Freitag, 4. Juni 2010


Uh, I've noticed just now that again this the review of a Metal record, the third in a row, haha, what's up here?!? Haha, stop thinking about it, just be sure that I haven't grown out my hair and be also sure that I'm not banging my head 'gainst something, no, no, no, that's not my problem;-). Just take it like it is, and now we're coming to the review of the "DEAD HARVEST" record of THIS ENDING, released by "METAL BLADE RECORDS" in 2009. By looking at the (great) (cover) artwork of this release you get maybe already some good impressions 'bout the music THIS ENDING are playing, and maybe one of this impression was the correct impression when I tell ya now that they'are playing Death Metal. They are coming from some scandinavian country (I guess from Sweden) and playing some hard and sinister, yet melodic Death Metal with all in all already a lot of New School Thrash Metal influences in it, maybe you can say from MACHINE HEAD to DIVINE HERSEY to call this influences by name. It's not that clichè swedish Death Metal crap that came off big in the 1990's like for example the then current IN FLAMES releases stand for. And you know what, that's in principle always some good stuff if you ask me. But, hm, how good is this record here at all?!? It's solid midfield (Death) Metal music, nothing more, nothing less. We get ten regular songs, where you can find one real giant hit ("PARASITES", fantastic track), four more or less strong numbers ("DEAD HARVEST", "THE ASYLUM", "MACHINERY" and "TRACE OF SIN") and two really terrible boring crap songs ("DELUSSIONISTS" and "ARMY OF THE DYING SUN"), as well as three songs that are just running trough without getting noticed too much (no matter if it's in a good or a bad way... I'm talking 'bout "INSTIGATOR OF DEAD FLESH", "DEATHTRADE" and "TOOLS OF DEMISE"). So, you see, very fair to middling this whole record. Groovy thrashing parts, mid paced mosh parts, blast speed parts, all marked by the guitar work and it's sinister leads, as well as the evil grunt vocals, okay, your more or less up to date Death Metal dinner, nothing special or even too good. Also the songs are all just too long and often they just seem to refuse to end with this whole guitar lead and guitar solo whack off. Nah, they have potential, no doubt about it, but they should break out more of this whole generic Metal stuff... but I think that is exactly not the thing they have in mind, haha;-). By looking at the songtitles you should already get a good impression of with what the lyrics are dealing, so forget about it, hm, the artwork looks pretty cool and the production sound is just very heavy and good stuff. By the way, I own the limited first edition and that means that there are also bonus vides of "PARASITES" are coming with the songs on the disc (but I haven't watched them until today...) and also two bonus songs ("REDEEMER" and "FIRST BLOOD"), that are also just solid midfield stuff. So, after all there is to say, if you're a (Death) Metal Head then maybe you should really get this record (or at least give it a try...), but if you're not that type of guy then be sure that you don't need this record... unless you're just seeking some solid midfield Death Metal stuff. Hm, but why should ya do something like this?!? I've got no answer to this question... You?!? (6 of 10 points)
Now you get the official video of the monster track "PARASITES", in very good quality, so just enjoy it!


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