Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

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"FEINDKONTAKT" Fanzine Issue No. # 07
(Fee: ca. 2,00 Euro)
So guys, here it is, the current issue of the "FEINDKONTAKT" fanzine. Like you could know by reading this blog the last two issues, hm, how shall I say it, hm, I felt a little bit uncomfortable with them. It went all in all in some kind of the too wide open for radical and extreme right wing views, positions, bands, and labels direction, so that I just could not much more say then that it's okay to be not left, to be not a red, to be not P.C. (what ever this may mean...), but that don't mean to go and take a walk hand in hand with White Pride, White Power, or even NS scumbag faggots. But how-ever, 'cause first I've said it all before, second if you ask me they had right this wrongs pretty much with this issue (even I could easily abandon the bullshit writing of the guy called Göring, you know, that's also the jackass who had written for the "STOLZ & STIL" fanzine before), third as well as I don't have to agree on everything that's also the bottom line for other people, and fourthly if I remember all the ridiculous and defaming hustle the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and some guys on this stupid "OiRE SZENE" blog had started over the last months 'against' the "FEINDKONTAKT" fanzine, hm, then fuck it, then I don't have to join the ranks of this jackass pack, 'cause it's total non-sense. So now here we go to So you cthis issue here. It comes in a golden dustwrapper (I hope that this gold colored stuff will not be chosen the next time again, haha;-)...), with a very good cover, and with interviews or band introductions of the following bands and / or artists: GARRY BUSHELL (as usual when he's interviewed it's a nice to read thing), THE TEMPLARS (one of my favorite bands and maybe you can imagine how excited I was to read this interview... but damn, is this some superficial stuff, I mean, the question are like... fuck, this aren't really questions at all... it's ridiculous to interview such a great band in such a sucking way...), CODE 1 (what an evil, non P.C. band... beside of that: Nice to read after all...), LAMMKOTZE ('lambpuke'... stupid bandname but a very good interview), FALSCHE PROPHETEN (not my cup of tea, and the interview is also not that exciting at all...), THE PRAETORIANS (young german Oi! band, not much more to say about them at all...), RIEN NE VAS PLUS (good band, would be as an interview much better), TAKTSCHLAG (hm... okay, not that my stuff, if you know what I mean...), and ANTICLOCKWISE (okay stuff...), and beside of all this interviews and band introductions then we do also get a load of new reviews of records and fanzines, some good words to the introduction of this issue, (far too many) gig reports (who needs to know when who drank what and how much with whom?!? Hm, I don't need to know crap like that... so save the room for better things the next time...), and some nice column stuff (especially the column about the Nazi UFO's is a great laugh and good to read). So, that's pretty much all, I don't know what more to say or write about it. It's all good and fine, but it could all be worked out more deep and more intense, it's all in all often too superficial, what's a real pity. But okay, worth a read is it always. So go and give it a try!!! It's coming as usual in a nice looking black - white - grey layout, mostly written in a good tongue, with nice pictures in good quality, so like I've said it already, go and check it out.

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