Montag, 28. Juni 2010

The Eagle Flies Again, Winning The War!!!

Hey folks,

now the next part in the American Oi! History Series is coming to you, and after we already honored with IRON CROSS and IMMORAL DISCIPLINE two strongly by Hardcore influenced bands, we will stay in this camp of strongly Hardcore inspired 1980's American Oi! bands for quite a while, so I'm bringing you now the great THE UPRISE for your information!!!

Often it seems to me that if this band is nearly forgotten today, of course by the majority of the guys out there I know and I used and still use to talk to. They were featured on the legendary and just pure great "THE U.S. Of Oi!" sampler ("LINK RECORDS"), as well as also on the damn good "The Spirit of Oi! - The American Style" sampler("Oi! CORE RECORDS"). And of course the band is also not that well represented on "the scene" as well as the internet today. So you'll find no videos of them, but I'll give you the link to their MySpace site later respectively after this introduction and tribute.

THE UPRISE played a hard hitting, raw, fast and rough American Oi!, strongly influenced by American Old School Hardcore of that time, all played very hard and mostly very fast paced, but they also knowed how and used to play very strong and very good and also very grapping melodies, something that was not that usual for Oi! and Hardcore bands of that time. And also they played it all very raw and rough, the guys of THE UPRISE damn knowed how to play their instruments damn, damn well. They really were that damn good, that even today they still haven't lost anything of their relevancy.

This traditional Eastcoast Oi! group (or at least I do think that they were coming from the Eastcoast of the States) was founded back in the august of 1986, being defunct much too soon in the fall of 1988. In 1988 they also released their "ONE BY ONE" 7" release, I think their only "solely exclusive" release they settled together beside their sampler appearances. Especially in New Jersey they called a strong support their own, and they used to play a long row of good concerts with a lot of also legendary and great, and sometimes even today still (or again) active bands, like for example THE EXPLOITED, the CRO-MAGS, the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE (will be also featured in this American Oi! History Series one day, be sure about this), and also with the unforgotten THE MENTORS.

In 2007 I've heard that the Brooklyn based label "SATAN WEARS SUSPENDERS" wanted to put out an full anthology compilation of THE UPRISE, but I've never seen or heard something of it since then, and also the MySpace site of the label (as well as the one of the band) is not given any more informations about it, but I will try to get in contact with them and go and ask for it, not at least because I want to call that damn CD my own by myself. But go and check that whole story by yourself by clicking on the link and go and seek after it also by yourself.
I hope that some guys of you out there are now curious about getting to know more about and of THE UPRISE, and maybe you start with their MySpace site by using the link. What a great, way too short-lived band!!! Cheers & Oi!
(Next will be coming the L.A. Bootboys of HEADSTRONG, before we take a good look down to Atlanta by paying tribute to the great (read: the greatest) THE ANTI-HEROS and then going to Detroit and paying tribute to the legendary THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH.)

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