Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

K-1 / MMA classic - Gary Goodridge vs. Don Frye - Harsh and brutal K.O.

also this I've found somewhere deep down in the net!!! Like you see it by a look at the cathegory this is again some sports stuff for ya all out there!!! But okay, this time it's pretty much basically only a nice short video clip for your enjoyment!!!

It's a FIGHT, 'Big Daddy' GARY GOODRIDGE versus DON FRYE!!! You should know both... if not shame on you, but calm down, there will be coming something of both here on this blog sometime in the future.

DON FRYE, hard knocks and porn moustache, legendary MMA fighter from the U.S.A., and GARY GOODRIDGE, the always onward forward into battle going fighting machine, what a great setting to fight a good clean classic all or nothing fight, and that's what it turned out, all or nothing. But I won't tell ya too much already at this place here, just wach the following video.

Ah, okay, both are already older and maybe they should have retired some years ago to keep their legacy intact, but I'm not that sure about it all, especially GARY GOODRIDGE is always putting on one hell of fight, and that's what matters most at the end of the day, if you ask me!!! Ad yes, I'm a fan of both, but okay, espacially a fan of GARY GOODRIDGE, and just watch the video and you will know why!!! So, now, enough of the introduction words, just click and enjoy the clip... especially the 'time-zone' between 0.55 and 0.58, just great!!! And yeahr, just what a great FIGHT!!! Fist!!! Get it!!!
So now comes the video clip, should be- if you ask me- in truly good quality, so yeahr just go and watch and enjoy it, it's worth your time if you're into K-1, MMA, PRIDE, UFC, and good and exciting stuff like that!!! Go and get it!!!

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