Montag, 28. Juni 2010

The Eagle Flies Again, Winning The War!!!

Hey folks,

now the next part in the American Oi! History Series is coming to you, and after we already honored with IRON CROSS and IMMORAL DISCIPLINE two strongly by Hardcore influenced bands, we will stay in this camp of strongly Hardcore inspired 1980's American Oi! bands for quite a while, so I'm bringing you now the great THE UPRISE for your information!!!

Often it seems to me that if this band is nearly forgotten today, of course by the majority of the guys out there I know and I used and still use to talk to. They were featured on the legendary and just pure great "THE U.S. Of Oi!" sampler ("LINK RECORDS"), as well as also on the damn good "The Spirit of Oi! - The American Style" sampler("Oi! CORE RECORDS"). And of course the band is also not that well represented on "the scene" as well as the internet today. So you'll find no videos of them, but I'll give you the link to their MySpace site later respectively after this introduction and tribute.

THE UPRISE played a hard hitting, raw, fast and rough American Oi!, strongly influenced by American Old School Hardcore of that time, all played very hard and mostly very fast paced, but they also knowed how and used to play very strong and very good and also very grapping melodies, something that was not that usual for Oi! and Hardcore bands of that time. And also they played it all very raw and rough, the guys of THE UPRISE damn knowed how to play their instruments damn, damn well. They really were that damn good, that even today they still haven't lost anything of their relevancy.

This traditional Eastcoast Oi! group (or at least I do think that they were coming from the Eastcoast of the States) was founded back in the august of 1986, being defunct much too soon in the fall of 1988. In 1988 they also released their "ONE BY ONE" 7" release, I think their only "solely exclusive" release they settled together beside their sampler appearances. Especially in New Jersey they called a strong support their own, and they used to play a long row of good concerts with a lot of also legendary and great, and sometimes even today still (or again) active bands, like for example THE EXPLOITED, the CRO-MAGS, the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE (will be also featured in this American Oi! History Series one day, be sure about this), and also with the unforgotten THE MENTORS.

In 2007 I've heard that the Brooklyn based label "SATAN WEARS SUSPENDERS" wanted to put out an full anthology compilation of THE UPRISE, but I've never seen or heard something of it since then, and also the MySpace site of the label (as well as the one of the band) is not given any more informations about it, but I will try to get in contact with them and go and ask for it, not at least because I want to call that damn CD my own by myself. But go and check that whole story by yourself by clicking on the link and go and seek after it also by yourself.
I hope that some guys of you out there are now curious about getting to know more about and of THE UPRISE, and maybe you start with their MySpace site by using the link. What a great, way too short-lived band!!! Cheers & Oi!
(Next will be coming the L.A. Bootboys of HEADSTRONG, before we take a good look down to Atlanta by paying tribute to the great (read: the greatest) THE ANTI-HEROS and then going to Detroit and paying tribute to the legendary THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH.)

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

American Oi! from Washington D.C. - IMMORAL DISCIPLINE

Hey folks,

let me tell ya one thing, I'm very sorry, 'cause:

Damn, somehow I managed to forget to post and / or load up a video of IMMORAL DISCIPLINE as a content of the entry posted yesterday before this one here, don't ask me why or how, 'cause I just can't tell it to ya. But however, here you get it now. It's a video of their classic "THE WHOLE WORLD'S A BATTLEFIELD". Great track of hard hitting Hardcore influenced late 1980's American Oi!, and I always said and still say that IMMORAL DISCIPLINE carried on the torch of American Oi! made in Washington D.C. that was lightened up years before them by IRON CROSS- and that's the reason why this bands had been and are still somehow linked together for me- but without being a copy of what or whom or which band ever, unique and outstanding stuff, yesterday as well as today and also still in the future. Just a damn great band!!! So, here we go, just enjoy the song and enjoy this great band!!! Ah, and of course, now before the video here do come the lyrics:


Blood in the jungle
Blood on the sands
There's even blood in your streets
Don't you understand?

The whole world's a Battlefield

The world is on fire
With prejudice and hate
We must stand together!
Before it's too late!

The whole world's a Battlefield


So, now comes the promised video for your enjOi!ment. (Okay, even it's basically more just the song that's been playing while a picture is shown to you, but hey, a 'video' is and stay a 'video', so just shut up, don't expect too much 'visual excitement' and just focus on the great song!!!) So, now, let's go:

Montag, 21. Juni 2010

The Eagle flies again... this time over Washington D.C.

Here we are, back on track again to continue the American Oi! History Series for the next time, and yes, for this time we will move on to the capital city of the United States of America, to Washington D.C. and this means that this time after U.S. CHAOS and after THE EFFIGIES our next stops- yeahr, stops not stop, 'cause now we will paying tribute to two legendary, great and important bands- will be the two bands of IRON CROSS and IMMORAL DISCIPLINE from Washington D.C., so just enjoy it and get what you can get from this two bands.

So, like I've already said, after the start with U.S. CHAOS in New Jersey and the next stop with THE EFFIGIES in Chicago for this time our ride will take us straight to Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America. Washington D.C. spilled out two very important and just pure great American Oi! bands that really made a name for themselves back in the days, and are also today still absoutely to name when it comes to bands that you must know. You'll do see, Washington D.C. not only was the birthground for a lot of great Hardcore acts, but also the Oi! and Streetpunk style established itself in Washington D.C. back in the days. First band to name ('cause they were the older ones) are the great IRON CROSS, also pretty much one of the first American Oi! bands I got known to. And beside that, they had been also one of the very first American Oi! bands in general, and the rumours go that they had been probably the first American Oi! band that recruited itself nearly solely out of Skinheads. So you can easily say that they had been pretty much the first more or less through and through pure American Skinhead Oi! band. And to point that out right from the start, the immortal hymne "CRUCIFIED" was and is a song written by IRON CROSS and not by AGNOSTIC FRONT (or whom ever else), get that clear and straight!!! IRON CROSS were founded back in 1980 by the lead singer Sab Grey ad the drum player Dante Ferrando, who also played in the band GRAY MATTER. They had all been still teenagers when they founded IRON CROSS, and the two other founding members had been the guitar player Mark Haggerty and the bass player John Falls, but very soon a lot of other, different guys should be about to play the bass in IRON CROSS. They were a part of the whole early Washington D.C. Hardcore scene, and I just name here "DISCHORD RECORDS" andhe legendary sampler "FLEX YOUR HEAD" and you all should know what I mean, if not then go and die or what so ever. Ah, and for what I know IRON CROSS never had something to do with being Straight Edge or so. Like I've already said, they had been more or less basically all Skinheads right from the start, outspoken against rascism, but it won't wonder anyone when I tell ya that they were defamed as being a Nazi band very soon, it was, is and maybe will always be the same old farce, but I tell ya nothing new at all at the end of the day. They were pretty much influenced by all the old british Streetpunk and early english Oi! bands, as well as also pretty much by the whole early U.S. Hardcore scene, just to name D.C. here. Especially IRON CROSS and the following IMMORAL DISCIPLINE are truly very good examples for the close connection between early American Oi! and old school U.S. Hardcore music. IRON CROSS used to play a damn hard and rough, raw and dirty American Oi! Oi! music style of sound, fully pumped up with power and energy, that will even today still blow you off your feet and out of your boots, I tell can tell ya easily. They were only very short lived, 'cause founded in 1980 they called it a day very soon in 1983. But they've left a huge impact, and that's still lasting to our present day. And of course, they are back again on the map, having released the great "TWO PIECES AND A BISCUIT" record some years ago (you're able to find the review of this record also on this blog, the entry is labeled 'Back with a Bang!' and should be found under the entries of march, I guess) and playing live all over the world again today. After the bandsplit back in 1983 the band members went on in several different directions, so Dante played with GRAY MATTER, Mark choosed to join the ranks of EMBRACE, and Sab decided to live in England for quite a while. Oh, yes, and Sab is also today known to be an active and gifted writer of books. Back in the days the released two now classical releases, two EP's, the first named "SKINHEAD GLORY" (1981/1982) and the second named "HATED & PROUD" (1983), and they were also featured on the legendary "FLEX YOUR HEAD" compilation record settled together by the guys in "DISCHORD RECORDS". The two EP's had been remastered (at least a little bit) and rereleased some years ago by the guys of "LOST & FOUND RECORDS" as a CD (only) release, named "CRUCIFIED FOR OUR SINS". I've reviewed this fine record quite a long while ago back in the issue no. # 01 of my respectively the "MANSLAUGHTER FANZINE BAD HARZBURG", so maybe I'll put that review on the blog here some day, time will tell. But how ever things may come or not, you should make sure that you call this record your own, if you're not do that already. Also "G.M.M. RECORDS" rereleased the old songs of IRON CROSS some years ago on a retrospective CD (which is, I think, named "LIVE FOR NOW" or something like that), and they've also added the "FLEX YOUR HEAD" songs, some rare live recordings and some also rare outtakes and demo stuff to it, to make it a complete package at the end of the day. And then in 2007 (or so) it happened and IRON CROSS came back and they came of big with their 'comeback' release "TWO PIECE AND A BISCUIT", great record, but if you want to get to know more about it just read the review ('Back with a Bang!') here on this blog and then go and make sure that you'll buy that great piece of American Bootboy Oi! Oi! music. They changed their style of sound quite a bit, the Hardcore nearly gone away out of their music, but it's still damn great stuff that you should know and call your own. Sab is also writing books, and IRON CROSS also are featured o the new "SKINHEAD CROSS CULTUR" documentary DVD as well as they are featured with a very good article in the current "Oi! THE PRINT" issue. And what shall I say more, maybe again that I think that it's a big pity that the interview I wanted to do with them somehow never came to happen... but how ever, IRON CROSS were and still are a outstanding band that's totally to find here with more than just 100% justification. Great band!!! You'll find a video of them performing their immortal larger thatn life hymne "CRUCIFIED" live on the "PUNK & DISORDERLY" festival in Berlin this year in 2010, and it's just a great song and a great performance done by a great band, so enjoy it!!! If ya want to become better known with IRON CROSS then just check out the and links and enjoy this great and truly legendary band. Oi!

And now there's still a damn good and also very legendary band to come, and I'm talking 'bout no one else than the hard stomping IMMORAL DISCIPLINE also from Washington D.C. coming. They are also a very good example for the close linking of early American Oi! and old school U.S. Hardcore. Comparable a little bit with IRON CROSS, but they somehow don't have that reputation like them and my feeling is that they got a little bit lost when it comes to remembering them. But to change this at least a little we're here, writing and reading about them. And with chage this for a lot of damn good reasons, 'cause they had always been a great band hammering out some unpolished and just hard stomping Skinhead Oi! Oi! Core music that also today knows just to triumph about the rest, so here we go!!! IMMORAL DISCIPLINE were founded in the november of the year of 1986, like IRON CROSS also roaring out of Washington D.C., with the intended goal to create something unique and self-contained, something different to the then current Underground Subculture Music Scene of that time in their environment. Founding members had been the lead singer Shawn Garard and the guitar player Bill Gerber, the line up was completed by Jimmy Wood playing the bass and the hard search for a fix drum player. Before the band really started Jimmy was murdered, and to honour him IMMORAL DISCIPLINE decided to play a tribute and benefit show for him and his family, supported by John Allen playing the bass and Bryan Kelly playing the drums. They played the memorial show at the 14th of december 1986 in the "HUNG JURY PUB" in Washington D.C., even at this time they had only six songs in their live set. After that show Bryan Kelly stayed with the band, and with Todd Greene they managed finally to find a new bass player. In this formation IMMORAL DISCIPLINE started to play plenty of shows in and around Washington D.C., and in the following time Bryan went to study to the college and was replaced by 'Bhatman' on the drums, and with Bill Meeks they also recruited a second guitar player to their line up. This IMMORAL DISCIPLINE formation finally made it's way to the studio to record their first, five songs including demo "BOOTS & BRACES - STARS & STRIPES", and two songs of that demo made their way on the legendary "THE U.S. OF Oi!" compilation released by "LINK RECORDS". After the recording of that demo Bill left the band again, got replaced by Brian Robinson on the second guitar. In this formation IMMORAL DISCIPLINE went on and recorded the two EP's "BATTLEFIELD" (1987) and "IMMORAL DISCIPLINE" (1988), both EP's were released by "SMASH RECORDS", and some songs of them were also featured on the "THE SPIRIT OF Oi! - AMERICAN STYLE" sampler released by "Oi! CORE RECORDS". They played hell a lot gigs up and down the Eastcoast of the U.S.A. with other American Oi! legends (for example with FORCED REALITY and THE ANTI-HEROS), well known Punkrock bands (like THE EXPLOITED) and a lot of Hardcore champs (for example WARZONE and BIOHAZARD). Then in the year of 1989 it was sadly enough all over, 'cause IMMORAL DISCIPLINE decided to split and to call it a day in the august of that year. Currently shall be worked on a complete retrospective CD of them, and it would be great and about time that this disc will finally see the light of the day. Their damn hard, very aggressive, grim, raw and rough combination of Oi! Oi! music and Hardcore sound, 100% authentic and full of energy and aggression and power, really makes them today to an at least 100% relevant band that you should not have missed!!! And also like IRON CROSS they had always been very outspoken against rascism without walking the fences!!! Go and check out the band by using the link and get better known to this great band. Shall be worth your time, especially if you beside American Oi! also a faible for some good old tymed Hardcore style of sound!!! Ah, and make sure that you check out IRON CROSS as well as IMMORAL DISCIPLINE.

IRON CROSS - "CRUCIFIED" (live at the german"PUNK & DISORDERLY" festival in ther german capital Berlin this year in 2010)

They ask why we dress this way / Living for now don't understand today / They see the kids but don't hear what they say / They close their eyes and look the other way/ They say the end justifies the means / They'll lock us up and throw away the key // CRUCIFIED - Crucified for our sins / CRUCIFIED - Crucified for our sins // But they don't know our feelings / Our only desperate cry / They seek protection through distorted glass / They won't hear our truth because it breaks their views / We've got to learn to fight to live / Before they grind us under heel // CRUCIFIED - Crucified for our sins / CRUCIFIED - Crucified for our sins // We're the targets so easy to find / We're the ones that won't stay in line / I find myself nailed to a cross / For something that I didn't do / It's your fault you've ruined our lives / But we're the ones you crucify / You're the ones who commit the crimes / But it's always us who do the time ///

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

...ready for betty ford...

Good news,

from tomorrow on I'll be able to start working on some new interviews (I hope to do some with FIGHTING 84, SUCKERED IN, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, and FOLSOM, and then we will see what I'm more into) and some more brandnew stuff. After all, now the hard work of the last weeks and months is finally coming to it's end and vacation respectively summer holiday time is cumming soon, so that I will also start some more 'more valuable' work on this blog again. Today I took a day off after work, just watching the soccer world championchip on TV and doing some nonsense stuff. Tomorrow after work and some long and intense work out I'll start the working on the interviews, yes, and then time will tell what will come how to happen.

So, until then and before I return to give my attention to the soccer world championship 2010 here you'll get a new video on this blog. The is a semi-live video of the great old American Oi! band THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH from motor city Detroit. The song is old, and the clip is it too. It's semi-live because the 'moved crowd pictures' are from a gig they once had done (for far more over an decade or so right now), but the music seems to me is being 'played over' the gig 'pictures' from an record, if you understand what I mean. But damn, it's all not that important at all. The song is damn great stuff (even if you should better not listen to the lyrics at all, if you're an grim Straight xxx Edge guy who can't laugh about some 'drunken fun'). I love this band and you should get their great "ALWAYS OUT OF CONTROL, BUT NEVER OUT OF BEER" compilation CD released by "DISCONNECTED RECORDS" three years or so ago. I won't say more to them at this point, 'cause they will be featured in the 'American Oi! History Series' on this blog some day in the future, so just wait a little bit and you'll get to know more about them here at this place. Ah, and don't ya think you'll get to see the truest style Skinheads and Bootboys, these guys and their crowd weren't about any fashion and style, just pure through and through drunken and chaotic Working Class Oi! Streetrock & Roll, no fashin victims. What's always a good thing, at least if you ask me. Also the video is giving you a very good impression of the carnage and the mayhem they must have upraised at their live gigs. Great stuff!!! So just enjoy it!!! Here we go:


Montag, 14. Juni 2010

New York City Hardcore


I've just felt the need to post that stuff!!! You do get now two videos of the more than great and just outstanding PRO-PAIN!!! I can't tell ya how muh this band really meant and still means to me!!! They've given me so much with and through their music, that, yeahr, they had always been and still are a huge, huge impact for me!!! So, yeahr, I think some day in one way or another you'll get some more stuff about them to read here on this blog, yes, I'm pretty sure about it. But for now this two videos shall be enough, not at least because it's getting damn late right now for a monday, 'cause I need to go to sleep after the sandman was already here, haha;-). You get now two of my all time favorites of them, the official video clips to "SUBSTANCE" (taken from the album "ROUND 6", released back in the year of 2000 by "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS") and their larger than life hymne "MAKE WAR NOT LOVE" (taken from the album "THE TRUTH HURTS", released back in the old all or nothing days in 1994 by "ROADRUNNER RECORDS"), so now just enjoy the clips and espcially the songs, great stuff!!! So, here we go:



Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Branch Warren, the Quadrasaurus Flex is going to work!!!

("GASP" promotion picture)

Hey guys,

here's coming now a new 'Sports' post for you. After paying tribute to JEROME LE BANNER and givin' you a nice fight between GARY GOODRIDGE and DON FRYE to watch and read the last two times I will give you now some stuff about my great passion when it comes to sports: Pumping Iron!!! I've chosensome workout videos of the Bodybuilding legend (still active!!!) BRANCH WARREN!!! You get some general infrmations about him, and then you'll get the hance to watch some impressive work out videos of him.

Ah, and guys, are Bodybuilder (today...) 'juicy'?!? I don't tell ya anything new, suprising, or all to shocking... most of them are in one way or another. Do I have to think that's great?!? No!! Do I have to propagate it?!? No!!! Do I have to be 'juicy' by myself?!? No!!! Am I 'juicy'?!? No!!! I don't even use what-so-ever 'enhencement-medication' in my normal life, never done it, never will, so especially I'm not doing it when it comes to my sports!!! Man, I even don't eat meat (think of all the 'steroidic stuff' the 'meat-industry' is forcing the animals that become butchered meat to eat in one way or another...), haha;-)!!! I just use some extra portions of proteins, amino acids, carnitines, albumin, and that's it in general, but working my ass of five days or so a week in the gym. That's it, the real deal!!! And are these guys, especially BRANCH WARREN, are doing this also (, and of course in much, much more extreme and intnse way)?!? Damn, you can bet your ass off!!! Just look at the work out videos of BRANCH WARREN and then shut your stupid mouth, as long as these guys are working their ass' off and training their hearts out it's all good and fine with me. Much respect, still after all!!!
Now to BRANCH WARREN, then to the impressive work out videos:
He was born in Tyler Texas as WILLIAM WARREN at the 28th february of the year of 1975, working and living for a long, long time now as a professional bodybuilder.
He first competed in 1992 when he became succesful by winning the "TEENAGE MISTER AMERICA" competition of the "AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION" (AAU). His first event for the "NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE" (NPC) he done with the "TEENAGE NATIONALS" that he also won. Then in 2004 he had finally done his first ever event for the "INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF BODY BUILDING AND FITNESS" (IFBB), the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS" competition, where he finished 8th. Also placed 8th he finished in 2005 his first ever "MISTER OLYMPIA" competition event. In 2006 he competed at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" where he finished second place, what's pretty impressive at all. In 2007 he felt down to the 7th place, to improve to the 4th place in 2008 and the 3rd place in 2009, and in 2009 he was also winning the title "MOST MUSCULAR". In 2006 he done his second "MISTER OLYMPIA" event but just got the 12th place. But in 2007 he won the "NEW YORK PRO".
He did not competed in 2007 and 2008 at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" competition event, but returned in 2009 with a fantastic and impressive second place, also sending the great DEXTER JACKSON to the third place and just lost to the winner, the legendary JAY CUTLER.
You can often read about him in several bodybuilding magazines. He's married to his wife TRISH WARREN, living today in Keller, Texas, training usually in the "METROFLEX GYM" in Arlington, Texas.
And now here do come the videos, that's some true HARDCORE work out traning stuff!!! Ah, and young kids ou there, don't try this at home, haha;-)!!! - The videos:
Shoulder & Tricep Work Out

Chest Work Out (Part One)

Chest Work Out (Part Two)

Chest Work Out (Part Three)

Arm Work Out

Leg Work Out

Chest Training / Work Out

Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

... the newest enemy contact is out there...

"FEINDKONTAKT" Fanzine Issue No. # 07
(Fee: ca. 2,00 Euro)
So guys, here it is, the current issue of the "FEINDKONTAKT" fanzine. Like you could know by reading this blog the last two issues, hm, how shall I say it, hm, I felt a little bit uncomfortable with them. It went all in all in some kind of the too wide open for radical and extreme right wing views, positions, bands, and labels direction, so that I just could not much more say then that it's okay to be not left, to be not a red, to be not P.C. (what ever this may mean...), but that don't mean to go and take a walk hand in hand with White Pride, White Power, or even NS scumbag faggots. But how-ever, 'cause first I've said it all before, second if you ask me they had right this wrongs pretty much with this issue (even I could easily abandon the bullshit writing of the guy called Göring, you know, that's also the jackass who had written for the "STOLZ & STIL" fanzine before), third as well as I don't have to agree on everything that's also the bottom line for other people, and fourthly if I remember all the ridiculous and defaming hustle the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and some guys on this stupid "OiRE SZENE" blog had started over the last months 'against' the "FEINDKONTAKT" fanzine, hm, then fuck it, then I don't have to join the ranks of this jackass pack, 'cause it's total non-sense. So now here we go to So you cthis issue here. It comes in a golden dustwrapper (I hope that this gold colored stuff will not be chosen the next time again, haha;-)...), with a very good cover, and with interviews or band introductions of the following bands and / or artists: GARRY BUSHELL (as usual when he's interviewed it's a nice to read thing), THE TEMPLARS (one of my favorite bands and maybe you can imagine how excited I was to read this interview... but damn, is this some superficial stuff, I mean, the question are like... fuck, this aren't really questions at all... it's ridiculous to interview such a great band in such a sucking way...), CODE 1 (what an evil, non P.C. band... beside of that: Nice to read after all...), LAMMKOTZE ('lambpuke'... stupid bandname but a very good interview), FALSCHE PROPHETEN (not my cup of tea, and the interview is also not that exciting at all...), THE PRAETORIANS (young german Oi! band, not much more to say about them at all...), RIEN NE VAS PLUS (good band, would be as an interview much better), TAKTSCHLAG (hm... okay, not that my stuff, if you know what I mean...), and ANTICLOCKWISE (okay stuff...), and beside of all this interviews and band introductions then we do also get a load of new reviews of records and fanzines, some good words to the introduction of this issue, (far too many) gig reports (who needs to know when who drank what and how much with whom?!? Hm, I don't need to know crap like that... so save the room for better things the next time...), and some nice column stuff (especially the column about the Nazi UFO's is a great laugh and good to read). So, that's pretty much all, I don't know what more to say or write about it. It's all good and fine, but it could all be worked out more deep and more intense, it's all in all often too superficial, what's a real pity. But okay, worth a read is it always. So go and give it a try!!! It's coming as usual in a nice looking black - white - grey layout, mostly written in a good tongue, with nice pictures in good quality, so like I've said it already, go and check it out.

Hardcore - The Land Of Kings Style

Hey folks,
before I start into the weekend and then with the beginning of the next week in the last hard days before the oncoming vacation / summer holiday season of this year I have some nice little stuff for you digged out.

One of my absolut favorite bands are the great WISDOM IN CHAINS, one of the very, very best bands I've ever discovered!!! Great Hardcore, each single track filled with so much heart, soul, passion, energy, and power that I can't express it even some how fitting, you have to hear (and see) it. and that's the correct word, 'cause now you get the clip to their great hymn "BACK TO THE OCEAN" to see and listen to, and that's a truly anthem of one of a kind, just pure and solid gold!!! It goes more than only skin deep, I tell ya!!!

The track is on their phenomenal current record "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW", released by "I SCREAM RECORDS" at the end of 2009, and you really have to call this record your own. The review will be coming the next days, and now just sit back and enjoy the video!!!

Ah, by the way, it's also the official video clip of this song and it's a good nice thing, coming to you in very quality (the pictures as well as the sound), and I can bet that you won't see it on this shitfaced farce called MTV, but who cares, as long as you can watch it here, haha;-)!!!


Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

News 'n' Stuff

What's up dudes;-)!?!

So after things became a little bit more quiet on the 'blog front' here since the very active first phase that ended with the month of April, I felt th need to give you some informations of how the things currenly look out, 'bout the current stand of play. So, okay, here we go:

I've got tons of work to do, troubled times at work, and as a result of this not that much time at all. In the rare free time I can spend I really don't feel the need to sit in front of my personal computer, surf through the world wide web, and write and post things in the virtual reality. I rather spend some time for my own (for example with reading, listening to music, go out with my dog, spend time with my family), spend as much time as possible with my chica mucha bonita, going and doing my sport as often as I can, and also trying to going all out with my crew, so there was not that much time the last weeks for running the blog here. But with the middle of the next week things will get started, fired and heated up again, for sure. The last postings often had been just record reviews, some fanzine reviews, and a big bunch of videos. And also since May some good new categories saw the light of the day (the 'American Oi! History Series', 'Sports', and- of course- th 'Videos') and also the great interview with the awesome IRON GUTS KELLY was posted I can tell ya, it will be coming more 'weighty issues' again very soon. So I'm planning to do some new interviews, and I'm hoping to do them with the great young American Oi! bands FIGHTING 84 (underground newcomers, you really should give them a try, great stuff, go and visit and OFFENSIVE WEAPON (check the post to introduce them to ya, you'll find that post in the 'Videos' category, and of course, go and listen to, further I'm truly hoping to do an interview with the fantastic American Working Class Drunk'n'Streetrock & Roll band of the SORE LOSERS (just a great band, and thanx a lot for sending me your CD's, great stuff, and to all ya readers out there go and check them out while using the link) and also with one of my favorite current Hardcore acts, the out-standing FOLSOM (great and brutal stuff, just check them out at Beside this maybe one day the interview with TOTAL ANNIHILATION ( will also come to happen, even if I have nearly lost hope 'cause I just can't contact the band anymore, but time will tell. To all of this I have also plenty of stuff in the making, the 'American Oi! History Series' will be continued very soon, as well as there are a lot of things coming when it comes to 'Sports'. Soon you'll get to read the first reviews of books and movies on this blog, and be sure that also new fanzine reviews ("FEINDKONTAKT FANZINE", "OX FANZINE") as well as a big bunch of record reviews (BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, THE YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS, THE LOSE SKREWS, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, SORE LOSERS, FOLSOM, TEARS OF BLOOD, GONNA FALL HARD, SICK OF IT ALL, as well as the reviews of the current releases of WISDOM IN CHAINS, CLIENT, and COSMIC JOY) and some new 'Videos' posting will be coming also very soon, and you'll see the birth of also some more new categories. So, you'll see, several things are in the making so be sure that the journey here will continue very soon again all fired up!!!

So, beside this blog news there are also some news that I can tell ya. First of all the next issue of the great mighty "DER ZWERGPIRAT" ( fanzine from Germoney (deals with Vikingrock, Psychobilly/Rockabilly, Oi!/Streetpunk, Hardcore, Punkrock, Irish and Medieval music, and much, much more that's truly worth more than just two or three reads) will be coming out very soon, as well as the new issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" ( fanzine, and you should really not miss the newest baby of Bomml, I can tell ya (not at least because it will feature the brilliant PATRIOT), so stay tuned!!! Also the newest issue of the german "PUNKROCK!" ( fanzine should be out since a few days, so maybe you get yourself a copy, hm, and I'm asking where the hell my copy dwells... Guys, what about my subscription?!? Haha;-)!!! Also it's great to see and hear that the awesome THE BROADSIDERS ( from Dallas, Texas (should be well known to you if you're reading my blog) have a new record out, on vinyl and a 10", what's also a fuckin' great thing. I guess it's named "PRESSED TO KILL" and out on "LONGSHOT MUSIC", so hurry up and just get it!!! Great band!!! Then the rumors go that the damn good SUCKERED IN (Folk'n'Oi!, baby, rulez okay!!!) will finally record a first (?) physical release,and that will be a 7", to be more precise, a Split 7" with the english band THE BULLET KINGS (if you ask me, it's some good and hard rockin' Streetpunk music that really stomps your head in, check them out by using the link, damn good stuff!!!), so make sure you'll have at least one eye on this thing going on and until then go and listen to SUCKERED IN by SUCKERED IN would be also a band that would be great and intersting to do an interview with, so stay tuned, I will get in contact with the guys the next days because of that!!! And also the brutal, damn good and very sympathic Metalcore or Deathcore band MEINE STUNDE NULL ( shall be recording their debut full length release, and I'm pretty excited about it. And also my bro's of the great DOS DIAS DE SANGRE ( should have finished the reocrding of their songs for their upcoming split release, and you don't know how damn excited I'm about this, so damn it, hurry up guys!!! So, you'll see, you need to have an open eye and ear in the next time, so be prepared, 'cause now you're warned!!!

Now you do get a video track of the great SKOIDATS (who's still remebering this fantastic band?!?), so just enjoy it!!!


Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

take a ride down to the 'EMPIRE STATE' with OLDE YORK and then make sure that next time your journey will last longer

Hey folks,

it's time to give you some new band introduction via a video post. This time I want to make sure that you from now on know about the great Old School Real New York Hardcoe band of the name OLDE YORK!!! A great and very sympathic and also authentic band, playing a very strong classical yet brandnew and frsh New York Hardcore to be located somewhere between SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, JUDGE, and BREAKDOWN, cultivated with some few WARZONE marks and MADBALL notes, and all done very individual-stand-alone, so that ya shouldn't be expecting any kind of a rip-off or something like that, nah, but you should be expecting some strong and fresh new Old School Hardcore style that will be rocking your boots off, just great stuff and pure solid gold!!! The have released their "EMPIRE STATE" debut full length last year by "COUNTDOWN RECORDS" (and you should make sure that you now this band and own this record), and hey are already working on a new album, what's great to know!!! And they are also dealing with a lot of good issues in a very good way when it comes to the lyrical side of things!!!

Now you'll be able to watch and listen to the fine video (I hope it will work out the way it should work out...) of the great tack "FALSE IDOLS", and after watching and listening go and order their record. Great stuff!!!


Montag, 7. Juni 2010

no place to go 'cause they sold out the working man


Yeahr, that's some great stuff that the HARRINGTON SAINTS from the U.S.A. are bringing to us with this full length record, some truly outstanding American Oi! Oi! music for our pleasure and enjoyment, and what shall I say, it's just truly great and fantastic stuff that these guys are giving us to eat respectively to hear here. Powerful and hymnal songs, full of larger than life excessive (what's totally positive meant) finger-point-sing-a-long-parts, marked by fantastic charismatic, strong and full lead vocals, forceful back up shouts, hard and very unerring guitar riffing (that's all the time glisten with incredible good melodic leads, and that's just great, 'cause it totally rocks and especially rules), a very good played and very present bass work, and massive and forward pushing drumming, and that all without getting some kind of boring or what-so-ever, very well-versed and also interesting respectively diverse in a grapping and good way done, and you know what, these guys know what they want and how they have to do it right, damn that's exactly how I want my daily dose of great Oi! Oi! music, fuckin' great stuff!!! The music is driving you with so much unresistable power forward, that you can't stand still, you have to slip in your Levi's jeans, pull your boots on, lacing 'em tight, get in your Troublemaker shirt, grap your Harrington jacket, go down the city tonight and unleash yourself and all that waits in ya and let 'em all know that there's hell to pay, that you'll never back down!!! Mix the legendary and unforgotten great THE ANTI-HEROS with (older) PRESSURE POINT (also one of my absolutely favorite bands), with some PATRIOT marks (if you take their great "WE, THE PEOPLE" record, and, by the way, also one of my top-five-ever-bands), and melt it all together with a very strong own identity and a very specific character, then you have the splendid HARRINGTON SAINTS!!! Great band, the guys know how to play and especially how to write songs, great stuff!!! On top of it we do also get just very good lyrics, critical of society, outspoken when it comes to politics, and also they deal with some more or less personal issues as well as they are giving us a bunch of really good Skinhead Way of Life and Boots & Aggro lyrics, all 100% authentic stuff!!! The production sound is awesome good, and the artwork just killer!!! And there's also an LP version out, and okay, don't ask me why I don't own the LP version, why I haven't ordered it instead of the CD version, I don't know it and so I can't tell it you. However... It's just a great record of a fantastic band, and if ya need any songs to listen to at first, then just try "DEAD BROKE IN THE U.S.A.", "BOOTSTRAPS", "GUILTY", "WORKING CLASS FRIDAY NIGHT", "KINGS' SCHILLING" and "A NATION DIVIDED", but also the other songs are just outshining stuff. Ah, and in the case you don't know it already: Get this damn record!!! Get it!!! Now!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now you do get a very, very good live video of the great "DEAD BROKE IN THE U.S.A." anthem of the HARRINGTON SAINTS to get an impression of the quality, the power, and the passion of this very fine band!!! I hope that the video will work out the way it should out work, and then just enjoy it!!! Ah, but first of it now you do get the incredible good lyrics of this just pure and truly great track. So, here we go!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Another paycheck has come and gone
And there's nothin' left to live on
That's just not OK
I'm dead broke in the USA
Forgotten masses all on their knees
So many mouths to feed
It's just not OK
You bet I got somethin' to say...
We got no place to go
'Cause they sold out the working man
No place to go
'Cause they sold out the working man
"Take it or leave it" is all they understand
Dad worked 'til his dying day
What am I supposed to say
Generation X failed me well
They can all go straight to Hell
Another paycheck has come and gone
I got nothin' left to live on
It's just not OK
I'm dead broke in the USA

(Ah, sorry, if the cover picture above is really looking that awful like it seems to look right now, don't know what went wrong with the upload and somehow I just couldn't improve it, so that it may look better...)

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

don't want to be a part of this institution want to rip it can't take it

That's some cool stuff, coming to us being released by "FAT WRECK CHORDS", the homeground label of NOFX and label boss Fat Mike. But you all know about that... "FAT WRECK CHORDS" stood always for quality, and that didn't change here, and it stood always for a certain style of bands an music(k), and this did change a little bit with this band and record here. But okay, it's maybe better to talk of something like an (organic) 'evolution' instead of (radical) 'change'. I've never heard of this band before this record (with a great title, by the way), but I bought this record because I got it for a very fair fee and because of the very good label, and yeahr, it was no dissapointment, but a little suprise. POUR HABIT are playing (mostly very fast) Westcoast Punkrock and Melodic Core music, somewhere between PENNYWISE and (a little bit) IGNITE, and that's all very, very good and clever arranged done, and then they combine it with influences of MACHINE HEAD and other New School Trash Metal bands, and that really sounds just awesome. Damn interesting and good stuff that I've listened to in this form never before. On top of it they melt it all together with some very few SICK OF IT ALL influences, and that's really giving you one great musical cocktail that you really should taste!!! They also work sometimes with fantastic Reggae marks, just listen to the incredible good "ZION". Fast, hard, yet melodic and diverse, and very well-versed done, and the guys really know how to play their instruments, just listen for example to the incredible good drumming where you start to ask yourself: "Who the fuck is Dave Lombardo?!?" Damn good stuff!!! Also the fast and sharp guitar playing is fucking good, and the very charismatic vocals are also pushing this band and record forwards. On top of it we do also get a bunch of very cool and interesting, smart and clever, critical lyrics, that will make you think twice about some certain issues and that also do cover a 'wide distance of different topics', and then the artwork looks just great and the production sound is killer, too. If they hadn't put an extraneous song like "BAD LUCK DRUNK" on this record and if they would sometimes retard the mostly very fast pace of the songs they would also become a much higher and better rating, but also so it's really good stuff that you need to know, point and fact!!! The second album should be coming this year, if you can trust the MySpace appearance of POUR HABIT, and I can tell ya, that it would be all good and fine with me, so hurry up guys, haha;-)!!! (8 of 10 points)
You do get now a live video to see (and hear respectively listen to) of POUR HABIT performing my absolute favorite "SUITICIDE" track, the incredible great "ZION" live on stage, so just enjoy it, and yes, I think that the quality (pictures, sound) is at least okay, so now have some good 3 Minutes, and then order the record!!!


Freitag, 4. Juni 2010


Uh, I've noticed just now that again this the review of a Metal record, the third in a row, haha, what's up here?!? Haha, stop thinking about it, just be sure that I haven't grown out my hair and be also sure that I'm not banging my head 'gainst something, no, no, no, that's not my problem;-). Just take it like it is, and now we're coming to the review of the "DEAD HARVEST" record of THIS ENDING, released by "METAL BLADE RECORDS" in 2009. By looking at the (great) (cover) artwork of this release you get maybe already some good impressions 'bout the music THIS ENDING are playing, and maybe one of this impression was the correct impression when I tell ya now that they'are playing Death Metal. They are coming from some scandinavian country (I guess from Sweden) and playing some hard and sinister, yet melodic Death Metal with all in all already a lot of New School Thrash Metal influences in it, maybe you can say from MACHINE HEAD to DIVINE HERSEY to call this influences by name. It's not that clichè swedish Death Metal crap that came off big in the 1990's like for example the then current IN FLAMES releases stand for. And you know what, that's in principle always some good stuff if you ask me. But, hm, how good is this record here at all?!? It's solid midfield (Death) Metal music, nothing more, nothing less. We get ten regular songs, where you can find one real giant hit ("PARASITES", fantastic track), four more or less strong numbers ("DEAD HARVEST", "THE ASYLUM", "MACHINERY" and "TRACE OF SIN") and two really terrible boring crap songs ("DELUSSIONISTS" and "ARMY OF THE DYING SUN"), as well as three songs that are just running trough without getting noticed too much (no matter if it's in a good or a bad way... I'm talking 'bout "INSTIGATOR OF DEAD FLESH", "DEATHTRADE" and "TOOLS OF DEMISE"). So, you see, very fair to middling this whole record. Groovy thrashing parts, mid paced mosh parts, blast speed parts, all marked by the guitar work and it's sinister leads, as well as the evil grunt vocals, okay, your more or less up to date Death Metal dinner, nothing special or even too good. Also the songs are all just too long and often they just seem to refuse to end with this whole guitar lead and guitar solo whack off. Nah, they have potential, no doubt about it, but they should break out more of this whole generic Metal stuff... but I think that is exactly not the thing they have in mind, haha;-). By looking at the songtitles you should already get a good impression of with what the lyrics are dealing, so forget about it, hm, the artwork looks pretty cool and the production sound is just very heavy and good stuff. By the way, I own the limited first edition and that means that there are also bonus vides of "PARASITES" are coming with the songs on the disc (but I haven't watched them until today...) and also two bonus songs ("REDEEMER" and "FIRST BLOOD"), that are also just solid midfield stuff. So, after all there is to say, if you're a (Death) Metal Head then maybe you should really get this record (or at least give it a try...), but if you're not that type of guy then be sure that you don't need this record... unless you're just seeking some solid midfield Death Metal stuff. Hm, but why should ya do something like this?!? I've got no answer to this question... You?!? (6 of 10 points)
Now you get the official video of the monster track "PARASITES", in very good quality, so just enjoy it!


Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Dreaming with dead eyes... Hm, what's the impression YOU get from 'this'...?!?

Don't ask me anything about this band... I can't even tell ya (without asking the allmighty 'Google' gods for it) from where the hell CHAOSWAVE do come, some members could be from italy other from somewhere in scandinavia (just to judge by the names), so forget about to get somehing to know about the background of this band here named CHAOSWAVE. I saw this CD (i think this record was released somewhere between 2008 and 2009, but that direct informations about this topic the CD respectively the booklet is also not given to us by reading in it) for the phenomenal low price of 2,50 Euro. I looked at the label and decided to go an take the CD with me. (No, no, no, I bought it, I mean what did ya expect, that I would rob or steal a CD that I could get by buying for the price of 2,50 Euro?!? Oh, come on!!!) So, what do we get here to hear and listen to?!? Short and simple: Metal!!! They play something that I would label modern True Metal or something else like this. The backbone is all in all traditional and classical Heavy Metal, also very theatrical and also a little bit 'operetta-like', but played and delivered to us in a very modern done way (damn hard, very groovy and really heavy and massive, dustdry and boneshaking, full of pinpoint timed breaks- just listen to the drumming, for example-, harsh forward going steam hammer parts, some blast speed parts, and a lot of widescreen guitar riffing and blackened heretic guitar leads), and played into gallery by the vocals (they got two singers, a sweet looking woman and her male counterpart, and while her voice is usually really killer his lofty singing is going to strong in the eunuch department and that's really ticking me off, bah, no, damn it, not the trigger that makes me going fired up like a pistol, if you know what I mean). The guys in the band really know how to play their instruments, no doubt about it, and the whole songmaterial is a little bit (maybe also a little bit more) proggressive done, so maybe I should label it 'Progressive Modern Opera True Metal' (boh, what a monster label, did anyone used to invent this one before...), and often they also know how to write (good) songs. But at all the songs are just to long and they get quickly boring, and this whole Metal guitar solo runs are just boring and annoying crap, damn cut it, get a girlfriend or try to have you some Barclays, but cut that crap, it sucks!!! (And not the good way of sucking, I can tell ya!!!) Beside that we get an (clean) artwork that caught my attention, even I do not know to this day if I like it or not, more or less okay lyrics (like I said, it's theatrical Metal stuff and so are the lyrics done... but "HOW TO DEFINE A RACE" really got some great lyrics, and it's also musically my favorite one, or at least I think so), and a killer production sound. Ah, by the way, there's also a bonus song on it, called "FROM THE STARE TO THE STORM", just that you know this fact. All in all truly well done, but: I guess that I'm really not into the target group of CHAOSWAVE. Okay, that said, if you're into Metal then do yourself a favour and go and try to get this record, I could imagine that this should be something good for you. If you're not into Metal you really don't have to know about this band or record so forget about it all, 'cause you won't miss anthing. Hm, and if you're at least a little bit interested in some current Metal stuff then you can maybe risk an ear by giving them a fair try by listening to this record... but you won't miss that much if you decide to do it not, 'cause however: At the end of the day it's just solid midfield stuff perfect for the all in all custom Metal guy of today. At least, if you ask me. (6 of 10 points)
I found this live video of CHAOSWAVE that may give you some impressions of this band (even the sound is a little bit crappy...), they're playing their song "A MARCH FOR THE DYING" (you can find it on the above reviewed record) live somewhere in germany (if I got it right...), so if you're interested then just press play and give them a try. (I spare you and me the lyrics, 'cause it's late and I'm just to lazy to give them to you right now right here, haha;-).)


JOB FOR A COWBOY ruin the nation by the helping hands of "METAL BLADE RECORDS"

JOB FOR A COWBOY - "RUINATION" ("METAL BLADE RECORDS"; CD respctively limmited double CD package):
Hm, I think this should be the second full length release of these young brutal and extreme Metal band from the States (the rumours go that they got their record deal by using their MySpace appearence for promotional use, so young bands, you should know now how to play the game, haha;-)...), I think the first record was named "GENESIS" and then came the Mini-CD called "DOOM" out on the market, followed then by "RUINATION" (by the way, great record title), and I also think that this could probably be one of the most extreme records that I've reviewed here on this blog so far. Like you know I've grown up with Metal and very soon I also discovered extreme Metal, to name it especially Death Metal. Black Metal and more did come later. So, also nowadays especially Death Metal is usually extremly boring me to death, from time to time still a new exciting record is spilled out by bands of this genre and especially this whole new breed of Death Metal stuff and some Deathcore bands really know how to convince me. ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, great stuff, and while the debut of JOB FOR A COWBOY was not that exciting to me at all this record here really captured me somehow. We get ten songs of brutal, fast and hard Death Metal / Deathcore that should really serve your needs if you also like bands like the already mentioned ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. Very technical and skilled guitar work and wide screen riffing, all is flowing very well together, very well-versed instrument playing and even better songwriting, what I really like is the whole dissonant work of the guitar and the crazed rhythm buildup and tempo work, but at the end of the day (or respectively the song/-s) it's all coming together, melted into very good and total free flowing songs, that should also convince you if you're also into MORBID ANGEL (especially their two legendary records "COVENANT" and "DOMINATION"). Hm, but somehow I think that they took out some pace and that it's all not that fast at all (compared with their debut), but however, this don't have to be something bad or stuff like that. We do also get a big bunch of all in all very good and suprising lyrics, very political and outspoken and critical of society, not your typical Metal or even Death Metal lyrics, and thank the gods (or whom or what ever) that this release here is basically totally free of any (Death) Metal clichè crap, musically as well as lyrically. Interesting stuff!!! What takes this record a little bit down is the fact that even if it's extreme fast, extreme brutal and extreme technical Death Metal music it stays just Metal, I mean, it's all very good done stuff but there's nothing in it that will really grab you by the balls, bangs you around, punches and punishes you deep down into the ground, touching and grapping your heart and soul, screaming in your face what a giant farce this whole retarded post-industrialized society and the lie called life we have to live in it is, or what-so-ever, I mean, it's just nothing more than fucking corporate rock music that won't leave you aroused or making you think twice about this and that, and that's basically the matter with more or less all Metal music for at least over an decade right now. But okay, that's not the fault of JOB FOR A COWBOY, so we'll leaving this topic right now here at this point. So, if you're into modern Death Metal / Deathcore, then don't think twice, but just get this CD!!! Ah, I own the limited edition version of the record that's coming in a beautifully designed big digi robe and also with the complete "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP as a free bonus on top of it, very nice thing (even the "DOOM" release convinced me not as much as the "RUINATION" record). By the way, since when the "METAL BLADE" logo is looking that awful, where has the blood dropping razor blade gone, and where and when did that ridiculously silly looking pirate like logo came from?!? However... The production sound is jus a bomb (great work), and the artwork is just awesome!!! Great looking artwork!!! All in all: Good stuff, worth your time, even if it is and even it also stays corporate rock music, and like we all should know corporate rock sucks!!! Also today, haha;-). (8 of 10 points)
Now you do also get a video of JOB FOR A COWBOY, performing their song "ENTOMBMENT OF A MACHINE" (you'll find it on the "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP) live in 2008 at the "WACKEN OPEN AIR", coming to you in very good soundquality, so give it a try and watch it!!!
PS: Sorry, I was going wrong, the "DOOM" Mini-CD / EP came out in 2005 before the "GENESIS" record was released in 2007, sorry!!! But it's true that then (in 2009, okay, okay...) the "RUINATION" followed up. So, now it shoul be all correctly responded from me to you;-).


Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

American Oi! - The Eagle has landed... again!!!

After U.S. CHAOS with whom this categorie series started off we will now take a travel to the windy city of Chicago, back somewhere in the year of 1980, 'cause this year was the hour of birth of one of the very first and very best American Streetpunk bands ever, the great THE EFFIGIES. It's a huge, huge shame that today most guys don't know about them anymore (or I'm just asking the damn wrong jackasses...), 'cause just forget for a while the New York and Boston stuff, vomit directly on the DEAD KENNEDYS and just shit the fuck out on this whole "MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL" scenery, because in Chicago back in 1980 started one hell of a great band playing 100% authentic and honest, just great, great Working Class Streetpunkrock & Roll music, and this band had been THE EFFIGIES!!!

Don't expect any ridiculous so called 'political' crap, no stupid P.C./Non-P.C. faggot garbage, no cheap and shitty talking, no stupid jackass fashion contest of who may be the hardest Skinhead (two of them used to be Skinheads) or the Punk (and two of them used to be Punks) with the most impressive spikes on his head, or any senseless bullshit like that. No, with crap like that THE EFFIGIES had have nothing in mind, sense and attitude came first, and no fashin charade farce, no "Keep it true!" scene promotion marketing merchandise selling trash, no clichè crap!!! They were out to spread the word, spread their message (they were very outspoken, if you ask me), and yes, they also never lost the music to do this out of their sight. Great!!! They had been writing and playing their songs on a very high and totally stand-alone level of skills and creativity, what wasn't, isn't, and never will be something like a matter of course, at least if you ask me!!!
Like I've said THE EFFIGIES formed themselves in the year of 1980, founded by Steve Economou (drums), Earl Letiecq (guitar), Paul Zamost (bass), and John Kezdy (vocals, damn charismatic and skillful singing and also a guy that could write just brilliant and damn intelligent lyrics). In 1981 they released their first single called "HAUNED TOWN", released by "AUTUMN RECORDS"... and the rest is great, great history!!! They played just awesome and very outstanding, damn well-versed Streetpunk, by far better than most of the so-much-hyped crap that's coming out nowadays. Melodic and dissonant at the same time, also 1970's Disco beats they played on their instruments and worked them into their songs. Especially the incredible good guitar work, the very diverse song-buildup and the crazy rhythm work marking the songs strongly, beside the highly charismatic and damn impressive vocals and the truly demanding and challenging, damn intelligent and reflected lyrics. Also they played a lot of riffs and rhythms that should really heavily influence a lot of the later in the 1980's upcoming Hardcore and Speed Metal bands. A damn great band, a strong influence and very unique, just pure platinum!!!
After some 'staff-trouble' and reshuffles and going in the later years more and more in the Heavy Metal direction THE EFFIGIES split in 1986. But soon in 1987 the original members came together to reunite THE EFFIGIES and until 1996 they were pretty busy, for example with playing live gigs. But it took them over an decade until they settled together a new record, and it was in 2007 when "THE RESIDE" came out. A good record, even it's going heavily in the direction of alternative Metal Rock, but like I've said, good stuff through and through. In the year of 1989 the retrospective record "REMAINS NONVIEWABLE" was released by "ROADKILL RECORDS" on LP, and was rereleased as a CD in 1995 by the canadian label "TOUCH & GO RECORDS". And I just have to say one thing to you: Get it!!! This record is just phenomenal great stuff!!! Go and get it!!! To get this CD is your damn duty, so get it!!! For more informations to THE EFFIGIES go and click and check out.
Now you get a live video of THE EFFIGIES, of their great song "HAUNTED TOWN" (breath-taking stuff!!!), played live in Chicago at the "Double Door" at the 07/06/2007, I hope you will enjoy it... even the sound quality is not the best at all... but damn it, just turn your speakers louder!!! The lyrics to "HAUNTED TOWN" you'll do get right now before the video. Fantastic song, brilliant lyrics!!! So here we go:
Too many buildings
Not enough people
Left to go around
When the wires are frayed
Where the people once stayed
And the rust doesn't make a sound
Can you affort
The exit door
Back to the suburban playgrounds
They've left me with
The burden of
A haunted town
Live in a haunted town...
Mining raw materials
They send it back as trash
On the shelves and aerials
Mechanized means they'll come back
So, and now comes the promised video, that hopefully will work out the way it should work out!!!


Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

American Oi! - Skinhead Pogo in New York City, baby!!!

Cheers mates,

here you do get a little nice introduction to (or of) one hell of a great band, the more or less new respectively young American Oi! from N.Y.C. called OFFENSIVE WEAPON!!! Great hard hitting and even harder stomping Bootboi sound brewed in the big apple!!! You'll find soon the next days or weeks more to and about them, I love their sound and their debut record is finally on it's way to me (should tomorrow hit my CD player, and was released in december 2009 or january 2010 by "PURE IMPACT RECORDS"), and maybe respectively hopefully there will be also something coming here from them, time will tell!!! Just give me some time and circa with the middle of june more stuff will be coming, also from then on some new interviews I've planned to do, and for what I hear, know and can tell ya already now, then OFFENSIVE WEAPON are very, very, very high on my list!!! Beside these words I will introduce them to you by some videos I've found of them, basically live videos from gigs (I think it must be two gigs, if I am not totally going wrong right now). I hope the videos will work all out like they should, then you get the following songs as live videos of OFFENSIVE WEAPON, first one is "ES POR TU NACION" (hm, I think it's a cover, or isn't it?!?), then the great "YELLOW JOURNALIST", the very hard knocking "FACE OF DEATH", and also a cover of the english 28 - R.A.C. band NO REMORSE (bah!) called "SMASH THE REDS" (oh, oh, oh, I think a lot of guys will b running amok right now, haha, but let them run, haha;-)...) (don't get me wrong, fuck this nazi faggots and beat them dead and ram them into the ground... but hell, they aren't the only ones that would be much better of dead, so just put a bullt between all their faces and benefit the whole human race!!!), all played live in their hometown N.Y.C., and yes, that's all, so enjoy the stuff and check this great band out!!! Oi!

OFFENSIVE WEAPON - "ES POR TU NACION" (KLAN and- at least I think so...- BÖHSE ONKELZ cover)




UNIT 731 - Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore

Hey folks,

before we go ahead with some other posting stuff I still have a video for ya in the coming right now, it's from the great UNIT 731, playing just pure great metallic Beatdown Hardcore hailing straight out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I reviewed their damn good "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" record some blog entries before this one, so if you need some more informations then just read this review. For now you do get a very cool live video of them to see and listen to, it's of their great title track of the above mentioned record of them, and it's given you a pretty good impression of the power and force that this band is given to ya, great stuff!!! (Even the sound quality is truly not the best...)
The band is truly just great, so do yourself a huge, huge favour and check 'em out!!! Watch the live video, read the lyrics of this song (I will be giving you the lyrics right after this here below), enjoy the music, mosh hard, and then go and buy the record!!! It was released by the very good and also very sympathic "FILLED WITH HATE RECORDS" label back in the year of 2007, coming to ya full of awesome muisc, with all the great lyrics, in a very beefy production sound, and also with a just great looking artwork that suits the record title totally and damn good!!! So, enough words for now, here comes the video for ya all!!! Ah, and I hope that they will be bringing finally a new record out in the next time, so come on guys!!!
Ah, the guys named theirselves as a band after some kind of an obscure japanese special forces unit in World War II, doing a lot of biological and chemical warfare research, sinister medical experimentations, torturing, vivisection, and other cruel stuff like that, running experimentation camps at least from 1937 to 1945 and searching for something like the totally perfect biological weapon to leave thousands and thousands and thousands of human victims dead. If you need some more informations then go and check the links following right now here: (for the german readers respectively the readers that are able to speak and read german) or (all done in english).

UNIT 731 - "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" (taken form the "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" full length record, released by "FILLED WITH HATE REC."; 2007)
"Doctors breed disease to infect the common man - Surgeons seveed limbs to bleed their victims dry - All of this has gone unpunished regardless of our questions why - A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY - This is a sin against mankind - Our leaders turned their backs - They've blinded us from the truth - All of this for useless information - Thousands dead and no one gives a fuck - Factories for murder hidden from us - Recognize the deceit, the lies that you've been told - Rise up and demand justice to unfold - My mind is filled with discontent - the chance for justice has been lost - 60 years too late - The souls of the dead shall never rest unless we honor their sacrifice - By bringing justice to the criminals."