Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

American Oi! from Washington D.C. - IMMORAL DISCIPLINE

Hey folks,

let me tell ya one thing, I'm very sorry, 'cause:

Damn, somehow I managed to forget to post and / or load up a video of IMMORAL DISCIPLINE as a content of the entry posted yesterday before this one here, don't ask me why or how, 'cause I just can't tell it to ya. But however, here you get it now. It's a video of their classic "THE WHOLE WORLD'S A BATTLEFIELD". Great track of hard hitting Hardcore influenced late 1980's American Oi!, and I always said and still say that IMMORAL DISCIPLINE carried on the torch of American Oi! made in Washington D.C. that was lightened up years before them by IRON CROSS- and that's the reason why this bands had been and are still somehow linked together for me- but without being a copy of what or whom or which band ever, unique and outstanding stuff, yesterday as well as today and also still in the future. Just a damn great band!!! So, here we go, just enjoy the song and enjoy this great band!!! Ah, and of course, now before the video here do come the lyrics:


Blood in the jungle
Blood on the sands
There's even blood in your streets
Don't you understand?

The whole world's a Battlefield

The world is on fire
With prejudice and hate
We must stand together!
Before it's too late!

The whole world's a Battlefield


So, now comes the promised video for your enjOi!ment. (Okay, even it's basically more just the song that's been playing while a picture is shown to you, but hey, a 'video' is and stay a 'video', so just shut up, don't expect too much 'visual excitement' and just focus on the great song!!!) So, now, let's go:

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