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Rockabilly Cosa Nostra, Goslar, 'Tor III', 10. April 2010

Concert with the ROCKABILLY MAFIA and THE HOT WHEELS in Goslar Rock City, it happened at the 10th of April in 2010, it took place in the underground club called 'TOR III', and, finally, now here comes the Gig Report of this concert, so here we go!!!

Puh, it's been a while now since then, so I don't really have a clue how things went before the concert at this day... I really don't know it, fuck!!! (But to everyone out there who's younger than me, msyelf and I: Shut up, just get as 'old' as I am at this day, haha;-)!!!) But I do know that 'Ossi' was celebrating his birthday at this day, and that he decided early to go to this concert. (He's totally digged himself deep down into this whole Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock & Roll, '50s Rock, Boogie, etc. music stuff, so that decision should be to nobodody something like a wonder.) I thought to myself: "Hm, is this really something for ya?!?" I mean, ELVIS HITLER, REBEL SON, etc., all great music, defenitely, no problem with that, but the majority of this whole (up to date) Rockabilly-Psychobilly is absolutely nothing for me. But I decided to join the ranks and go to this concert. But then 'Ossi' told me that the fee to get entry to this happening was about 15,00 Euro... Whooaa, fuck it!!! It was a really hard inner fight, but okay, I called it (a.k.a. the thinking about it) a day and said yes!!! My sister drove 'Peino' and me to 'Tobilicious' and 'Zottel' where we get fired up a little bit for the concert evening, and then 'Ossi' came around and we went (or maybe drove) to the 'TOR III'. It was a great pity that 'Jojo' was sick at this weekend, it would had been great if she would had been able to join us (or, respectively, me, and maybe 'Ossi') at this evening, but we decided to make it a nice evening anyway. Okay, after I'm about to deny more and more the drinking of alcohol I was pretty much 'dry' at this concert, also much more because the next day I had a lot of work for the next coming monday to do and I also went to the city of Hildesheim to spend a fantastic day with my chica mucha, mucha bonita, but as I looked at the guys who were running around at this concert, I can tell ya, I was pretty much about to start heavy drinking!!! What a freakshow, haha;-)!!! But okay, maybe these guys thought the same about me, so let us call it a day, haha;-)!!! 'Peino', 'Zottel' and especially 'Tobilicious' were getting more and more loaded up, and the topics of the talks lost very, very fast any maybe at first given standard, haha;-)!!! I still don't know what was going on when I stepped to the guys and heard something 'bout the anticipated size of dicks of present attendants... Damn, I decided to turn around and give the bands a more than fair chance, not at least to be not being made common with this bullshit talks.
The first band to took over the stage had been THE HOT WHEELS from the german city of Braunschweig. The bass player had his stand up bass painted all over as the flag of the confederacy and it looked brilliant. Hm, some words to the music?!? Okay, here we go!!! They play some Rockabilly, pretty modern, but I wouldn't call it Neorockabilly (but I also don't have that wisdom when it comes to this kind of music, to be honest...), because they had huge influences of classical Rockabilly and '50s/'60s Rock & Roll in their music and they also covered some old ELVIS PRESLEY songs, also in pretty good way. But what shall I say, I like them on their records more than I like them live, because it really ticked me off to hear the drum player playing the same rhythm in the same pace and the same mood in every fuckin' song, damn, they were getting really, really boring. To listen to them on record I do with joy, but live they were not my cup of tea (beside the stand up bass painting), and so I choosed to walk around and get myself a water to drink. The played pretty long, I think something like over an hour or so. Like I've said, I decided to walk around the scenery and waited for the next (and also already final) band to come.
After a little break the ROCKABILLY MAFIA from somewhere in the federal german state of Schleswig-Holstein entered the stage, to celebrate 25 years of band existence. And what I heard really pleased my gusto. Beside the total nonsense lyrics they truly played a really good and also pretty much traditional Rockabilly style with maybe only some very little Psychobilly influences in it, and that all truly fuckin' good!!! Strong performance on stage, very good songs and music to come from this stage, good interaction with the audience, a damn good drum solo, and a very sympathic and authentic appearance, what you saw was what you got: Pretty fucked up old school Rockabilly!!! They also played pretty long, so that the high priced entry was at the end of the day justified. Good thing!!! I don't know what to tell ya more about it at this place, like I said, good music, good performance, good concert of the ROCKABILLY MAFIA, I mean, good stuff, but it's Rockabilly, I mean, they had done a very good job, but it stays Rockabilly, they weren't building fusion bombs on stage, so I really don't know what to say more about it, just: Good concert!!! Point and fact!!!
Ah, a really nice thing was (and still is, of course) the brilliant STRAY CATS LP I bought this evening, also the current issue of the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine and an old issue of the "MENTAL HELL" fanzine. Nice shot!!! After the concert 'Ossi' went shopping, heavy shopping, I tell ya, and then we (read 'Ossi', 'Peino' and me) also terrorized the local McDonald's place, and then somewhen I was at home, adjusted my alarm clock at 6 a.m. (at a sunday... fuck...) and let myself being embraced by the sweet whisper of sleep. Good night!!!

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