Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

Militant Straight Edge Hardcore from Detroit - xTyrantx

Hey guys,
I've found some nice piece online, a live clip (in very well if not damn good quality) of the incredible damn great xTYRANTx, brutal and atomizing, militant and forceful Straight Edge Hardcore from Motor City Detroit, you can watch them performing their larger than life hymn "BRAVO ONE TWO" ("MADE FOR FUCKIN' WAR!!!" - yeahr, that's right, ARMED WITH THE TRUTH!!!), and that's just phenomenal, I tell ya!!! You will be able to see the clip right after this introduction-words here. Also great live performance and very, very good crowd reactions!!! Great!!! Just pure and solid gold, if not even platinum!!!
I truly love this band for their 100% authentic no compromise, take no prisoners, love 'em or hate 'em attitude!!! And especially this song got a great SUPPORT THE TROOPS attitude that I can at 100% share and that I would wish would become rooted here in germany, too. Without that stupid politicians do rape it and proclaim themselves as supporting the troops for the health and wealth of this fucked up fatherland... but that's another story... another sad story... But however, just watch the video and enjoy it!!!

Now you get the lyrics, then the clip, so here we go:
"Made for fucking war!!! Baghdad, Baghdad these blood streets!!! Carbombs and gunshots, you can't blink!!! Slip up, we tear through life!!! Break you, tonight is the night!!! Urban Decay - is all these streets know!!! Stroming through your town, it's my life over yours!!! 5 - 5 - 6 tumbles through your chest, made for fucking war, best bring your best!!! --- You kill the innocent, you prey on the weak, eye for an eye, judgement day we meet!!! --- Clear your mind, clear your thoughts... Better not wait, I'm coming for you!!! --- Game over!!! --- Bravo One Two!!!"
(Taken from the "Welcome To Hell" longplayer released on "Seventh Dagger Records" in 2007!)

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