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Branch Warren, the Quadrasaurus Flex is going to work!!!

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Hey guys,

here's coming now a new 'Sports' post for you. After paying tribute to JEROME LE BANNER and givin' you a nice fight between GARY GOODRIDGE and DON FRYE to watch and read the last two times I will give you now some stuff about my great passion when it comes to sports: Pumping Iron!!! I've chosensome workout videos of the Bodybuilding legend (still active!!!) BRANCH WARREN!!! You get some general infrmations about him, and then you'll get the hance to watch some impressive work out videos of him.

Ah, and guys, are Bodybuilder (today...) 'juicy'?!? I don't tell ya anything new, suprising, or all to shocking... most of them are in one way or another. Do I have to think that's great?!? No!! Do I have to propagate it?!? No!!! Do I have to be 'juicy' by myself?!? No!!! Am I 'juicy'?!? No!!! I don't even use what-so-ever 'enhencement-medication' in my normal life, never done it, never will, so especially I'm not doing it when it comes to my sports!!! Man, I even don't eat meat (think of all the 'steroidic stuff' the 'meat-industry' is forcing the animals that become butchered meat to eat in one way or another...), haha;-)!!! I just use some extra portions of proteins, amino acids, carnitines, albumin, and that's it in general, but working my ass of five days or so a week in the gym. That's it, the real deal!!! And are these guys, especially BRANCH WARREN, are doing this also (, and of course in much, much more extreme and intnse way)?!? Damn, you can bet your ass off!!! Just look at the work out videos of BRANCH WARREN and then shut your stupid mouth, as long as these guys are working their ass' off and training their hearts out it's all good and fine with me. Much respect, still after all!!!
Now to BRANCH WARREN, then to the impressive work out videos:
He was born in Tyler Texas as WILLIAM WARREN at the 28th february of the year of 1975, working and living for a long, long time now as a professional bodybuilder.
He first competed in 1992 when he became succesful by winning the "TEENAGE MISTER AMERICA" competition of the "AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION" (AAU). His first event for the "NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE" (NPC) he done with the "TEENAGE NATIONALS" that he also won. Then in 2004 he had finally done his first ever event for the "INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF BODY BUILDING AND FITNESS" (IFBB), the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS" competition, where he finished 8th. Also placed 8th he finished in 2005 his first ever "MISTER OLYMPIA" competition event. In 2006 he competed at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" where he finished second place, what's pretty impressive at all. In 2007 he felt down to the 7th place, to improve to the 4th place in 2008 and the 3rd place in 2009, and in 2009 he was also winning the title "MOST MUSCULAR". In 2006 he done his second "MISTER OLYMPIA" event but just got the 12th place. But in 2007 he won the "NEW YORK PRO".
He did not competed in 2007 and 2008 at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" competition event, but returned in 2009 with a fantastic and impressive second place, also sending the great DEXTER JACKSON to the third place and just lost to the winner, the legendary JAY CUTLER.
You can often read about him in several bodybuilding magazines. He's married to his wife TRISH WARREN, living today in Keller, Texas, training usually in the "METROFLEX GYM" in Arlington, Texas.
And now here do come the videos, that's some true HARDCORE work out traning stuff!!! Ah, and young kids ou there, don't try this at home, haha;-)!!! - The videos:
Shoulder & Tricep Work Out

Chest Work Out (Part One)

Chest Work Out (Part Two)

Chest Work Out (Part Three)

Arm Work Out

Leg Work Out

Chest Training / Work Out

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