Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

don't want to be a part of this institution want to rip it can't take it

That's some cool stuff, coming to us being released by "FAT WRECK CHORDS", the homeground label of NOFX and label boss Fat Mike. But you all know about that... "FAT WRECK CHORDS" stood always for quality, and that didn't change here, and it stood always for a certain style of bands an music(k), and this did change a little bit with this band and record here. But okay, it's maybe better to talk of something like an (organic) 'evolution' instead of (radical) 'change'. I've never heard of this band before this record (with a great title, by the way), but I bought this record because I got it for a very fair fee and because of the very good label, and yeahr, it was no dissapointment, but a little suprise. POUR HABIT are playing (mostly very fast) Westcoast Punkrock and Melodic Core music, somewhere between PENNYWISE and (a little bit) IGNITE, and that's all very, very good and clever arranged done, and then they combine it with influences of MACHINE HEAD and other New School Trash Metal bands, and that really sounds just awesome. Damn interesting and good stuff that I've listened to in this form never before. On top of it they melt it all together with some very few SICK OF IT ALL influences, and that's really giving you one great musical cocktail that you really should taste!!! They also work sometimes with fantastic Reggae marks, just listen to the incredible good "ZION". Fast, hard, yet melodic and diverse, and very well-versed done, and the guys really know how to play their instruments, just listen for example to the incredible good drumming where you start to ask yourself: "Who the fuck is Dave Lombardo?!?" Damn good stuff!!! Also the fast and sharp guitar playing is fucking good, and the very charismatic vocals are also pushing this band and record forwards. On top of it we do also get a bunch of very cool and interesting, smart and clever, critical lyrics, that will make you think twice about some certain issues and that also do cover a 'wide distance of different topics', and then the artwork looks just great and the production sound is killer, too. If they hadn't put an extraneous song like "BAD LUCK DRUNK" on this record and if they would sometimes retard the mostly very fast pace of the songs they would also become a much higher and better rating, but also so it's really good stuff that you need to know, point and fact!!! The second album should be coming this year, if you can trust the MySpace appearance of POUR HABIT, and I can tell ya, that it would be all good and fine with me, so hurry up guys, haha;-)!!! (8 of 10 points)
You do get now a live video to see (and hear respectively listen to) of POUR HABIT performing my absolute favorite "SUITICIDE" track, the incredible great "ZION" live on stage, so just enjoy it, and yes, I think that the quality (pictures, sound) is at least okay, so now have some good 3 Minutes, and then order the record!!!


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