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Canadian Skinhead Rock ... or Canadian Identity Rock?!?

Here it is, the current BOOTPRINT release. Before I come to speak about that piece of vinyl I'll have to say something to this whole story around it, but I'll keep it short, trying not to repeat anything that I've already said to this topic (just read the review to the "WORKING CLASS SKINS" fanzine issue no. # 10). Here'll you find the song "AVEC FIERTE", and that's the song they wrote because of announcing that they are proud to be white and that they are sick of saying sorry for that because of things someone done long before. Okay, don't get it wrong: It's not comparable with for example MINOR THREAT and their classic "GUILTY OF BEING WHITE", not at least because MINOR THREAT had never something in mind like this Whit Prdie / White Power bullshit, this ridiculous stupid crap of being proud of your color of your skin, being proud of your race, or however you may call it, being prod of something that accidentally. So, I don't know what to say, but I can't speak french so I don't know if the lyrics are maybe just simple 'being proud of your heritage' stuff, or if they are 'only' nationalistic-xenophobic trash, or if the lyrics are open and direct racist shit, but anyway, if you ask me, I think it sucks!!! Or at least it tends to suck!!! (And not the good way of sucking...) And if the rumours are right that BOOTPRINT are playing concerts with NS bands like the german NS faggots of OIDOXIE then I know that it sucks and that it is all nothing but a great piece of racist NS garbage crap, hiding cowardly behind the cloak of patriotism. Fuck it!!! Two things left to say: IF that's ALL correct (like I said, I speak no french and maybe the translation in the above mentioned fanzine was not the best..., and also I don't trust the majority of the active user and abuser guys 'in' the internet and I just don't give a damn about this worthless and countless faggots making themselves to virtual 'warriors' and throwing tons of cheap dirt on anyone they don't like, so I don't have something like 100% proofed informations about the concerts) then just let me say two final things to it: First, THEN I'm out of it, because even I'm very open and no single and closed minded fool in politics and can respect a lot of different political standpoints, BUT Racism, Fascism, NS crap, and bullshit like this are a definitive 'No Go's!!!' for me, disgusting stupid faggot coward crap!!! Fuck this subhuman scum and their bullshit ideology!!! Second, IF that's all correct, THEN rather talk about Identity Rock or something like that or label it R.A.C. in a jiffy, but NOT Skinhead Rock or even Oi!, 'cause that's something else!!! Okay, enough said to this topic, so now to the record, because don't you forget: This is a record review, NOT a debate on politics or however you may like to call it!!! So, now to the music: You get the sound with that BOOTPRINT grabbed me at once when I got their debut record "A PART OF US" (now also released on LP by "DIM RECORDS", and yeahr, no matter if you get it on CD or LP, it's a great piece of brilliant Skinhead Rock music). Strong, powerful and beefy Skinhead Rock, played in a hard and heavy stomping mid pace, but also BOOTPRINT had been speeding up the pace on this LP, just listen to the brutal smasher (and opener) "WAKE UP" or the devastating SKREWDRIVER cover "ON THE STREETS" (they hammer I.S.D. awake out of his coffin and grave... ah, but no, guys, do me a favor, let him lie and rot!!!). Beside the very heavy and harsh guitar rhythm work especially the truly fantastic and just hymnal guitar leads, meldoies and soli are incredible good and marking the songs very, very strong. But I think here on this record not that much than on their already mentioned debut, what is a little bit pity, if you ask me, but okay, you can't have anything, haha. Then the roaring deep and hard vocals do give the songs the crown, and the precise and well-versed rhythmsection is just given the songs the sheer brutal power they need and deserve. Damn good stuff!!! Let good old british brickwall Oi! (like CONDEMNED 84) and english Skinhead Rock (like RETALIATOR) grew together with classical french Oi! bands, yeahr, I think then you should do get a pretty good imagination of how BOOTPRINT use to sound, but you should always keep in mind that these guys in the band are around for quite a while now and that they do play their very own way of Skinhad and Bootboy music, and for sure, they do call a strong own identity their own, at least if you ask me, but I think you can also ask a lot people more to this topic. We do get six new tracks, two of them are covertunes, "ON THE STREETS" of SKREWDRIVER and "MONTREAL SKINS" of THE EJECTED. They do sing in french (two songs, "AVEC FIERTE" (...) und "NOTRE FORCE") and also in english ("WAKE UP" and "SAID & DONE"), and the english lyrics (more I can't understand, to be honest to you all, because, like said above, Idon't speak french) are very gruff and grim patriotic and conservative (if not more...), but also very good suff that do speak at least some parts of the truth. Lyricly maybe comparable to the great THE UNRULY, hm... nah... but okay, maybe a little bit or so. It all comes in a very good production sound, and on yellow (transparent and clear) vinyl (it was the limitd edition... haa, so fuck you, if you are too late, 'cause it looks great), all in all limited to ... what ever... and we do also get all the lyrics to read here. So, if you just take the music on this LP: Great stuff!!!! Just take the political standpoints expressed with the lyrics: It could be that I'm pretty much out of it!!! So I can't really tell ya if you should do get it or rather not, decide for yourself... But the music is really great!!! The rest of this package here... However: Cheers & Oi! Ah, before I forget to say that, the artwork of this LP looks just awesome!!! (9 of 10 points)

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