2007!)

Classical 'Rockabilly Psychosis' Fanzine from Germoney

(Fee: it was 6,00 DM, maybe 3,00 Euro...)
Here's an old, old fanzine for your enjoyment out to be reviewed, the issue no. # 02 of the once Berlin based, now long defunct (or am I wrong?) fanzine called "MENTAL HELL", dedicated solely to Rockabilly and Psychobilly. The sub title "ROCKABILLY PSYCHOSIS" came for some reasons to happen, only that you know that. It's the total other direction than the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine, it's done with a lot of passion for the musick and the subculture, the attitude and the lifestyle, totally damn underground and aggressive subculture stuff (as much Rockabilly and Psychobill an be aggressive in any way possible), and it was also already on a pretty much professional level when you look today at the fanzine. Okay, not colored (beside the front- and backcover), but black/white in it (plus here and there some few full colour pictures), but however. It shows ya really what this music really can mean to people writing about it, living it, and even it's an decade or something like that now old, it makes a lot of fun to read it still today, and hey, a lot of the featured bands are still today active and raging wild on the stages across the world (or however you might wish to call it). Interviews with respectively stories about THE METEORS, BATMOBILE, GORILLA, GUANA BATZ, KREWMEN, some more of that stuff, a special about the back-in-the-days-then-current Berlin scene, tourdates (no, not brandnew anymore, so don't travel because of these dates somewhere and expect to see for example THE METEORS play in Marl), News (again, not up to date anymore, so on't wait for example for the KREWMEN coming to germany this autumn to tour the country) a lot of gig reports (cool stuff, I tell ya, they knew how to do that, and how to do that in a brilliant way), very good record reviews, collectors corners, and also some stuff more, that was and still is the content of the issue of the "MENTAL HELL" fanzine, and if you're at least a little bit into that whole Billy musick stuff (also I am only a very little bit into it, be sure) then you should not think twice if you see this zine somewhere and get it, no matter if you buy it or if you steal it from whoever. Very good writing (all done mostly in german), good picture quality, nice looking lay out, good to read designed pages, what shall ya need more?!? Not much, no matter if yesterday or today, so here goes my thump up, very nice stuff!!!
(This issue is from 1999 (!), so don't expect any contact link, but maybe you can try your look by using the e-mail link that's printed in the zine, but to be honest with you, then I won't expect that much success anyhow by using it.)
One nice video/song of the great U.S.A. based underground old school Punkabilly band ELVIS HITLER!!! The song is named "TEN WHEELS FOR JESUS" and is just great, so enjoy it, even the (sound-) quality might not be the best, but you know what... just fuck it up!!! Rip it!!!

Germoneyz Psychobilly Fanzine No. # 1?!?

"PSYCHOMANIA" Fanzine Issue No. # 7
(Fee: 7,00 Euro)
Okay, after I'm not the biggest Psychobilly fan around (to say it quite friendly that way...) this is pretty much my first issue of the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine I bought (and I did this at the ROCKABILLY MAFIA and THE HOT WHEELS gig last month in Goslar Rock City). It's very 'fat', you can think it carries a lot of content... but nah, don't ya believe it at all, it's just that 'fat' 'cause every interview and story is printed twice, one time in german following the other time in english, but still the same interview. So, damn, what shall I say, it sucks and it's terrible to read respectively it's a horrible read. Bilingual edition... all good and fine with me, but guys, there must be a better way to serve your aspirations!!! Okay, but it shouldn't be all about that topic... So, what about the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine in general?!? All in all Psychobilly through and though, here and there some Rockabilly and Greaser Rock & Roll stuff, some vey 'little' Country and that's more or less all what there is to tell ya about the music that's featured in this printed and very, very professional done fanzine... or better magazine... It's done by the guys of the german Psychobilly band THEE FLANDERS and the german record label "HALB 7 RECORDS", but however, that are more or less the same persons for what I know. We do get a lot of stuff in this fanzine, bilingual edition or not (but not that many like you first might think when you read something about 152 pages...). Interviews with MAD SIN, BLOODZUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE, THE SHARKS, FRENZY, SWAMPY'S, JOHNNY NIGHTMARE, RICOCHETS, REVEREND HORTON BEAT, MAD DOG COLE, THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS, WASHINGTON DEADCATS, GORILLA, and more such bands out of the above mentioned genres. Beside that there are also some specials, no matter if interviews or stories, like the "UKRAINE PSYCHOBILLY SPECIAL" and interviews with shop owners for example. I think the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine is seeing itself as a bridge between music, fanscene, lifestyle, clothing, and attitude of the Psychobilly scene. A good approach, truly, but... it's totally not working, if you ask me!!! Beside the terrible-to-read-bilingual-layout the interviews and stories are just nothing but boring and annoyingly superficial!!! Guys, damn, what's up?!? No motivation or what so ever?!? No ideas or attitude to bring to pape?!? Then in this case every (!) printed page is too much, and especially if there are 152 pages... then it does really, really suck!!! Boring, boring, boring stuff!!! And interviews that re just a 1/4 page or so long are just ridiculous crap!!! Come on, who do you think you are kidding here?!? Put more work into it the next time!!! You do just get interviews, histories, gig reports, and reviews, and as well as the interviews and stories are ridiculous, the reviews carry not the least of weight and the gig reports are the usual crap of this cathegory!!! So I don't really know what to write or say right more now. It's more of a depression, that's taking a little bit of control over me. Big dissapointment to me, after reading everywhere how great this fanzine, uhps, this magazine shall be, and then this... It's written bilingual, coming on a very, very professional level, on fully colored pages, with not that many promotion in it, ah, but the cover drawing of MAD SINS' Köfte really rocks!!! The writing quality changes very much , I guess because of a truly big pool of writers... (Am I not a great and clever writer...) If you're strongly in to some good done Billy musick, then rather check out the really good "DYNAMITE!" magazine at first, and after this in third or fouth grade the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine. Ah, and we do also get a CD sampler for free, and there's some really cool stuff on it!!! But, you know what, just because the CD is good you don't have the cluster bunker banging and buy the whole stuff!!! Don't believe the hype, the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine - it's a damn boring fanzine!!! No passion for the musick or what-so-ever!!! Kick it!!! Ah, one last thing, the guy who's writing under the name of 'Bezirk 7 - Markus'... if that's the guy who's doing the "BEZIRK 7" fanzine (sounds clever again, right...), then he should rather work on a new issue of this one then writing for this overly hyped uninspired crappy gazette here!!! Totally dull and boring stuff, I'm out of it again...

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Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I announced the posting of this very fine interview but I'm fucking busy and got plenty of work to do this weeks, so it's all a little bit put on delay, if you understand what I mean. (I'm hoping it...) So just shut up and read!!! Here you get it, the interview with the great and stand-alone IRON GUTS KELLY, a pure gold Hardcore band from Kansas City. Okay, at this point I am not willing to write more words to the introduction of the interview, so here it comes especially to you!!! Ah, one last thing before we start: A very big "THANK YOU!!!" goes out to Shawn of IRON GUTS KELLY for doing the interview!!! THANKS A LOT, mate!!! Here we go!!! Ah, and check this great & 100% sympathic band out!!! Oi!



Kansas City Old School Hardcore

Hey guys, what's up in the IRON GUTS KELLY camp these days?!? Everything alright?!? First of all let me send you a honet and big THANX for doing the interview.
Hey Andy, thanks for the interview. Everything is great in the IRON GUTS KELLY camp. Right now we are finishing up the writing process for our next full length release which should be out by year's end. (Great thing to hear guys!!!)
What I first would like to know from you is, if there is something like a deeper meaning behind your name, I mean, damn, what means or for what/who/etc. stands IRON GUTS KELLY?!? Ah, and what is the story tom your 'Skull-Shamrock/Cloverleaf' logo, any irish roots in the band or what-so-ever?!?
I (Shawn, bass player) came up with the name from an episode of M*A*S*H. I love the show and we were looking for a new band name. I was watching M*A*S*H while eating breakfast one morning, and saw the episode featuring General Robert "Iron Guts" Kelly. Based on the fact that we all have some Irish heritage it seemed fitting. We have had the shamrock and skull logo in some form since we first started.
I think you're still something like a pretty new band to a lot of the (german) readers (shame on them), so yes, please introduce yourself to the readers and me: name, age, jobs, hobbys, family, musical taste, any bands you've played before IRON GUTS KELLY in, which instrument is played by which guy in the band, etc., some inside look into the insides of the band?!?
Okay, the band:
Shawn - bass guitar. I am married and I have four children. I have been a police officer for 15 years. I love most forms of Hardcore, Punk and Metal. I am Straight Edge (the only member who is). My kids range in age from 16 years down to 3 months so that keeps me busy. In the late '80s I was in a Straight Edge band called SECOND CHANCE.
Josh - guitar, vocals. Josh is a single father of three kids. Josh has been a Police Officer also for 12 years. Josh is into all kinds of music from Hardcore, Punk and Metal to Classic Rock.In his spare time Josh is an amateur Power weight lifter.
Sean -drums. Sean is a single father of one child. Sean has been a french teacher for about 15 years. Musically Sean is influenced by everything from Hardcore to Old School Hip Hop.
Robert 'Boj' - vocals. Boj is a single and has no children. He is the owner of the Brass Rail Tavern in Topeka, Kansas. Boj is a gun collector and is influenced by Hardcore, Metal and first wave Ska.
Like I've already said, I think that you're still a pretty unknown band to the majority of the (german) readers (once again, shame on their heads). So tell us please something about the bandhistory of IRON GUTS KELLY so far. When and where have you tarted the band, any position/personal changes, etc.?!? And yes, how many releases have you already put out, is the "AXE TO GRIND" record your first release?!?
Back in 2002 Sean and I were playing in a Punk band (THE BLIVITS) and I missed playing a more 'hardcore' style of music. Sean and I have been friends and been playing music together for over 20 years. Sean wanted to play Hardcore again also so we started writing and our new 'hardcore' band was going to be a side project to THE BLIVITS. We needed a guitar player and I was working with Josh and had known him for a few years. He was into Hardcore and Metal and had played guitar in area bands in the past. I asked him if he wanted to join. He agreed and IRON GUTS KELLY was born. Boj is a childhood friend of Josh and after afew months we asked him to try out on vocals. It all worked well and we are all best friends. IRON GUTS KELLY took off and THE BLIVITS were no more. There have been no personal changes since we started.
Our discography:
2003 - "PITBOSS" EP (self release, "PERFECT UNION RECORDS")
2004 - Self titled CD (self release, "PERFECT UNION RECORDS")
2006 - "STATEMENT" CD (self release, "PERFECT UNION RECORDS")
We have toured around the U.S. 5 times over the past few years. We really want to come to europe someday!!!
(Damn, I want you to come over here, too, so bookers, here's your chance to do a tour or at least a row of concerts with a great and stand-alone band, so come on and hurry up!!!)
Hm, I could imagine that you guys in the band are already quite a while around in this whole world of subculture/underground/D.I.Y. music/scene, so could you tell us please when, where and how it all started for you. Which bands, records, songs, lyrics, etc. had been the reason for you to practise and play music, write songs, start a band, etc.?!? How and with which bands/records/music genres you've gotten into it?!?
Music is our religion. We all grew up in the mid and late '80s which in our opinion is the heyday for all good music. I grew up in a very small town and was into New Wave and Heavy Metal music. I met a friend in high schoolwho introduced me to Punkrock in 1985. He had three Punkrock cassette tapes. "NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS" by the SEX PISTOLS, "FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTEN VEGETABLES" by the DEAD KENNEDYS and "SID SINGS" by SID VICIOUS. He let me hear them and I was instantly hooked and could not get enough. We were the only two people into Punkrock in our school so we took a lot of shit. I met Sean around that same time. We had an all age's club located in the middle of a corn field during that time and we started going to shows there. I was heavily influenced by 7 SECONDS, WARZONE, BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG, S.O.D., THE CLASH, SICK OF IT ALL, CRO-MAGS, SHEER TERROR, AGNOSTIC FRONT, BOLD, YOUTH OF TODAY, and VERBAL ASSAULT just to name a few. We were fortunate enough to get to see a lot of those bands live which was a huge impact on us when we were young. The first time I felt the enery of seeing BLACK FLAG live I knew I wanted to play in a band for the rest of my life.
Now let us come to your music, respectively to your truly great "AXE TO GRIND" record. When I listened to it the first it really knocked me out off my boots. It's like a harsh and brutal, stormy tempest, that comes without warnings and truly takes no prisoners. damn, from where do you get all of this pissed off attitude and all this harshness, brutality and aggression?!? It's impressive!!! But, I truly hope you're not like this all the time in your private life, haha;-)!?!
Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like the latest CD. We put a lot of work into it. We are all a bunch of dorks who sit around and make fart jokes. We channel our anger we have into our song writing and are all very passionate about what we write about. When the four of us get together it's like we are all 15 years old again as far as having a good time or picking on each other. Our music is angry and aggressive but it's a creative outlet for us. We are all a bunch of sweet hearts!!!
In the review of your "AXE TO GRIND" record I've described your music as a mixture out of very much influences of brutal Hardcore/Trash Core the old school way of sound (like M.O.D., or the eraly PRO-PAIN), old school Trash Metal (like SLAYER, or the old METALLICA), (mainly) british Hardcore-Punk (remember THE EXPLOITED, G.B.H, or TOTAL CHAOS- okay, they are coming not from britain, haha;-)...), some MOTÖRHEAD inspirations, and some very, very few Oi! inspirations to cultivate it and melt it together. Did I go totally wrong with this description of your musical style?!? Then you have now the time and place to set things right, haha;-). By the way, what would you say are your influences, paragons, and/or what-so-ever, and how would you describe your music by yourself?!?
It's an honor for us to have a review that says we sound like all those bands listed. IRON GUTS KELLY is our way also of paying tribute and respect to all the great bands who have paved the way musically for us. Hardcore is at the root of all our influences. We all bring other influences to the music as well. We are just as inspired by THE CLASH as we are SLAYER. Somehow I think it all works together.
How do you write songs?!? Do you rehearse the traditional way, or do you interact more by way of the so called new medias like the internet, to write your songs?!? How do we have to imagine your rehearsal sessions, some alcohol fueled feats, or very well focussed work on the songs?!? ah, and who is doing what, who is acting which part when it comes to writing songs?!?
We all have such busy schedules taht we are only able to practise once a week. it's a very focussed practise and usually no one drinks during it. All the music I write starts out in my head. I come up with ariff while driving around then I go home and try it out on guitar or bass. Our studio is at my house so I sometimes record stuff I've written on a 4 track recorder we ave. I hate writing lyrics but sometimes I get so pissed off by wha I observe in the world that I have to write about it. Josh also brings riffs to practise. We try to not bring fully finished songs to practise. Josh and I like to bring few parts of a song that way we all can have a hand in how it ends up. Boj and Josh are always writing lyrics also so we always have lots of choice of the direction we take a song. Our writing process is very simple and old school. We play a new song several times and just remember it or so we hope!!!
Now let us come to your lyrics. I don't know if you would call yourself an political band (respectively I don't know if you do call yourself a political band), but I think you are very outspoken to a lot of different political, social, and religious issues. For example your song "TERMINUS", a very apocalyptic picture that you draw with the lyrics through this song. Is it 'only' meant for this islamofascist scumbags, or cover the lyrics to "TERMINUS" a wider distance?!? Ah, and what do you think in general when it comes to the case or relation of music and politics?!? And in general: From where do you get your inspiartions to write lyrics in large parts in general?!?
We are not a political band but you are right we are outspoken. Everyone in the band has different political views from each other. When I write lyrics I just go with what I feel passionate about. I wrote the lyrics to "TERMINUS" about the constant bombardement you get when you listen or watch the news here in the States. It's one news story after another about people harming their children and each other. I wrote it from the perspective of maybe it should all come to end because of the way we treat each other. The song is not direct at any one particular group of people. The song is targeted at anyone who harms those who cannot defend themselves. I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic stories and movies. So for me it's fun to write about the topic. The new CD we are working on has a lot of the same 'End Of Days' theme. I don't really want the world to end but it sure is fun to write about.
My absolute favorit, musically and textually, is the opener of your record, the damn great "DEATH MARCH"!!! The music is just bonecrushing, and the lyrics are truly just pure and solid gold!!! First: Who did the lyrics?!? Very, very good job!!! I think you describe exactly what is going on in or with the armies, governments, societies, etc. of the western democracies, and I think that the U.S.A. are even much more affected by it than- for example- Germany. Our boys and girls, brothers and sisters are send to fight, for example in Assghanistan, and then they are goddamn betrayed by the political leaders and traitor bastards that claim to rule the public opinion, no matter if they call themselves 'patriots' or 'leftists', and any support gets deprived. In Germany our elected leaders of the state even don't speak of war when they speak about Assghanistan, they call it armed conflict/-s or something like that. Can you imagine it?!? It's a war, nothing else!!! And, more orse, like you say/sing it, the meaning of this war- and there are some good reasons to fight and win this war, if you ask me- is totally taken away. Fuck it!!! Fuck This bastards!!! What do you think of this, how is the situation in the U.S.A. today (for example when it comes to supporting the troops), has anything changed since Obama is your president, and what do you expect him to do (if anything)?!?
Thanks a lot!!! Boj wrote the lyrics to "DEATH MARCH". Since the dawn of time Government and men in power have always used their armies as pawns. i think that is very much the case still today. That's kind where the idea for the song came from. I think that happens here in the States as well where soldiers are sent off to fight wars in the name of 'defending democracy'. When in reality leaders have hidden agendas. What really sucks is when things go bad during a war the Government turns their back on the soldiers and blames them. It's all very fucked. We as a band are very supportive of our military and "DEATH MARCH" is our tribute to our men and women who are deployed across the world fighting on the front lines. Unfortunately we live in a time where armies and war are a necessity to keep balance. I personally don't feel that things have changed in requards to the r with Obama in power. Democracy is like religion. It looks good on paper and as a theory but once you add a human in control they fuck everything up.
(That's damn true, sad enough, but this words do truly speak the truth out loud!!!)
Another song with very strong lyrics is the bitte "FEEL FREE"!!! Do I get it right, that it's a very big fuck off to the current Hardcore so called scene, to this whole self proclaimed tough guys and this violent dancing stuff?!? How is the scene in the U.S.A. these days?!?
Yeahr, "FEEL FREE" is a shot at anyone who wants to either talk shit from the safety of their computer or assholes who want to come to a show and start shit. People talk a lot of shit on us for various reasons. For us Hardcore was suppose to have no rules and be open to anyone. There is an elitist group of close minded fucks who feel that not everyone should be allowed in the scene. Above all Hardcore to us is supposed to befun, but like everything in this world there is always someone out to run a good time. "FEEL FREE" is a big fuck you to shit talkers and people who come to shows looking for a fight. Come to a show, have some beers, dance hard and have a good time!!! The Hardcore scene in the States is always good. Now with the internet and computers you get exposed to a ton of bands. Here in the KC area most touring bands stop so there is always a show to go to. We have it good here!!!
Ah, and one last thing to your lyrics: Who or what is the "COLLECTOR"?!? I truly have not a single clue, haha;-)!!!
We are all huge movie buffs. We try to lighten up the lyrics with some fun topics as well. Things can't be doom and gloom all the time, right?!? "COLLECTOR" is based on the scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" where the 'Dead Collector' is out collecting bodies. The song turned into being about the Black Plague. I guess the plague is not a fun topic after all.

One word to the cover drawing of your "AXE TO GRIND" record. Is there any meaning behind it?!? I ask you, because it seems to me that it's maybe a little bit of 'propagandizing arbitrary law', haha;-)!!! Because of the guy with the military haircut and the selfmade sheriff star, who is sharping his axe in front of the wanted poster of this gangsta style looking guy with the hooded sweater. I mean, it would be all fine with me, but did I got a total wrong impression of it or not?!? So tell us something about the meaning of the cover artwork. Ah, and who did the drawing of the cover?!? Looks pretty cool!!!
During the writing process of the CD we had a lot of shit talked on us by some young kids in our local scene who hate law enforcement. One band (who will remain namless) wrote a song about how we don't belong in the Hardcore scene simply because of our jobs as police officers. Some of these guys had been friends with us and then turned their backs on us because it became trendy to hate 'Cops' in our scene even though everyone got along with us for years. (Fuckin' jackasses everywhere... that's the problem when you don't question clichès like- for example- "A.C.A.B." and take them for truth without thinking about it... and I also think tthe problem is getting bigger and more bitter when your parents are also brother and sister and you do have too much time compared with a much too little brain, and a great lack of Sex and some too small guts... So guys, fuck these shitalking jackasses and give them what they need and deserve when you meet them!!!) We get along with everyone and respect everyone's views and everyone's right to free speech. When these guys would not let up and continued to talk shit on us and our families we responded with the songs "AXE TO GRIND" and "FEEL FREE". I am also a huge "The Punisher" fan, so I thought the idea of a cover of a vigilante cop taking the law into his own hands would make a good cover. We fully understand that people don't feel that we should be 'a part' of the Hardcore scene because of what two of us are doing for a living. We don't carry those kind of prejudices on the Hardcore scene. We welcome anyone to one of our shows no matter what your race, political view or religious preference is. With all that said there are far more people who actually appreciate taht we are cops. We have helped out tons of people in the 'Scene' who get into trouble. We have stopped fights at shows before cops could come in and start cracking skulls. on more than one occasion we have smoothed things over with cops at a show before things got out of hand. We have also given endless amounts of legal advice to our Hardcore family who needed it. I just thought it would funny to have a cop on the cover who has lost his mind and is going after the scumbags of the world on his own.
I think you are coming from Kansas City, right?!? To be honest with you, I don't know of any other bands coming from there (or at least I think so at the moment...), and I also don't know that much about Kansas and Kansas City at all. Hm, but think that Kansas is always called the granary of the U.S.A., right?!? (Or at least that's the stuff my former english teachers always told me...) For some reasons?!? Hm, can you tell us something about the subcultural underground in Kansas City, any bands, studios, fanzines, clubs, bars, distros, etc. around that we should know?!? And what is to say about Kansas City in general?!? I mean, you really get a lot impressions from the east and the west coast, especially from the big cities (from Boston to New York, from Los Angeles to Seattle, from Washington D.C. to Miami, etc.), but from Kansas and /or Kansas City you do her usually over here not that many, to say it that way. How is life in Kansas/Kansas City?!? So please, give us some impressions!!! Are there any sunny sides we have to know about, and what is to say when it comes to the darker side of things?!? Ah, and what about sports, is there anythig to tell about sports and Kansas respectively Kansas City?!? Just the "KANSAS CITY CHIEFS" are coming to my mind. Are you interested in sports?!?
Josh lives in KC and the rest of us live in smaller towns near there. We play in Kansas City a lot and practise about 30 minutes from there. Josh and I work in the Kansas City area. Having been to both coasts the nice thing is things are not as crowded in KC and you can drive 30 minutes and been in farm country. I've never heard KC called the granary of the U.S.A. but it's defiantly fitting with all the agriculture areas around the city. KC is the self proclaimed barbeque capitol of the world. We know how to cook meat ove a fire and smoke!!! Since KC is located in the middle of the country we have the influence from both coasts which is cool. There are always shows to go to since there isn't much outside KC to stop at. KC has always had a killer music scene. There is a something for everyone. HAMMERLORD and COALESCE are just two of the amazing Metal bands from the area. CIRCLE OF TRUST, HARSH REALITY, SHRED SCARE and K.T.P. are great examplesof the varity of Punk / Hardcore bands from the area. There are tons of cool bars across the city where bands can play and it seems like there is always some type of show going on. Kansas City has many independently owned coffee shops and reatil stores who support local bands and the arts which is very cool. In the past few years our sporting teams have sucked. the CHIEFS just came off a really bad season along with our Major League Baseball team, the ROYALS. We do have a new Minor League hockey team, the MAVERICKS that are doing well. Sean and I live in Lawrence, Kansas which is a fairly small collage town. Its home to the University of Kansas JAYHAWKS who have along history of the game of basketball. Basketball was invented in Lawrence and the JAYHAWKS are usually ranked number one in the country. The JAYHAWKS won the national championship in 1988 and in 2008. At the time of the nterview they are in the middle of the national tournament and are predicted to win!!! We are all huge JAYHAWKS basketball fans!!!
What are your favorite bands, back in the good old days as well as today here and now, and to what bands/records are you listening this days at home?!? And what are bands/records, that you think, are a 'must-know'?!?
I still listen to most of the same stuff I grew up on only now I listen to a lot more Metal. Currently I've been listening to a ton of OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, MUNICIPAL WASTE, BONDED BY BLOOD, D.R.I., MASTODON, GOATWHORE and EXODUS. As far as American Hardcore I've been listening to a lot of BLACKLISTED, CREATURES, OUTBREAK, CRUEL HAND, RINGWORM, EARTH CRISIS, S.O.D. / M.O.D., PRO-PAIN, IRON AGE and I have to have my daily fill of the BAD BRAINS.
Do you know any german or europna Hardcore / Oi! / Punkrock / Metal / etc. bands?!? Which are the ones that had impressed you the mot?!?
It seems like with so much music being put out here in the States it's hard to keep up with all the new bands. We really don't get exposed too much from Europe (shame on us) which is strange since the internet has made the world such a small place. I saw a band from across the pond awhile back called RISE & FALL. They were amazing. I also discovered a band called PAYBACK who sounds like they grew up on the streets of New York City!!! Great European Band!!! I did get to see DESTRUCTION open for the CRO-MAGS in 1989. Been a fan ever since.
Now to the final question of this (already very long, I know;-)...) interview: When will a new record of you come, and will it be also on the "H8 PIECE RECORDS" label?!? I've never heard anything of this label until I bought your record and the- also damn great- first (?) BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS record. Do you know these guys?!? Also a great band, if you ask me. Can you tell us something about your label?!? Who is running it, how did the contact come together, any other bands on it that you can endorse, etc.?!?
"H8 PIECE RECORDS" is based out of Austin, Texas and it's a small, one man show. It's ran by Mike Hate. Mikes a big supporter of the music scene and really helps his bands. We have played with the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS and they are great guys and a killer band. A few other bands on the "H8 PIECE RECORDS" roster are:
STRESSBOMB (Streetpunk)
BRUTE SQUAD (Hardcore)
THOSE UNRLUY (Streetrock / Oi!)
So guys, that's all from me for the moment. Once again a very big 'THANX!!!' for doing the interview here, and I hope that we will be able to see you guys some day here in germany wrecking down the live stages of the clubs!!! So for now the last words remain to you, and once again THANX a lot. Keep the faith!!! The best Greetings from Gemoney!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Thanks a lot for the interview!!! Coming to Germany is something we hope to accomplish someday!!! Until then thanks for your support!!!
Yeahr, that was the IRON GUTS KELLY interview, and it's a pretty long and a fuckin' great thing to read if you ask me, not your ordinary band, not your ordinary answers, I enjoyed it very much!!! So, now there's not that many left to say about or to it after all, so just start to support that damn great band,and I mean right now!!!
You can find the review of their fuckin' great "AXE TO GRIND" record also on this blog, the entry is named "IRON GUTS KELLY GRINDING AN AXE" and was the second entry at all on this blog, search under february 2010 or under record reviews (go to the rubrics on the right of your screen and click your way trough them) and you will find it - and then, damn, buy it!!!
Check and contact the guys also by MySpace, by using the following link. (You'll do find the link also above in the interview.)
And once again a very big 'THANK YOU!' is going out to SHAWN, great work done mate!!! Keep the faith!!! With fighting succesful that cancer bitch crap there won't be anything able to bring ya down!!! All the best for you and your family!!! Oi!
You'll get now also some videos of IRON GUTS KELLY to see and watch, to hear and listen to, the videos are live videos, but I think in truly pretty good quality, so just enjoy watching them!!!





So I think that should be all in all enough for right now, at least if the videos do their work as they are supposed to. I hope you've enjoyed the interview as well as the videos and that your attention is now totally caught by this great and totally non-clichè band, and I'm hoping to hear more of IRON GUTS KELLY and damn, I'm truly looking forward for their next coming album!!!

JEROME LE BANNER - Paying Tribute to the Greatest

Hey guys, right now and again here you'll see the birth of a new category of postings here, a little bit away from such the musick side of things, now it's all about paying tribute to my great passion called Sports!!! The content of this rubric will be very well mixed, and I just start it all up with giving you some informations about and paying tribute to one of my all time favorite K-1 / MMA fighters, the french man JEROME LE BANNER, the BATTLE CYBORG, so here we'll go ahead and forth!!!
*** JEROME LE BANNER - The french Battle Cyborg ***

JEROME LE BANNER was born in Le Havre on the 26. December of the year 1972. His known as one the top martial artists of our time for something like over an decade right now. He was not only born in Le Havre, but he also gre up there. His father was a truck driver and also a semiprofessional pugilist, while his mother was working as a saleslady. Classical blue collar working class ethics as a background, not the worst for becoming a fighter, if you ask me!!!

With becoming just swix years old he started to training judo, and what shall I say, I done it by myself, so it brings some memories into m mind... but all an a lower level, haha;-). He was known to be very well-gifted, but as his father and the referees got into an heated argument one day JEROME LE BANNERs career in judo was all done history. He called it a day, but with 14 years of age he decided to start doing karate. The legend goes, that he was inspired by Bruce Lee movies, may it's true, why not, but I don't know it.
With growing up and becoming 18 years of age the martial arts career of JEROME LE BANNER was going completly over the top, he was suceeding to become the french martial arts champion, he won the so called ISKA championship versus his opponent Stéphane Réveillon, before beating Mike Bernardo in Kapstadt winning the intercontinental championship.

In 1995 JEROME LE BANNER received his first invitation of K-1 to go and battle at the grand championship final tournament over there in japan. His first victory in K-1 he got over respectively against Nokueed Devy at the 3. March of 1995. Also his next two fights he decided for himself by knocking his enemies out. Also Peter Aerts, the dutch lumberjack, beaten him in his next fight the year of 1995 was the start for his great career in K-1 and MMA sports.
Over the next years he was completly on fire, winning many tournaments and even more fights, suceeding and winning many trophies, and especially 2002 was a very strong year for JEROME LE BANNER, winning six strong and hard fights in a row, but sadly enough in the final battle of the K-1 tournament of 2002 he broke his arm in the fight against Ernesto Hoost. He returned in 2003, stepping back into the ring. He was making himself more and more a name for himself as the K.O. Machine in K-1, also known as the BATTLE CYBORG. Always marching forward into battle, all or nothing, with no remorse for himself or his opponents, like an battle icon.

Over the years of 2006 to 2008 he was fighting not that many fights anymore, injuries throw him back a little bit. But again he could decide a lot of them for him. Just against Semmy Schilt he got bad luck again and again, but Schilt is 22 centimeters taller than JEROME LE BANNER. In 2009 he just done three fights in K-1, nowadays 37 years old, but he's also establishing hinself and making himself a name as an actor in movies. He's father to his daughter Victoria. Hopefully he will be coming back in 2010 once again, it would just be great to see him one more time marauding through the ring and his opponents!!! It's sad that injuries caused him his changes to succeed in the K-1 final grand prix tournament in Japan, because as on the very bests of the bests he would really deserve to wear the crown of martial arts sports!!!

Here you'll get his official fight statistics:
K-1: 58 fights, 39 victories (30 by K.O. or T.K.O.), 17 losses (10 by K.O. or T.K.O.), one fight was a draw and one could not be counted anyway. MMA: 3 victories (all by K.O. or T.K.O.) and a drawMovies he already played in had been "Babylon A.D." (2008), "Scorpion" (2007), "Asterix & Obelix (at the olympic games)" (2008), and "Disco" (2008).

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

American Oi! - The Eagle has landed

So guys, here it is, a new rubric on this blog, 'cause I decided to go to post 'stuff' about 'old' bands, and especially I want to to do this about American Oi! bands, just because that's my absolute favorite style of music, to keep it short, so here we go to kick it off, and I will start with the great U.S. CHAOS, a just fantastic Oi! band, so let's start it!!! More bands, etc. will be coming as soon as possible, I promise to ya!!!
*** U.S. CHAOS - "We've Got The Weapons" - 'Moscow or bust!' ***

The starting point or band at this place are the American Oi! / Streetpunk warhorses of the great U.S. CHAOS, they started around the years of 1982 and 1983, and in this time they also played their first live gig. They call themselves one of the first ever Oi! bands in the U.S., and of course, I think that you can say at least that they were truly one of the first American Oi! bands around, always a little bit more on the Punk than on the Skinhead side of things, but who cares about this!?! I mean, come on!!!

The bass player Jack founded the band, based somewhere near New Jersey, and you can say, that this background is always already some kind of a proof of quality. After the original singer Ron left the band the new singer Skully joined the group and filled the ranks of U.S. CHAOS., and this was also the time when the band started to go on with a more speedy pace. Maybe the band sees themselves more as Punkrock band, but you know what, that just don't matter that much, not at least because in the case of U.S. CHAOS thedrawing of border lines between Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock is more than only ridiculous artificially. Bands like the ANGELIC UPSTARTS, the COCKNEY REJECTS, and SHAM 69 did have a huge impact on the guys of U.S. CHAOS, as well as the SEX PISTOLS and THE CLASH, and not to forget the early SKREWDRIVER, and they did also a great cover tune of the immortal SKREWDRIVER classic "ANTISOCIAL" ("I'm Antisocial, I hate the world!!!") that you really need to hear, trust me guys, trust me for sure!!!

Especially the strong and extremly stand-alone guitar work, the dynamic songstructure, as well as the incredible charismatic vocals are really great trademarks of U.S. CHAOS. And the sound of this band is giving them even today a very important reason to be here!!!

The first run of U.S. CHAOS went from the early 1980's to the year of 1992, and then they regrouped in 1995 and are still more or less active today, even if the years from 2005 to 2007 nearly brought the final end of the band, but thank the gods that this worst case became not reality!!!

Lyricly U.S. CHAOS should be something like a "No Go!" for a lot of totally jackass P.C. faggots and gaily coloured ticks and scrapers who think that they own the stone of wisdom in the pockets of their pants and hate and rant against everyone that's not on the same page like themselves and their 'fascistic-schizoid' weltanschauung, but you should truly and really give a damn about that flesh grown pieces of shit, if you ask me, I do it by myself!!! And you know what?!? It works!!! However, the lyrics are also today very strong and damn good stuff, for sure patriotic and anticommunistic (don't forget that communism in this case is set equal with the totalitarian state directed repressive capitalism of the soviet union, don't forget the cold war era, ah, and if you ask me, there's nothing wrong with being anti the system of the former soviet union at all), more a bit conservative in case of dealing with the fate of criminlas like murderers, rapists and drug dealers (again, nothing wrong with that at all), so enough to make a lot of jackasses run amok, if you know what I mean. But like I said, the lyrics are very good stuff, also today, and they also sang about more personal issues and stuff like that beside the political issues they worked with in their lyrics. So you should really listen to U.S. CHAOS not only because of their music, if you know what I mean at this point and place and time.

U.S. CHAOS released several releases, but you should start with the fantastic "WE'VE GOT THE WEAPONS" anthology CD (also known as the "COMPLETE CHAOS - ANTHOLOGY" record) released by "G.M.M. RECORDS" some years ago. It comes with a lot of hymns (to be honest their are only hits on it), all the great lyrics, a very good production sound, and in just great artwork. Not much left to say, but you just have to know this band!!! Go to and to, there you should find out more about them. Cheers & Oi!
If it all works out like it should, then you should be able to find and see an video of U.S. CHAOS following this words. It's one of my total favorites of them, also when it comes to the lyrics (I will give them right after this to you to read here). A more, hm, let us say 'personal' song of them, that also expresses somehow my current mood very, very well... but that's another story and this here isn't the place and time to tell this story... Or become depressive, so fuck it and shut up, stop thinking about the meaning of it (especially because it's not your bottle of beer), and rather start watching this video, hear this great song and listen to the lyrics.


Canadian Skinhead Rock ... or Canadian Identity Rock?!?

Here it is, the current BOOTPRINT release. Before I come to speak about that piece of vinyl I'll have to say something to this whole story around it, but I'll keep it short, trying not to repeat anything that I've already said to this topic (just read the review to the "WORKING CLASS SKINS" fanzine issue no. # 10). Here'll you find the song "AVEC FIERTE", and that's the song they wrote because of announcing that they are proud to be white and that they are sick of saying sorry for that because of things someone done long before. Okay, don't get it wrong: It's not comparable with for example MINOR THREAT and their classic "GUILTY OF BEING WHITE", not at least because MINOR THREAT had never something in mind like this Whit Prdie / White Power bullshit, this ridiculous stupid crap of being proud of your color of your skin, being proud of your race, or however you may call it, being prod of something that accidentally. So, I don't know what to say, but I can't speak french so I don't know if the lyrics are maybe just simple 'being proud of your heritage' stuff, or if they are 'only' nationalistic-xenophobic trash, or if the lyrics are open and direct racist shit, but anyway, if you ask me, I think it sucks!!! Or at least it tends to suck!!! (And not the good way of sucking...) And if the rumours are right that BOOTPRINT are playing concerts with NS bands like the german NS faggots of OIDOXIE then I know that it sucks and that it is all nothing but a great piece of racist NS garbage crap, hiding cowardly behind the cloak of patriotism. Fuck it!!! Two things left to say: IF that's ALL correct (like I said, I speak no french and maybe the translation in the above mentioned fanzine was not the best..., and also I don't trust the majority of the active user and abuser guys 'in' the internet and I just don't give a damn about this worthless and countless faggots making themselves to virtual 'warriors' and throwing tons of cheap dirt on anyone they don't like, so I don't have something like 100% proofed informations about the concerts) then just let me say two final things to it: First, THEN I'm out of it, because even I'm very open and no single and closed minded fool in politics and can respect a lot of different political standpoints, BUT Racism, Fascism, NS crap, and bullshit like this are a definitive 'No Go's!!!' for me, disgusting stupid faggot coward crap!!! Fuck this subhuman scum and their bullshit ideology!!! Second, IF that's all correct, THEN rather talk about Identity Rock or something like that or label it R.A.C. in a jiffy, but NOT Skinhead Rock or even Oi!, 'cause that's something else!!! Okay, enough said to this topic, so now to the record, because don't you forget: This is a record review, NOT a debate on politics or however you may like to call it!!! So, now to the music: You get the sound with that BOOTPRINT grabbed me at once when I got their debut record "A PART OF US" (now also released on LP by "DIM RECORDS", and yeahr, no matter if you get it on CD or LP, it's a great piece of brilliant Skinhead Rock music). Strong, powerful and beefy Skinhead Rock, played in a hard and heavy stomping mid pace, but also BOOTPRINT had been speeding up the pace on this LP, just listen to the brutal smasher (and opener) "WAKE UP" or the devastating SKREWDRIVER cover "ON THE STREETS" (they hammer I.S.D. awake out of his coffin and grave... ah, but no, guys, do me a favor, let him lie and rot!!!). Beside the very heavy and harsh guitar rhythm work especially the truly fantastic and just hymnal guitar leads, meldoies and soli are incredible good and marking the songs very, very strong. But I think here on this record not that much than on their already mentioned debut, what is a little bit pity, if you ask me, but okay, you can't have anything, haha. Then the roaring deep and hard vocals do give the songs the crown, and the precise and well-versed rhythmsection is just given the songs the sheer brutal power they need and deserve. Damn good stuff!!! Let good old british brickwall Oi! (like CONDEMNED 84) and english Skinhead Rock (like RETALIATOR) grew together with classical french Oi! bands, yeahr, I think then you should do get a pretty good imagination of how BOOTPRINT use to sound, but you should always keep in mind that these guys in the band are around for quite a while now and that they do play their very own way of Skinhad and Bootboy music, and for sure, they do call a strong own identity their own, at least if you ask me, but I think you can also ask a lot people more to this topic. We do get six new tracks, two of them are covertunes, "ON THE STREETS" of SKREWDRIVER and "MONTREAL SKINS" of THE EJECTED. They do sing in french (two songs, "AVEC FIERTE" (...) und "NOTRE FORCE") and also in english ("WAKE UP" and "SAID & DONE"), and the english lyrics (more I can't understand, to be honest to you all, because, like said above, Idon't speak french) are very gruff and grim patriotic and conservative (if not more...), but also very good suff that do speak at least some parts of the truth. Lyricly maybe comparable to the great THE UNRULY, hm... nah... but okay, maybe a little bit or so. It all comes in a very good production sound, and on yellow (transparent and clear) vinyl (it was the limitd edition... haa, so fuck you, if you are too late, 'cause it looks great), all in all limited to ... what ever... and we do also get all the lyrics to read here. So, if you just take the music on this LP: Great stuff!!!! Just take the political standpoints expressed with the lyrics: It could be that I'm pretty much out of it!!! So I can't really tell ya if you should do get it or rather not, decide for yourself... But the music is really great!!! The rest of this package here... However: Cheers & Oi! Ah, before I forget to say that, the artwork of this LP looks just awesome!!! (9 of 10 points)

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American Pride Oi!

Already a little bit older right now, I know about it, but fuck it. It took me a while before I finally bought this record, but I can't really tell ya why, but shall I say ya what I can tell ya at this moment: It doesn't really matter at all at this point, but what does truly matter is the music you will find on this record. THE INCITED are a (at least to me) pretty young or new band from Delaware in the U.S.A. ('young' or 'new' to me, like you've read, because they seem to be around since 1998, so for over an decade right now), this record is licensed vinyl release from "DIM RECORDS", the original release was CD only and came by "NECK RECORDS", the homeground label of the legendary and just great American Streetrock & Roll band THE BARONS, and THE INCITED are a pretty patriotic and maybe even more or less pretty much militant and conservative band, right wing of course, if you ask me, but there's NO White Power bullshit or any subhuman scumbag garbage like that in it, if you ask me for what I understand, read and know. So that's all more than only okay with me, even if I could bet that a lot of folks (especially here in germany) should still do have a big problem with that, but you know what?!? Fuck 'em!!! Fuck 'em all!!! But I do also think, that Delaware seems to be a good homeground for Oi! bands to grow, even if the bands seem to be all in all more right wing, remember for example the great STORMWATCH ("Gay bashing in the U.S.A.!!!" That's right, haha!!!) or the brilliant COMBAT READY, so you see, THE INCITED are coming from very good and also maybe radical roots. Thumbs up!!! Good thing!!! And they demonstrate this to us, I tell ya!!! THE INCITED are playing a very strong and powerful, hard and aggressive, yet melodic, well paced American Oi! or American Streetpunk, all on a very high level of skills when it comes to writing as well as playing songs, very, very good job guys!!! Sharp and dirty, hard driven guitar work, a militant and harsh stomping rhythm section, powerful and aggressive lead vocals, and fantastic fist in the air Sing-A-Long parts, all played and done in a very good and also very strong fuckin' rockin' and rollin' way, full of energy and hymnal potential, like I've said, just great stuff!!! Maybe a little bit to be located between the legendary THE ANTI-HEROS and the damn good U.S. ROUGHNECKS, but all in all done in a very stand-alone style, so don't expect any kind of copy of the mentioned bands. The music totally rules, I love it, and what is to say about the lyrics?!? Also the lyrics, I tell ya, are a very good job that they've done. From patriotic and militant 'culture war' lyrics (and you know what, yeahr, some fuckin' good stuff, 'cause open your eyes and ears all you appeasement cowards out there, the west is under attack and we definitely have to fight back to do all and give all and more than just our best to succeed, to succeed in the long struggle against Islamofascism!!!), to Skinhead & Bootboy Way of Life topics, to Hooligan hymns, and also some many stuff more, so you'll see, they do cover a wide distance, and several different topics more you'll be able to find, all done very, very good and self-contained, so thumbs up guys!!! Ah, and the guys in the band also served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the middle east shithole called Iraq (stop sending them food and money, if this guys do like bombs in any variations that much, then just fuckin' send them one and hit the button, 'cause it's fuckin' about time to drop the bomb, to drop the bomb on them all!!!), so they know what they sing about from the frontlines, so shut up all you stupid fucks out there!!! The LP comes in good old holy black vinyl (but I think that there was a limited edition in colored vinyl, yes, I'm pretty sure, but I'm also pretty sure that this limited edition should be sold out for quite a while now, if that wouldn't be the case I guess I would have it by myself), in a very nice artwork (I just love such motifs, but in black/white it would also look even much better than in this 'full blowing colours', haha), and the vinyl carries the songs in a very good and nice dirty production sound, and that production sound truly deliveres the songs in a brilliant way to you. So you see, you do get the total and complete package here, so don't think about it to long any longer, now just fuckin' get it!!! Awesome record!!! Not more, not less!!! The guys are regrouping the band right now, so I just wish them all the best and I hope that they will be back with a fuckin' big bang as soon as possible!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Rockabilly Cosa Nostra, Goslar, 'Tor III', 10. April 2010

Concert with the ROCKABILLY MAFIA and THE HOT WHEELS in Goslar Rock City, it happened at the 10th of April in 2010, it took place in the underground club called 'TOR III', and, finally, now here comes the Gig Report of this concert, so here we go!!!

Puh, it's been a while now since then, so I don't really have a clue how things went before the concert at this day... I really don't know it, fuck!!! (But to everyone out there who's younger than me, msyelf and I: Shut up, just get as 'old' as I am at this day, haha;-)!!!) But I do know that 'Ossi' was celebrating his birthday at this day, and that he decided early to go to this concert. (He's totally digged himself deep down into this whole Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock & Roll, '50s Rock, Boogie, etc. music stuff, so that decision should be to nobodody something like a wonder.) I thought to myself: "Hm, is this really something for ya?!?" I mean, ELVIS HITLER, REBEL SON, etc., all great music, defenitely, no problem with that, but the majority of this whole (up to date) Rockabilly-Psychobilly is absolutely nothing for me. But I decided to join the ranks and go to this concert. But then 'Ossi' told me that the fee to get entry to this happening was about 15,00 Euro... Whooaa, fuck it!!! It was a really hard inner fight, but okay, I called it (a.k.a. the thinking about it) a day and said yes!!! My sister drove 'Peino' and me to 'Tobilicious' and 'Zottel' where we get fired up a little bit for the concert evening, and then 'Ossi' came around and we went (or maybe drove) to the 'TOR III'. It was a great pity that 'Jojo' was sick at this weekend, it would had been great if she would had been able to join us (or, respectively, me, and maybe 'Ossi') at this evening, but we decided to make it a nice evening anyway. Okay, after I'm about to deny more and more the drinking of alcohol I was pretty much 'dry' at this concert, also much more because the next day I had a lot of work for the next coming monday to do and I also went to the city of Hildesheim to spend a fantastic day with my chica mucha, mucha bonita, but as I looked at the guys who were running around at this concert, I can tell ya, I was pretty much about to start heavy drinking!!! What a freakshow, haha;-)!!! But okay, maybe these guys thought the same about me, so let us call it a day, haha;-)!!! 'Peino', 'Zottel' and especially 'Tobilicious' were getting more and more loaded up, and the topics of the talks lost very, very fast any maybe at first given standard, haha;-)!!! I still don't know what was going on when I stepped to the guys and heard something 'bout the anticipated size of dicks of present attendants... Damn, I decided to turn around and give the bands a more than fair chance, not at least to be not being made common with this bullshit talks.
The first band to took over the stage had been THE HOT WHEELS from the german city of Braunschweig. The bass player had his stand up bass painted all over as the flag of the confederacy and it looked brilliant. Hm, some words to the music?!? Okay, here we go!!! They play some Rockabilly, pretty modern, but I wouldn't call it Neorockabilly (but I also don't have that wisdom when it comes to this kind of music, to be honest...), because they had huge influences of classical Rockabilly and '50s/'60s Rock & Roll in their music and they also covered some old ELVIS PRESLEY songs, also in pretty good way. But what shall I say, I like them on their records more than I like them live, because it really ticked me off to hear the drum player playing the same rhythm in the same pace and the same mood in every fuckin' song, damn, they were getting really, really boring. To listen to them on record I do with joy, but live they were not my cup of tea (beside the stand up bass painting), and so I choosed to walk around and get myself a water to drink. The played pretty long, I think something like over an hour or so. Like I've said, I decided to walk around the scenery and waited for the next (and also already final) band to come.
After a little break the ROCKABILLY MAFIA from somewhere in the federal german state of Schleswig-Holstein entered the stage, to celebrate 25 years of band existence. And what I heard really pleased my gusto. Beside the total nonsense lyrics they truly played a really good and also pretty much traditional Rockabilly style with maybe only some very little Psychobilly influences in it, and that all truly fuckin' good!!! Strong performance on stage, very good songs and music to come from this stage, good interaction with the audience, a damn good drum solo, and a very sympathic and authentic appearance, what you saw was what you got: Pretty fucked up old school Rockabilly!!! They also played pretty long, so that the high priced entry was at the end of the day justified. Good thing!!! I don't know what to tell ya more about it at this place, like I said, good music, good performance, good concert of the ROCKABILLY MAFIA, I mean, good stuff, but it's Rockabilly, I mean, they had done a very good job, but it stays Rockabilly, they weren't building fusion bombs on stage, so I really don't know what to say more about it, just: Good concert!!! Point and fact!!!
Ah, a really nice thing was (and still is, of course) the brilliant STRAY CATS LP I bought this evening, also the current issue of the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine and an old issue of the "MENTAL HELL" fanzine. Nice shot!!! After the concert 'Ossi' went shopping, heavy shopping, I tell ya, and then we (read 'Ossi', 'Peino' and me) also terrorized the local McDonald's place, and then somewhen I was at home, adjusted my alarm clock at 6 a.m. (at a sunday... fuck...) and let myself being embraced by the sweet whisper of sleep. Good night!!!