Montag, 17. Mai 2010

American Pride Oi!

Already a little bit older right now, I know about it, but fuck it. It took me a while before I finally bought this record, but I can't really tell ya why, but shall I say ya what I can tell ya at this moment: It doesn't really matter at all at this point, but what does truly matter is the music you will find on this record. THE INCITED are a (at least to me) pretty young or new band from Delaware in the U.S.A. ('young' or 'new' to me, like you've read, because they seem to be around since 1998, so for over an decade right now), this record is licensed vinyl release from "DIM RECORDS", the original release was CD only and came by "NECK RECORDS", the homeground label of the legendary and just great American Streetrock & Roll band THE BARONS, and THE INCITED are a pretty patriotic and maybe even more or less pretty much militant and conservative band, right wing of course, if you ask me, but there's NO White Power bullshit or any subhuman scumbag garbage like that in it, if you ask me for what I understand, read and know. So that's all more than only okay with me, even if I could bet that a lot of folks (especially here in germany) should still do have a big problem with that, but you know what?!? Fuck 'em!!! Fuck 'em all!!! But I do also think, that Delaware seems to be a good homeground for Oi! bands to grow, even if the bands seem to be all in all more right wing, remember for example the great STORMWATCH ("Gay bashing in the U.S.A.!!!" That's right, haha!!!) or the brilliant COMBAT READY, so you see, THE INCITED are coming from very good and also maybe radical roots. Thumbs up!!! Good thing!!! And they demonstrate this to us, I tell ya!!! THE INCITED are playing a very strong and powerful, hard and aggressive, yet melodic, well paced American Oi! or American Streetpunk, all on a very high level of skills when it comes to writing as well as playing songs, very, very good job guys!!! Sharp and dirty, hard driven guitar work, a militant and harsh stomping rhythm section, powerful and aggressive lead vocals, and fantastic fist in the air Sing-A-Long parts, all played and done in a very good and also very strong fuckin' rockin' and rollin' way, full of energy and hymnal potential, like I've said, just great stuff!!! Maybe a little bit to be located between the legendary THE ANTI-HEROS and the damn good U.S. ROUGHNECKS, but all in all done in a very stand-alone style, so don't expect any kind of copy of the mentioned bands. The music totally rules, I love it, and what is to say about the lyrics?!? Also the lyrics, I tell ya, are a very good job that they've done. From patriotic and militant 'culture war' lyrics (and you know what, yeahr, some fuckin' good stuff, 'cause open your eyes and ears all you appeasement cowards out there, the west is under attack and we definitely have to fight back to do all and give all and more than just our best to succeed, to succeed in the long struggle against Islamofascism!!!), to Skinhead & Bootboy Way of Life topics, to Hooligan hymns, and also some many stuff more, so you'll see, they do cover a wide distance, and several different topics more you'll be able to find, all done very, very good and self-contained, so thumbs up guys!!! Ah, and the guys in the band also served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the middle east shithole called Iraq (stop sending them food and money, if this guys do like bombs in any variations that much, then just fuckin' send them one and hit the button, 'cause it's fuckin' about time to drop the bomb, to drop the bomb on them all!!!), so they know what they sing about from the frontlines, so shut up all you stupid fucks out there!!! The LP comes in good old holy black vinyl (but I think that there was a limited edition in colored vinyl, yes, I'm pretty sure, but I'm also pretty sure that this limited edition should be sold out for quite a while now, if that wouldn't be the case I guess I would have it by myself), in a very nice artwork (I just love such motifs, but in black/white it would also look even much better than in this 'full blowing colours', haha), and the vinyl carries the songs in a very good and nice dirty production sound, and that production sound truly deliveres the songs in a brilliant way to you. So you see, you do get the total and complete package here, so don't think about it to long any longer, now just fuckin' get it!!! Awesome record!!! Not more, not less!!! The guys are regrouping the band right now, so I just wish them all the best and I hope that they will be back with a fuckin' big bang as soon as possible!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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