Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

News 'n' Stuff

What's up dudes;-)!?!

So after things became a little bit more quiet on the 'blog front' here since the very active first phase that ended with the month of April, I felt th need to give you some informations of how the things currenly look out, 'bout the current stand of play. So, okay, here we go:

I've got tons of work to do, troubled times at work, and as a result of this not that much time at all. In the rare free time I can spend I really don't feel the need to sit in front of my personal computer, surf through the world wide web, and write and post things in the virtual reality. I rather spend some time for my own (for example with reading, listening to music, go out with my dog, spend time with my family), spend as much time as possible with my chica mucha bonita, going and doing my sport as often as I can, and also trying to going all out with my crew, so there was not that much time the last weeks for running the blog here. But with the middle of the next week things will get started, fired and heated up again, for sure. The last postings often had been just record reviews, some fanzine reviews, and a big bunch of videos. And also since May some good new categories saw the light of the day (the 'American Oi! History Series', 'Sports', and- of course- th 'Videos') and also the great interview with the awesome IRON GUTS KELLY was posted I can tell ya, it will be coming more 'weighty issues' again very soon. So I'm planning to do some new interviews, and I'm hoping to do them with the great young American Oi! bands FIGHTING 84 (underground newcomers, you really should give them a try, great stuff, go and visit and OFFENSIVE WEAPON (check the post to introduce them to ya, you'll find that post in the 'Videos' category, and of course, go and listen to, further I'm truly hoping to do an interview with the fantastic American Working Class Drunk'n'Streetrock & Roll band of the SORE LOSERS (just a great band, and thanx a lot for sending me your CD's, great stuff, and to all ya readers out there go and check them out while using the link) and also with one of my favorite current Hardcore acts, the out-standing FOLSOM (great and brutal stuff, just check them out at Beside this maybe one day the interview with TOTAL ANNIHILATION ( will also come to happen, even if I have nearly lost hope 'cause I just can't contact the band anymore, but time will tell. To all of this I have also plenty of stuff in the making, the 'American Oi! History Series' will be continued very soon, as well as there are a lot of things coming when it comes to 'Sports'. Soon you'll get to read the first reviews of books and movies on this blog, and be sure that also new fanzine reviews ("FEINDKONTAKT FANZINE", "OX FANZINE") as well as a big bunch of record reviews (BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, THE YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS, THE LOSE SKREWS, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, SORE LOSERS, FOLSOM, TEARS OF BLOOD, GONNA FALL HARD, SICK OF IT ALL, as well as the reviews of the current releases of WISDOM IN CHAINS, CLIENT, and COSMIC JOY) and some new 'Videos' posting will be coming also very soon, and you'll see the birth of also some more new categories. So, you'll see, several things are in the making so be sure that the journey here will continue very soon again all fired up!!!

So, beside this blog news there are also some news that I can tell ya. First of all the next issue of the great mighty "DER ZWERGPIRAT" ( fanzine from Germoney (deals with Vikingrock, Psychobilly/Rockabilly, Oi!/Streetpunk, Hardcore, Punkrock, Irish and Medieval music, and much, much more that's truly worth more than just two or three reads) will be coming out very soon, as well as the new issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" ( fanzine, and you should really not miss the newest baby of Bomml, I can tell ya (not at least because it will feature the brilliant PATRIOT), so stay tuned!!! Also the newest issue of the german "PUNKROCK!" ( fanzine should be out since a few days, so maybe you get yourself a copy, hm, and I'm asking where the hell my copy dwells... Guys, what about my subscription?!? Haha;-)!!! Also it's great to see and hear that the awesome THE BROADSIDERS ( from Dallas, Texas (should be well known to you if you're reading my blog) have a new record out, on vinyl and a 10", what's also a fuckin' great thing. I guess it's named "PRESSED TO KILL" and out on "LONGSHOT MUSIC", so hurry up and just get it!!! Great band!!! Then the rumors go that the damn good SUCKERED IN (Folk'n'Oi!, baby, rulez okay!!!) will finally record a first (?) physical release,and that will be a 7", to be more precise, a Split 7" with the english band THE BULLET KINGS (if you ask me, it's some good and hard rockin' Streetpunk music that really stomps your head in, check them out by using the link, damn good stuff!!!), so make sure you'll have at least one eye on this thing going on and until then go and listen to SUCKERED IN by SUCKERED IN would be also a band that would be great and intersting to do an interview with, so stay tuned, I will get in contact with the guys the next days because of that!!! And also the brutal, damn good and very sympathic Metalcore or Deathcore band MEINE STUNDE NULL ( shall be recording their debut full length release, and I'm pretty excited about it. And also my bro's of the great DOS DIAS DE SANGRE ( should have finished the reocrding of their songs for their upcoming split release, and you don't know how damn excited I'm about this, so damn it, hurry up guys!!! So, you'll see, you need to have an open eye and ear in the next time, so be prepared, 'cause now you're warned!!!

Now you do get a video track of the great SKOIDATS (who's still remebering this fantastic band?!?), so just enjoy it!!!


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