Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Vegan Reich ... Straigh Edge Jihad

Hey folks, again some video stuff for ya!!!

After it was al a little bit quite on the blog front this month (but don't forget the birth of some new categories in this month, like 'Sports', the 'American Oi! History Series' (that will be continued very soon, trust me) and the 'Videos', and some other stuff- reviews of records and fanzines, as well as gig report-, so ya do see, it was all not that "quite" this month, even not that many entries like before saw the light of the day), and I do think I won't be able to get the next one to three weeks much more going than this month I decided to give ya all some nice stuff for your eyes and ears to eat here with the (maybe? ... possible?) last entry for this month. And I've found a true goody for ya all!!!

Even if I may make myself a lot of enemies right now (or some friends that I truly don't want to have, haha;-)...) I don't give a fuck about it. I give you a great song and video of the brilliant VEGAN REICH (damn militant and outstanding xSTRAIGHT EDGE HARDCOREx from the 'good old days', violent, aggressive and militant not like much else, just great, pure gold!!!), with fantastic lyrics (you'll be able to read them 'in' the video by watching it) and also scary and sinister pictures!!! The lyrics, the song, the clip, the pictures: There arent't any open questions left!!! Animal Liberation, for a better and more just world!!! Go and get it!!!


If you want to get to know a little bit more about VEGAN REICH (very controversial back in the dayz, and I also think: Still today... but FUCK IT UPP!!!) then just read this great interview you'll find by using the link (I hope that it works out like it should...) and go to to listen to and read about them!!! The rumours are going that they will be releasing new stuff and also a compilation disc this year or so, so maybe there will be coming more of them soon, would be great!!! But for now, enjoy this here posted video of VEGAN REICH!!!

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