Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

...ready for betty ford...

Good news,

from tomorrow on I'll be able to start working on some new interviews (I hope to do some with FIGHTING 84, SUCKERED IN, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, and FOLSOM, and then we will see what I'm more into) and some more brandnew stuff. After all, now the hard work of the last weeks and months is finally coming to it's end and vacation respectively summer holiday time is cumming soon, so that I will also start some more 'more valuable' work on this blog again. Today I took a day off after work, just watching the soccer world championchip on TV and doing some nonsense stuff. Tomorrow after work and some long and intense work out I'll start the working on the interviews, yes, and then time will tell what will come how to happen.

So, until then and before I return to give my attention to the soccer world championship 2010 here you'll get a new video on this blog. The is a semi-live video of the great old American Oi! band THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH from motor city Detroit. The song is old, and the clip is it too. It's semi-live because the 'moved crowd pictures' are from a gig they once had done (for far more over an decade or so right now), but the music seems to me is being 'played over' the gig 'pictures' from an record, if you understand what I mean. But damn, it's all not that important at all. The song is damn great stuff (even if you should better not listen to the lyrics at all, if you're an grim Straight xxx Edge guy who can't laugh about some 'drunken fun'). I love this band and you should get their great "ALWAYS OUT OF CONTROL, BUT NEVER OUT OF BEER" compilation CD released by "DISCONNECTED RECORDS" three years or so ago. I won't say more to them at this point, 'cause they will be featured in the 'American Oi! History Series' on this blog some day in the future, so just wait a little bit and you'll get to know more about them here at this place. Ah, and don't ya think you'll get to see the truest style Skinheads and Bootboys, these guys and their crowd weren't about any fashion and style, just pure through and through drunken and chaotic Working Class Oi! Streetrock & Roll, no fashin victims. What's always a good thing, at least if you ask me. Also the video is giving you a very good impression of the carnage and the mayhem they must have upraised at their live gigs. Great stuff!!! So just enjoy it!!! Here we go:


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