Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

UNIT 731 - Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore

Hey folks,

before we go ahead with some other posting stuff I still have a video for ya in the coming right now, it's from the great UNIT 731, playing just pure great metallic Beatdown Hardcore hailing straight out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I reviewed their damn good "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" record some blog entries before this one, so if you need some more informations then just read this review. For now you do get a very cool live video of them to see and listen to, it's of their great title track of the above mentioned record of them, and it's given you a pretty good impression of the power and force that this band is given to ya, great stuff!!! (Even the sound quality is truly not the best...)
The band is truly just great, so do yourself a huge, huge favour and check 'em out!!! Watch the live video, read the lyrics of this song (I will be giving you the lyrics right after this here below), enjoy the music, mosh hard, and then go and buy the record!!! It was released by the very good and also very sympathic "FILLED WITH HATE RECORDS" label back in the year of 2007, coming to ya full of awesome muisc, with all the great lyrics, in a very beefy production sound, and also with a just great looking artwork that suits the record title totally and damn good!!! So, enough words for now, here comes the video for ya all!!! Ah, and I hope that they will be bringing finally a new record out in the next time, so come on guys!!!
Ah, the guys named theirselves as a band after some kind of an obscure japanese special forces unit in World War II, doing a lot of biological and chemical warfare research, sinister medical experimentations, torturing, vivisection, and other cruel stuff like that, running experimentation camps at least from 1937 to 1945 and searching for something like the totally perfect biological weapon to leave thousands and thousands and thousands of human victims dead. If you need some more informations then go and check the links following right now here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einheit_731 (for the german readers respectively the readers that are able to speak and read german) or http://www.unit-731.com/ (all done in english).

UNIT 731 - "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" (taken form the "A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY" full length record, released by "FILLED WITH HATE REC."; 2007)
"Doctors breed disease to infect the common man - Surgeons seveed limbs to bleed their victims dry - All of this has gone unpunished regardless of our questions why - A PLAGUE UPON HUMANITY - This is a sin against mankind - Our leaders turned their backs - They've blinded us from the truth - All of this for useless information - Thousands dead and no one gives a fuck - Factories for murder hidden from us - Recognize the deceit, the lies that you've been told - Rise up and demand justice to unfold - My mind is filled with discontent - the chance for justice has been lost - 60 years too late - The souls of the dead shall never rest unless we honor their sacrifice - By bringing justice to the criminals."

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