Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

Classical 'Rockabilly Psychosis' Fanzine from Germoney

(Fee: it was 6,00 DM, maybe 3,00 Euro...)
Here's an old, old fanzine for your enjoyment out to be reviewed, the issue no. # 02 of the once Berlin based, now long defunct (or am I wrong?) fanzine called "MENTAL HELL", dedicated solely to Rockabilly and Psychobilly. The sub title "ROCKABILLY PSYCHOSIS" came for some reasons to happen, only that you know that. It's the total other direction than the "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine, it's done with a lot of passion for the musick and the subculture, the attitude and the lifestyle, totally damn underground and aggressive subculture stuff (as much Rockabilly and Psychobill an be aggressive in any way possible), and it was also already on a pretty much professional level when you look today at the fanzine. Okay, not colored (beside the front- and backcover), but black/white in it (plus here and there some few full colour pictures), but however. It shows ya really what this music really can mean to people writing about it, living it, and even it's an decade or something like that now old, it makes a lot of fun to read it still today, and hey, a lot of the featured bands are still today active and raging wild on the stages across the world (or however you might wish to call it). Interviews with respectively stories about THE METEORS, BATMOBILE, GORILLA, GUANA BATZ, KREWMEN, some more of that stuff, a special about the back-in-the-days-then-current Berlin scene, tourdates (no, not brandnew anymore, so don't travel because of these dates somewhere and expect to see for example THE METEORS play in Marl), News (again, not up to date anymore, so on't wait for example for the KREWMEN coming to germany this autumn to tour the country) a lot of gig reports (cool stuff, I tell ya, they knew how to do that, and how to do that in a brilliant way), very good record reviews, collectors corners, and also some stuff more, that was and still is the content of the issue of the "MENTAL HELL" fanzine, and if you're at least a little bit into that whole Billy musick stuff (also I am only a very little bit into it, be sure) then you should not think twice if you see this zine somewhere and get it, no matter if you buy it or if you steal it from whoever. Very good writing (all done mostly in german), good picture quality, nice looking lay out, good to read designed pages, what shall ya need more?!? Not much, no matter if yesterday or today, so here goes my thump up, very nice stuff!!!
(This issue is from 1999 (!), so don't expect any contact link, but maybe you can try your look by using the e-mail link that's printed in the zine, but to be honest with you, then I won't expect that much success anyhow by using it.)
One nice video/song of the great U.S.A. based underground old school Punkabilly band ELVIS HITLER!!! The song is named "TEN WHEELS FOR JESUS" and is just great, so enjoy it, even the (sound-) quality might not be the best, but you know what... just fuck it up!!! Rip it!!!

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