Freitag, 31. August 2012

HOLLOW - "DEAD END KID" (California Hardcore in 2012 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Another demo by another (at least totally to me) new band dedicated and sworn to heavy and brutal bulldozer like Hardcore, this time from the sunny California, that I stumbled upon recently a week ago or so when I searched the web for new promising bands. For all what I know (and that's in the case of HOLLOW not that much after all) this is their debut demo release and it's currently only released as an official MP3-Download by the band itself and as usual I will give you the link at the end of this very review here. I will try to keep it short this very time, because I am in a pretty hurry right now. So, okay, here we go: HOLLOW give us at all five songs in about nine minutes and they play some great Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore filled with plenties of devastating and clever arranged and good timed Beatdowns, moshy stop and go moments, very strong songwriting, giant massive guitar walls that add pressure, pressure, pressure and violence over violence, violence, violence and pessure as also for sure brutality and aggression non stopp, a harsh pounding stomping and boiling bass playing, and militant war drums like stunning drumming, all pretty diverse, nicely multi-layered and for sure fucking well-versed. A pretty own identity is also to be recognized already in the case of HOLLOW. Pitfghter Hardcore par excellence!!! Somewhere between I AM REVENGE, xTYRANTx, TERROR and some few UNIT 731. Good lyrics, great artwork and a great heavy bombing production sound. HOLLOW promise truly already a lot and we all can be curious about what will come more in the future by them. Ths stuff is highly recommended by me to you andso check them out asap. Great band!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)

BLIND JUSTICE - "GASCAP DEMO" (Roughnecked New Jerseay Hardcore in 2012 + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A to me totally new Hardcore band from New Jersey that I discovered recently and this very one here is their current rlease, released in July 2012 and it's officially up for free over @ their Bandcamp site and as usual the link to this site will close this very review here. BLIND JUSTICE give us five songs in about eight minutes at all and they play a very hard and heavy roughnecked style of fast paced anthemic and "punkish" direct as well as moshy and slightly metallic Hardcore dominated by brutal throaty shouted lead vocals and filled with cracking guitars, bonedry and massive bass playing, smashing pounding drums and fast pace as well as nice stop and go moments and cool Mosh parts and some good ideas worked out in the pretty good songwriting all delivired by for sure good musicians. BLIND JUSTICE are to be located somewhere between WISDOM IN CHAINS, TERROR and DONNYBROOK plus maybe some 25 TA LIFE, and so you all should know what this violent roughnecks from New Jersey deliver here. Not changing the formula, but why they should do so, and what they do they do fucking strong and good. Good lyrics on top of it, nice tattoo style artwork and a heavy bombing and still dirty production sound. A band we all should keep an eye on, and I am curious to hear more by them. Recommended, damn good stuff. (8 of 10 points)

PSYKOANALYYSI - "JULISTUS EP" (Grinding and crusty roaring Hardcore Punk from out of the icy fields of Finland + Download Link @ their Bandcamp site)

("D.I.Y."; CD-R + MP3-Download):
This is a very dirty and crusty Hardcore Punk trio from Finland with their current release, so here are PSYKOANALYYSI with their "JULISTUS EP", released all the D.I.Y. way  and this on a self produced and distributed CD-R as well as via an offcial for free download that you can get at their Bandcamp site and the link to this very site I will give you when this very review here is finished. Who are or what is PSYKOANALYYSI?!? Well, let them do the talking about this topic by themselves in their very own words:
"Psykoanalyysi is a masked terrorist trio from Finland! Our headquarters are located in a secret location in middle-Finland. We play straight to the point grind/hc/crust, or just Vitutus-HC. And DIY all the way!"
So, after we have set this straight, what's to tell about this very EP?!? (I only have the donwload version, just that you know it.) First of all, to talk about an EP is by looking at the amount of twenty-two songs maybe not that correct after all. Hm, but after the songs crash in in about twenty minutes it's maybe a little bit justified again after all. Anyhow, this is the current release of PSYKOANALYYSI after they already used to released around three releases before or so, and this is a really damn fucking bloody good album, and my personal starting point of and with this very band. Best you could and so I should and so I will do describe their music as a grinding crusty Hardcore Punk (or Hardcore Punk that's heavily influenced by blasting Grindcore and thundering Crustcore) that showcases also harsh D-Beat influeneces and a lot of strong rockin' and rollin' dirty and noisy very punky Rock & Roll or Rot & Roll influences that sound like a drunken and roaring bastard of rotten undead MOTÖRHEAD, old trashin' SEPULTURA and dirty filthy Scum Punk in the tradition of G.G.ALLIN and ANTISEEN. And they throw it all into the mix, melt it together and create something of their pretty if not very own out of it. Dirty and crusty guitars, rumbling crushing drums, noisy and rotten bass work, and loud and brutal, aggressive and hysterical double lead vocals, all blended together by their pretty own character. If you are looking for a perfect mixture out of EXTREME NOISE TERROR combined with GENOCIDE SS and some DISCHARGE and melted together by MOTÖRHEAD while its all cultivated with G.G. ALLIN / ANTISEEN then PSYKOANALYYSI is the perfect match for you. I like this band really pretty much and will also listen to their older stuff for sure in the future and you should do nothing else then at least get this album. By the way, this is a 2012 release and they sing completly in their mother/native tongue and so I have not a single clou what they all sing about (even the artwork looks pretty offending and rebellious if not maybe even political). I love the cover artwork and the production sound is pure gold. Recommended, without a single doubt. (8 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

BEATRIZ CARNICERO - "NO RECES" (Powerviolence from Uruguay + Download Link)

("En Los Vervios Fanzine & Distro", "WEST CAVERN", "MMXII" + "D.I.Y."; CD + MP3-Download):
A band that some friends of me told me to check out, and so I did. (And now I ask myself why they told me to do so...) This are BEATRIZ CARNICERO from somewhere in Uruguay with their "NO RECES" album that was released as a CD via (I think so) several collaborating distros and labels as well as via an by the band itself uploaded official MP3-Download at their Bandcamp site and as usual I will give you the link at the very end of this review. The download comes with scans of the complete- very good and passionated- artwork, and that's pretty cool. What about the music? 15 songs in about 8 minutes, but... did I said songs... nah, not really. Maybe better just "songs"... Guess that kind of musick is called Powerviolence (and some may call it Fastcore or something like this...) and I am anything but familiar with this kind of music and I think that this band here is pretty much the first band ever out of this genre that I listened to... and now I know why... Sounds to me like very weak pseudo Grindcore without any substance and sense and then that's it. But maybe it's just me who used to do the mistake to expect something else by judging by and looking at the name of Powerviolence... With songs or better "songs" that mostly hardly last until thirty seconds you can't really talk of music or in case that you buy a CD like this of value for money by any means. At least if you ask me... I know, fans of music or maybe better "music" like this will see this in a total different light. The guitars just shred, the bass just mumbles and the drums just beat fast and short, while the hysteric scream and slightly guttural vocals make this whole stuff round and that means that it is in the end just noise and by no means and in no way anyhow music with some sort of substance or what ever. I love Grindcore, but Powerviolence just sucks. At least to me and at least to judge by this very experience here. Also, by the way, where is the power and what shall be violent with this stuff? But maybe it's also just me, wanting some sort of somehow valuable music instead of just anyhow senseless noise, who knows... Absolutely nothing for me, so I won't write anything more because it would be in no way fair to ran my mouth when it's simply just nothing for me and nothing I am anyhow into and nothing I want to get anyway into. If you are into Powerviolence (why ever?) then BEATRIZ CARNICERO and their "NO RECES" album are maybe your current holy grail, who knows, then test them out, but I am out of it as soon as possible again. What they sing about I have not a single clou, but the production sound is a pretty good and strong one and the passionated artwork totally rocks. Nothing for me, like I've already said one or two times by now, so don't judge to much by my ratings (the one point is like above mentioned a fairness point or so)  if you are a fan of or interested in Powerviolence stuff like this and maybe just give it a try or download it directly and promptly, I mean not at least after its up there for free and a lot of folks out there familiar with Powerviolence (or maybe Fastcore) and are into stuff like this really celebrate this band and release. (1 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

YDINPERHE - "YDINPERHE / LP" (Hardcore Punk from Finland; "D.I.Y."; 2011 + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A band that I discovered recently on my search for some new stuff to attract and convince me, and during this search I found this band, YDINPERHE from Finland. A band that released already some stuff and this is their current release, released July 2011 or so, and this for all what it seems as a (self titled) LP (but don't ask me via which record label) and also as a official for free download over at their Bandcamp site and at least the link to this very site of them I can and will give you at the end of this review. Okay, what are YDINPERHE all about? Hardcore "Pogo" Punk! All sung in their native-tongue/-language. What do they give us? Twelve songs in about twelve minutes! Twelve angry, noisy and pissed off minutes full of fast paced songs filled with sawing and buzzing guitars, fast and heavy pounding drums, mercyless bass shredding, hysterical throaty screamed (female?) back up vocals and nearly overtuning pissed off spitted and pretty much more spoken than traditionally sung lead vocals. Fans of bands like OI POLLOI (to their "RESIST THE ATOMIC MENACE" sound and time) and such heavy Anarcho Hippie Peace Hardcore Punk bands should go nuts about YDINPERHE. (At least music-wise, lyric-wise I have not a clou what they are all about, due to the language barrier.) What's pretty suprising is the fact that some of the songs despite their very short running time hold some nice suprises in store for us. What they do they do pretty good, no doubt about it, but the major problem is simply the fact, that it all sounds very similiar and equal to each other, which means song for song. It's all not that interesting and grapping over all the time, but the energy level is incredible high and the pissed off and aggressive attitude is a good and for this kind of music a necessary and correct one. To the lyrics I can't say a word because I understand not a single one they sing (read above), to judge by the artwork they are a pretty left winged political band (but that's just based on the impression that the cover artwork is giving me) but also to judge by the totally clichè artwork of the cover also maybe not a too creative one, and the production sound is a pure bomb. So, okay, not really my thing at all but also anything but bad and if you are a fan of above mentioned band(s) and style of Punk YDINPERHE should serve your needs pretty well. Maybe test it... (6 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

The new SUFFER THE PAIN demo tape is out, order "THE LAST MASSACRE" now!!!

Hey guys, great news are to be announce, the mighty SUFFER THE PAIN finally release their new "THE LAST MASSACRE" titled demo tape by now and today so order it directly from the band via a PM at their Facebook site ( or via a mail to or via contacting them at their Bandcamp site ( or at their Blogspot page (, and make sure to be quick because also this demo by them is strictly limited to only 100 copies (on red pro tape). So by now you all should know what to do here and now, if not then I can't help you any further on. Buy it!!! Now!!!
My tape - great, that's it finally released - will be soon on its way down from Sverige to me here in Tyskland (guess that's how the ''northern'' mythology calls it) and I can't wait for it, because... damn it, I am damn curious about it - like an eleven years old girl staring with wide fucking open eyes at her soon to be finished pregnancy test I am waiting for it, haha :D !!! And a big "THANX!!!" goes out to Stefan of SUFFER THE PAIN for sending it to me!!! Cheers mate!!!

Sonntag, 26. August 2012

INSTINTO - "INSTINTO" (Apocalyptic Crustcore inferno from Bacelona, Spain + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
First of all, I think that this album was also released on 12'' LP vinyl format via "SVOBODA RECORDS" (? - never heard of this record label before, but to judge by their internet appearence they are pretty active and seem to be a bunch of good guys) or something like this, but (at least - still - currently) I only have it as the official MP3-Download that the band itself put up on their Bandcamp site. I also don't know if there are still any copies of the 12'' LP floating around, and this all not at least because before some few days - one week or so - this very band here was totally unknown to me. I stumbled upon them when I was searching through the web surfing for some new bands (at least new bands to me) that won't fail to convince me. I've stumbled upon them, listened shortly to their musick and quickly got the download, they blasted me drastically and totally away. INSTINTO are again one more great Crustcore band that I discovered recently, roaring their apocalyptic thundering by D-Beat Hardcore as well as by Death Metal and also by Thrash Metal influenced and fueled infernal Crustcore from out of the gutters of the city of Barcelona in Spain. And they are one hell of a damn great band!!! This is a surely by terminative D-Beat fueled ''armaggedal'' intense hard as nails and heavy as a pile of steel carriers Crustcore materpiece with mostly if not always a very high and fast pace of the songs but also a incredible great songwriting that leaves no blank holes open and is full of truckloads over truckloads of grapping and interesting suprises and moments and heated if not even fired up by a huge dose of thrashing metallic riffing and heavy Death Metal influences in general, especially the guitars are very Death Metal fueled, and Sverige Death Metal in particular, just take a listen to the phenomenal and damn atmospheric and incredible apocalyptic threatening and gloomy, sinister as well as with this also very catchy and melodic if not surely symphonic in a literally sense guitar leads and guitar solos. It's amazing!!! The guitar riffing is brutal and harsh, heavy and hard and cultivated if not crowned by the mentioned leads and solos, while the brutal and devastating, slightly screamed in a guttural way and especially throaty shouted and grunted very charismatic and also pretty ctachy and hymnal lead vocals are really outshining stuff and surely fucking incredible strong and really melt this whole affair named INSTINTO together. The forceul, very massive, damn tight and precise working rhythm section then is the mighty powerstation to keep this all going on strong and coming off big. To the lyrics I can't say that much after all, my Spanish became pretty bad, but the coverartwork is simply fantastic and the production sound is pure gold. If you love WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE then you will also love this amazing great band, INSTINTO from Barcelona, Spain, but don't make the mistake to think they would copy the almighty Crusties from Sverige, no, they do their very own thing out of it. I don't know what I now should write here anyhow more, this is a fucking great band, really amazing, and surely some good way but also not too far behind the almighty current WOLFBRIGADE masterpiece "DAMNED" this here is the best Crustcore release for 2012, at least if you ask me, and this very one here is highly reommended by me fo you. (10 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

NUCLEO URBANO - "DEMO 2011" (Thrashing metallic Hardcore from Montevideo + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A pretty cool band from Montevideo, Uruguay that I dsicovered recently, again on my search through the web for some new good stuff of bands that I more or less don't already know from somewhere anyhow. This is their demo release from, you got it... right..., 2011 and this is for all what I can see at their Bandcamp site currently only released as a official MP3-Download by the band itself (yes, you know the deal, the link to the site and with this the download will close this review, as usual) and it is also their debut release so far, released by the tenth of November of 2011 by the band itself the do it yourself way, for all what I see there. Hm, and thinking about it then I have to admit that this and and their very demo album release here is my first experience with bands from Uruguay, no matter if Hardcore, Punk or what kind of musick ever else. So, okay, enough of the small talk so far. NUCLEO URBANO play a pretty stylish Old School Underground Hardcore bulldozer sound'n'style that thrashes and skates grinding everything deep down ito the ground, something that you may already have expected by taking a look at the above to see picture that shows the cover artwork of the demo with it's strong late-1980's/1990's spirit. They play it with a strong thrashing and nicely done metallic approach and huge influences of mid 1990's NYHC like for exampe PRO-PAIN during this time are clearly to hear and beside this somehow D.R.I.  and slighty also some only very, very few CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER come to my mind and here and there (especially "TINTA EN MI PIEL" points that out clearly) influences of dirty and hard straight ahead fast forward Punk shine also through, as well as good heavy stomping Mosh parts and angry fist in the air parts are here to be found to make you go rampage or something like this. Expect all in all six songs in about fourteen minutes somewhere between thrashing and skating-grinding D.R.I. and angry and moshy PRO-PAIN fuled by heavy shredding Punk full of harsh guitars, pissed of vocals, full crew back up chants and shouts, sawing bass work and massive pounding drumming. Songwriting is on the right side and pretty good, no boring retro feelings coming up, to play they know anyhow pretty strong as well, and if they do it all in the future a bit more persistent and tight and work here and there some nice suprises and a clear own identity into the mix this all will become even better. But also so already a truly good band more than just worth checking out. To the lyrics I can't say anything (not really my language, to say it so), but the dirty production sound is pretty strong and heavy, and the cover artwork is great. Check 'em out, a good band we should keep an eye on. HADCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 19. August 2012

Great weather, finally the summer is here again, so better go out and don't stay in... and don't forget, have a drink on it: "WE WANT BEER"!!!

Going out, enjoying the summer weather, having a drink or two!!! Soon more up here again!!! Cheers!!!

DISOBEY - "DISOBEY" (Modern Crustcore from New Jersey + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
What a bomb, a - for what I understood - band coming from Hillsborough, New Jersey/U.S.A. totally dedicated to destructive sinister metallic Crustcore, this is their current studio album release featuring three songs in about nine minutes and being if you want so back upped by a "SUMMER TOUR DEMO 2012" album and being the follow up release of their "HUMAN SUFFERING IN FIVE MOMENTS" pecursor album, all releases are - for what I know solely - released as official MP3-Downloads on the Bandcamp site of the band put up by the band itself an released so far al in 2012, and as usual in cases like this you know about how the story goes and so that you will find the Download Link at the end of this very review here. I've stumbld upon thisbad recently on my search through the web for some at least to me new interesting and promising bands, and DISOBEY really live up to the fullillment of this intent of me. DISOBEY are a Crustcore band, and another great one that I discovred recently. But even if you now maybe expect, for example by just judging by the name that is DISOBEY, to get a full load of Old School dirty D-Beat fueled punky Crustcore then you are damn wrong. Surely you can and will also find some healthy doses of good old D-Beat ramapage and surely a lot of apocapytic sinister Crustcore attacks, but this band really offers far more and given the chance to do so they could become something big and fresh in Custcore like WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE and TRAGEDY for example. Blending sick and gloom, sinister and apocalyptic, brutal and aggressive Crustcore with totally destructive and psychotic, twisted and evil Sludge Core and intense doomy über-heavy Stoner Rock impressions, melted together with and by Noise fueled and induced heavily distorted ultra-hard obscure Rock and cultivated through the use of some doses of brutal, aggessive, desperate and dark (Death/Black) Metal massacres, as well as proggressive avantgarde NEUROSIS like infuences are clearly to get. So name them modern or proggressive or metallic Crustcore, how-ever, DISOBEY are a incredible great band that you need to know. Diverse and multi-layered and varying a lot, grapping and suprising songwriting, interesting approaches to and behind it all, damn high skilled musicians and songwriters here in DISOBEY at work. That's just great!!! The fucking heavy and powerful, noisy distorted and sick, atmospeheric as well as sheer brutal and total aggresive guitar work is really shining, even it shines in a sinister gloomy dark desperate cold light (to say something about the atmosphere), the suffering, suffocating shouted throaty anyhow brutal and insane desperate lead vocals melt it all together, and the stunning massive and more than just well-versed rhythm sections backs it all very beefy and bulky and sheer massive up. A beautiful coverartwork we get here as well, also an intense interesting lyrical approach is for what I see and hear here given, and the clean and clear, yet earthy and warm poduction sound is just pure gold. What shall I write more, get it, it's a damn great release. And please someone give this band soon a fair record deal. Highly recommended!!! (9 of 10 points)


Just a cool picture, that's it. And then for now good night and sleep well!!!

DOUBLE x CROSSED - ''BREAK THESE CHAINS" (Russian Straight Edge Hardcore from Moscow + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP-Download):
Fuck it, it was a good idea to surf the web for some new interesting stuff, DOUBLE x CROSSED from Moscow, Russia had been one part of the latest outcome of actions like this. This is their newest release, ater they had already relased their "DEMO M.D.F." before this very one here in 2011 (that's what Bandcamp tells us), that's currently just out as a official MP3-Download on the band's very own Bandcamp site, released in July 2012, and it will be also released on vinyl via "PARANOID RECORDS" pretty soon this ery year of 2012, for all what I do think to know about it. This band gives us a five songs containing fresh storm of lively Old School Straigh Edge Hardcore with some few good healthy doses of Youth Crew influences and without any flirtings with Metal stuff. Hard, sharp and cracking bonedry guitars that nicely vary the pace and the rhythm and riffing strcture of the songs very well, ths is the first trademark of this band. A tight and precise harsh working rhtyhm sction backs everything really good up, cool full gang back up chants and shouts enrich it even more, and pretty cool and already pretty charismatic lead shouting vocals, that are ofte sort of a more spoken than sung affair, but anyhow pretty good and interesting, then crown it. And yes, surely this is for fans of YOUTH OF TODAY, SHELTER, BETTER THAN A THOUSAND and such stuff, but they do it all very fresh, up to date, in no way retro and also they already do their very own thing. Good lyrics, a really great artwork and a good heavy fat production sound make this whole package complete. Surely here and there sometimes more, sometimes less room up they have to conquer, make their own and fill it with quality, and then they will get even better ratings, but also so this a damn good release that I can calmly recommend to you. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

Freitag, 17. August 2012

MIND PLAGUE - "ANXIETY" (Holy Terror fueled Hardcore inferno from Germany + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoaa, that's a asskicking happening melted in musick, what an infero. I read about this band in the current "OX FANZINE" issue and what I could read there really made me curious about this band. This is a demo and it should also be released as a proper physical release, at least if I'm not total wrong with this. But it's definitely released as an official MP3-Download by the guys in the band themselves on their Bandcamp site and the download contains all the songs, the coverartwork and the whole art and the complete booklet as a .pdf data format, and that's really cool. The link to their Bandcamp site you will find as usual in cases like this at the end of this very review. MIND PLAGUE are for all what I know a band coming from Germany that, if I understand it al correct, used to release aready three albums, "A WALK WITH BROKEN ANKLES" back then in 2010, then "MORTIFIED" in May 2012 and this one here released primarly also in May 2012, that's what their mentioned Bandcamp site tells us. But if "MORTIFY" is really a proper release or just a differet named other edition of "ANXIETY" I don't know, but second thing would make sense after "MORTIFY" is also a song on this very album here and also the Bandcamp site shows pretty much the same coverartwork to us for both releases and the "MORTIFY" data seems to be left empty. Anyhow, maybe also not that important after all. MIND PLAGUE give us on "ANXIETY" six songs in about seventeen minutes, and they give us a damn fresh breathe in and of great Hardcore the Holy Terror style and sound. If you know me, maybe just at least via reading more or less regulary the entries up here by me, then you all should know that I damn fucking love this specific kind of Hardcore really very, very much, and MIND PLAGUE also not disappointed me. No, in total contrast, they incredible strongly convinced me. This is metallic, sinister, apocalyptic and dark, occult, grim, sick, psychotic, twisted, in every way heavy and sheer intense Holy Terror by first and foremost INTEGRITY inspired Hardcore with a very skilled approach and clear SLAYER as well as gloomy Death Metal impressions and even some few ice cold Black Metal influences in it all, cultivating all and everything with a very strong great own identity and a unique charcter of their own. Great!!! Blending INTEGRITY, ROT IN HELL, etc. pp. with SLAYER, DAY OF SUFFERING, melting it all together with morbid and occult Death Metal like maybe MORBID ANGEL (without being so fast playing) and cultivating it all with some ice storm like Black Metal impressions (I mean first and foremost and epecially the atmosphere), great. Doing this by delivering truckloads of atmospheric (sinister, dark, sick, twisted, grim, gloomy) and incredible strong (heavy, forceful, massive, shredding) high skilled and multi-layered guitar playing very rich on variations from the riff to the leads to the unbelievable catchy solo work, backboned by a very diverse and also damn high skilled stunning and shocking rhythm section, and all crowned by sheer intense and fucking psychotic, screamed, spitted, puked, shouted, all together and far more outstanding great lead vocals. They really create here something of their very own, maybe call it if you want to do so their very own style of Holy Terror Hardcore, but anyway, call it like you want, what MIND PLAGUE do and deliver here is just phenomenal. Just listen to the two maybe best and most multi-layered songs, "NON FOLLOWERS" and "TOO LATE", that close this album, they shine in the purest sick beauty and will leave your mouth open. The songwriting is as well as the skills of the musicians very, very strong and good, just that you know about it. The artwork looks great and fits perfect to the music of MIND PLAGUE, the lyrics are very interesting and damn good stuff, and the production sound is a pure bomb. Amazing, from start to finish. Why has this band not already a record deal? Hopefully some good guys will come and change this fact very soon.  This album is highly recommended by me, so go and get it. Amazing!!! Hardcore!!! Fist!!! (10 of 10 points)

BITTER THOUGHTS - "BITTER THOUGHTS" (Chicago Hardcore roughnecks with their second assault + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
And here it is, the second demo of BITTER THOUGHTS respectively the review up here by me for you of it. And like their first output also this one is (for what I know solely) released as a MP3-Download on their official Bandcamp site (the link will then close this review). Already with their first output, the "TAKERS - DEMO 2011" from - exactly, no one needs to be a genius to come to this very conclusion right here right now... - 2011 they kicked it all off damn strong and being now back in 2012 they even raised their standard and lifted the level of quality a good bit further on up high. Roughnecked and silverbacked Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore enriched by damn great and fresh and grapping Beatdown parts coming straight from out of the cold concrete of the windy city of Chicago, with songs like sledgehammers and crowbars swinging and breaking faces, necks, bones and stomping and ramming every only possible resistance down. Travelling between influences of the Old and the New School with hopping also to the metallic Beatdown department and all fueled and fired by a massive New York as well as New Jersey Hardcore mixery, with not copying anything or anyone here and also staying straight away from being or becoming any cheap dull and dumb retro crap affair. Influences of FURY OF FIVE and BIOHAZARD are clearly to hear, as well as here and there some few MADBALL and also some pretty few TERROR impressions left their mark in the music of BITTER THOUGHTS and also they remind me somehow a little bit of great Hardcore acts from Finland like for example WORTH THE PAIN or the awesome ST. HOOD, so you may have a pretty good impressions of what the BITTER THOUGHTS are all about, but keep in mind that you should not expect any sort or kind of rip off, they already showcased in 2011 a strong own identity and today they made their characteristic and charismatic unique own identity even far more clear and displaying it even far more stronger, and that's just great, if not more than just this, thumbs up, period. Expect tons and tons of militant battle-scarred brawling and smashing massive, harsh, heavy, strong and on top of it even damn diverse and multi-layered skilled guitar work, truckloads full of awesome shredding and buzzing, evil and heavy sawing bass playing (just listen to the great beginning of the opener "SOLITARY", ass kicking galore), cracking and massive stunning fast and skilled diverse drumming, wall down tearing gang shoutings, and above all crowning it all awesome charismatic hard, dry, throaty, angry, pissed off and harsh charismatic lead vocals in the way of slightly screamed shouting, amazing. We get three songs at all in all in all about six minutes and I simply can't get enough of this stuff. On top of it again intense lyrical content (intense like the musical contenet and delivery of this very demo), a strong and high quality underground battlezone production sound and a very cool and just great artwork, Skinhead on the ramapage - style, great, but don't ask me about the Skinhead imagery here in case of this band, I have not a single clou, anyhow, just great. This demo has together with the demo of Boston's WORLD WAR IV all the potential to clearly become the demo release of the year and there must be at least one good Hardcore label out there that gives this guys in BITTER THOUGHTS as soon as possible a fair and proper record deal. And you better get this demo, highly recommended!!! Amazing!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

SUFFER THE PAIN: The new demo "THE LAST MASSACRE" coming in the next two weeks and here's the new artwork of the upcoming release!!!

Okay folks, very good ''News'' I have to announce here for you all interested in a new Crustcore meets Sverige Death and Black Metal assault, because the mighty SUFFER THE PAIN are about to finally drop out their new demo, titled "THE LAST MASSACRE", in about one to two weeks or so. I'm fucking excited and pretty curious about it, can't wait for it!!! Ah, and just  btw, if you should still not have their great "THE DEATH" titled first assault then you can now order it directly from "KINK RECORDS" in Gemany (, so just in case you've missed this gem somehow so far you now have the information that you need to finally change it. And now comes the planned artwork of "THE LAST MASSACRE" demo, cool stuff, so just enjoy it and watch out for their new assault, to become a victim of "THE LAST MASSACRE"and SUFFER THE PAIN!!!

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

BITTER THOUGHTS - "TAKERS - DEMO 2011" (Chicago Hardcore released as a MP3-Download the "D.I.Y." way already in 2011 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
BITTER THOUGHTS are a pretty new rough'n'tough moshy everyone and everything down beatin' roughnecked Hardcore band from Chicago (even this demo respectively the general informations of this release states that they had been based in Minneapolis during the time of the release of this demo, don't know how it all now was or is, but today everyone everywhere states this a Chicago based band - and maybe it's also everything but that important after all) that released recently their newest demo, also as a MP3-Download, and I stumbled upon this band when I read through several reviews of their current release. I became curious about what I've read and so I searched the web for them, because all their releases to this point are also or maybe even solely released as an MP3-Download - at least for what I know or think to know - officially and for free by the band itself. So I finally found their Bandcamp site and there I also discovered this one here, their - so it seems - first output, the "TAKERS - DEMO 2011", recorded and released by the very end of 2011 and containing two songs, "TAKERS" and "TEMPORARY", all in all in about four minutes or so. So, yes, would have been a pretty nice 7'' or maybe also tape release, for sure... And of course the download link respectively the link to their Bandcamp site will close this very review here, the usual pocedure in cases like this up here, as well as I will also review their current release in the next days up here. This very release here of BITTER THOUGHTS is a damn good starting point for them as a band as well as for us the potential listeners. If you like your Hardcore somewhere to be located between the Old School and the New School - maybe let us call it Old New School or so - with heavy doses of down beating Mosh in it and some metallic marks on it all, somewhere between legends like BIOHAZARD, MADBALL, TERROR and the mighty ST. HOOD from Finland, delivered via the forceful use of damn heavy and bloody harsh pretty diverse and skilled guitars, sharp and hard screamingly shouted lead vocals, and a sheer bulldozer like rhythm section, as well as really good and interesting songwriting and all done by skilled musicians and coming with a already nicely pretty own identity. Here and there there's still room left to use for them to make it even better, but this is anyway already a really strong release by a damn good band to keep an eye and an ear open on. Download this one and enjoy it!!! Ah, and just for the record, good coverart, intense lyrical delivery and a bombing production sound. Thumbs up!!! Ah, and don't get anything wrong, it's just a very short release and so that's it all why this is also a pretty short review of it, that's it. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

American Oi! Patriots from Boston: The legendary STARS & STRIPES ... it's time to drop the bomb on 'em all... Oi! Oi! Oi!

Hey folks, I know that it's been about freak fuckin' ages since the last post of this one, of the ''AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES'', came along the way up here, hm, but anyhow, now it's not only really about time and for far too long overdue but also now the time is up, the next one is coming right in through and like announced back then in the days of 2011 this time our journey leads us up to Boston, MA/U.S.A. back to the end of the 1980's and the ly beginnings of the 1990's and its very prominent and well-reputated scenery of Oi!, Hardcore, Streetpunk and Punkrock and its legendary American Oi! heroes of STARS & STRIPES, the - if you want or like to say it so - pure thru and thru Oi! Oi! Oi! sideproject of Choke from SLAPSHOT. I really love this band - or to say it precise: I loe both bands - since I discovered them for the very first time ever back then. A stand alone and damn great band, that should be also interesting for the Hardcore silverbacks out there that know about their roots and heritage. But before we go ahead on futher deeper into the subject of this very post I have some few general words for you all interested in the U.S. side of Oi! music to tell, so here we go...

I've started this posting series pretty much directly in 2010 (more or lessdirectly) when I started this blog as some sort of a resumption of my then pretty much dead printed fanzine of the name of "MANSLAUGHTER FANZINE BAD HARZBURG" and while I don't want to go any deeper into it because the reasons why this blog was born, the "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog, and why not finally a new printed issue came out again some day I have explained pretty much back then with the vey first post ever up here and so and also because this isn't the place for it I will spare me and you every word more about it even thinking about it that this goes now on for already more or less three years in a row makes me a little bit proud not at least because the amount of readers was over all the time very good and pretty high on a regular basis and this all for a blog that offers absolutely no downloads beside some download links that had been already officialy up by the bands or labels itself, yes, I think that's not that bad at all, especially when I have the very weak second half of 2011 in my mind and the very slow restart in 2012, so yes, not that bad after all, and thans very much especially and first and foremost to you, my dear readers, thanks for your respect and support and appreciation, thanks. Also to all the fellow bloggers who linked the blog and the work of me up here on their great sites, like Bernando and his great blogs up there ("THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" -, "VHS-PLOITATION" -, and "FUCK YEAH!!!!!! - VOL. II" -, the D.U." crew (, the great guys of SUFFER THE PAIN (can't wait for your new demo to finally come out -, Ryan of CRUCIAL CHANGE and - hopefully some day back to life comin' - the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog (, the "CRUST DEMOS" crew (check the great blog out asap)  and the others I now maybe have forgotten about, thanks guys. So, okay, after this ''global words'' and now some general words about the future of the ''AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES'' up here. After now something like a full year used to pass me and you by I thought over it all a little bit then and now here and there and after first thoughts go like this should be the final and very last post of this posting series at least for now I finally changed this view on it quite a bit...

I started this series of posts back then because, yes, because of the very simple reasons that American Oi! music was and is and still is and surely will remain one of my personal favorite styles of music ever, as well as Oi! beside Hardcore was and is exactly this for me, my personal absolute favorite kind of music (even not in all its foms), and American Oi! is simply my favorite of it, period. Over the first two years I started to want to go more and more into some sort of a somehow ''complete'' and especially chronological affair... and this was in contrast of what I wanted to do in the first place... just post the bands that mean the most to me and pay them some honour, or at least try to do so, and now that's exactly what I will do from now on again. Giving a fuck about any correct timeline and also not trying to be anyhow ''complete'' up here, just paying tribute and giving some honour to my own personal favorites and so especially this post about STARS & STRIPES is a great restart that could not had been anyhow better, it's great, period. Anyone looking out for some pretty complete, of course always subjective, not chronological and very frequently ongrowing and very deep going detailed overview on the U.S. of Oi! should go to the already above mentioned great "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog ( and will find a lot to discover and there also including downloads of all the stuff. So, okay, the diretion is now that I don't know what will come up next, maybe again a band of the golden 1980's, or one of the amazing and legendary 1990's of American Oi!, or one of the militant first decade of the 2000's or maybe also a current active band, we will see how the story finally will go on. This means not that the posts so far had been done at least partially just for the record or history books or so, no, from U.S. CHAOS to DOC. MARTEN (the so far last entry of this very series) it had been favorites of mine that found their place up here, some more, some less, for sure, but they all have a special place in my record collection. But I headed to realize a more ''complete'' and especially chronoligal done approach and this I decided to cut and return to the original idea behind this posting series, so this is all meant. So, okay, after I used to figure this out for myself I am finally pretty curious about continuing this very posting series here again, and even I don't have a clou how frequently and regular new posts of it will after this one later on again come up here I hope and think that the posting pause in this category won't take a year again, trust me upon this. Btw, and I'm also very happy that now with this post finally again something with more weight is coming up here again, not only reviews of records, zines, and movies, not only video postings or some news lines or so, no, finally something more is coming up here again, and you know what, it's pretty overdue, at least if you ask me. And now onward with this post...





Okay, so here we finally go again, "Oi! Oi! Oi!" and so it goes: The legendary and infamous SLAPSHOT had been alredy around for quit a while when around 1989 Choke and some of his friends decided to start a thu and thru American Oi! band and so it happened that one of the very best ever and also one of the most controversial and most hated and heavily discussed bands ever saw the light of the day, the almighty STARS & STRIPES. The rumors go that they recorded under this name because they did music that would not had been tolerated or accepted under the name of SLAPSHOT, so they named it all STARS & STRIPES. After SLAPSHOT had always been a at least controversial and surely not politically correct band (but had also never been anyhow a bullshit anyway WP/NS/what-so-ever crap band, lightyears away they had been and are from this retarded scumbags, even most of the whole oh so brave german AFA nutjobs as well as a lot of the brain- and buttfucked NS/WP idiots over here refuse to understand this simple thing) I think this interpretation is pure bullshit, even music-wise STARS & STRIPES are clearly an Oi! and not an Hardcore band, that's also pretty damn clear. The legend goes that Choke always loved Oi! music right from the start (listen to SLAPSHOT and you get this pretty clear as well) and so he found in Jordan Wood (a.k.a. Griggs) and Andy MacKaye two equal minded friends that thought and felt the same way and so STARS & STRIPES were born. Like they should sing it shortly after this in their anthem "AMERICAN Oi!" where the words went respectively go like this:

"Red alert and the 4 Skins were always our favorite bands,
but all the bands we listened to were from foreign lands.
We needed something to call our own, something to listen to.
We'll borrow what they started and make it Red, White & Blue.
AMERICAN Oi! - AMERICAN Oi! - Answer the call!
AMERICAN Oi! - AMERICAN Oi! - You know we'll never fall!
AMERICAN Oi! - AMERICAN Oi! - The ground work has been set!
AMERICAN Oi! - AMERICAN Oi! - You ain't seen nothin' yet!
Well, now we've got our Skinhead scene and it's strong as it's proud.
You know our bands play real hard and you know they play it loud.
Soon there will be so many of us, heads will turn our way.
You're living your greatest nightmare, yes, we're here to stay."


They took what they loved and made their very own U.S. American Oi! thing out of it. STARS & STRIPES started playing and writing their first songs and soon they should release their debut record, the 7'' single "DROP THE BOMB", headlined by the infamous anthem "DROP THE BOMB", a brilliant song that should hurt their reputation pretty much at least in the ranks of the self proclaimed leftwingers and P.C. appeaser cowards. But thankfully they gave and give a fuck about it and them. No matter if you like this offending lyrical assault about bombing the middle east to solve the terrorist problem once and for all, but even some might can discuss about the words it sung in, but hey, it's Oi!/Streetpunk/Hardcore/Punkrock musick and no Shakespeare lyric stuff, and maybe some could also dislike and refuse to agree on what they sing about and discuss the by them proposed solution to this topic but if you like it or not you can't deny that they hit the nail right on its head, and I bet that deep down inside you can't silence the voice that knows and tells you that they were and still are  totally right with this... and last but not least no one cared and still no one cares that even MANOWAR back then used to know and sing this as well. Just remember "WARLORD"?!? If not, hm, then lisen to it, you stupid nutjob, and this you can do here:!!! But maybe it's just the old story again, that goes like if Skinheads sing about things like this in a drastical militant and non-P.C. way then they are all promptly labeled Nazis and Fascists and scum like this, but when - for example - a bunch of leather wearing Metalheads sing about the same topic in the same way no one cares because they are allowed to do so because of their long hair, clothes in shining leather, and stuff like this, hm, or something like this... it sucks... so better don't care about it and just forget about it as well, point and fact. (But, btw, the mentioned MANOWAR song is a true anthem as well, and even far more non-P.C. than the one STARS & STRIPES had done, haha;-)!!!) The "DROP THE BOMB" single was a two song - or should I better say a two anthem - release,with the title track on Side A and the great also pretty patriotic "TIME TO LIVE, TIME TO DIE" on Side B of the single album release. Both songs are damn anthems and totally larger than life, and so it won't make anyone wonder about the fact, that "TAANG! RECORDS" took both songs and used them as bonus tracks on the rerelease of their amazing "SHAVED FOR BATTLE" debut album (primarly released in 1989 as well as the 7'' single) back then in 1998. Btw, the 7'' single "DROP THE BOMB" was released on the legendary and for all what I think to know today sadly enough pretty dead "VULTURE ROCK RECORDS" label and this, yes, like already mentioned, in 1989.


This, their debut album, "SHAVED FOR BATTLE" was also released in 1989 and this on Chokes very own label "PATRIOT RECORDS". There also a great act like FORCED REALITY released their stuff, also one hell of an amazing band that will also become a part of this "AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES" up here one day, as well as the roughnecks from Boston in THE BRUISERS that for all what I think to know also were on "PATRIOT RECORDS" for a while back then and will also one day become a - prominent - part of this very posting series up here, I'm just looking for some sources to get some proper informations about them both from some reliable ressource(s) - what is especially in the case of FORCED REALITY pretty hard (so if you have some stuff to or about them just drop a line and get in contact with me). Time will tell, back to the topic. With this album they took the aggression and heat and tension and decided to piss all the mentally amok running folks even far more off, with militant and battle-scarred patriotic lyrics that are also clearly aimed against all scumbags, against liberal appeasers and conservative traitors and of course against commie activists and this whole ''djihad-ists" out there, pro veterans and pro nation and constitution... and this was and is enough for some mentally retarded nutjobs to also often still somehow labe them as Fascists, Nazis, Racists and a thru and thru hate band of the far right. Too many bullshit idiots out there, period. This album is very outspoken and patriotic, militant and also for sure filled with some aggressive conservative views, no doubt about it. Also no doubt that they meant and still mean it all very serious. But also this album is so far over the top and ironical as well as self-ironical that it's pretty clear that it is also in parts a pretty open exaggeration of all what they got attacked with, also no doubt about it. If you are into SLAPSHOT and Chokes lyrical work you know that he's a master of this tongue-in-cheek exaggeraion and knows to work with this to its perfection. And so he does or did with STARS & STRIPES. As far as most of the critics on this album don't get this also a lot of the supporters of this album don't get this as well. It's a great thing to keep this true and real and authentic attitude and deliver the message as well as make jokes out of yourself and your supporters as well as critics that don't get the point and also include a self-ironic approach to it. Brilliant!!! That's, beside the phenomenal music, is why I love this album so incredible very much, a groundbreaking album, lyrical and musical, period. Back then during their original or first stint as a band STARS & STRIPES only played one single live show, together with the other American Oi! legends in FORCED REALITY and their Boston mates of THE BRUISERS. For this show they needed to recruit some friends to their ranks and the flyer to this legendary show you can see somewhere above in this very post. After this short period it should become more and more silent around STARS & STRIPES and pretty soon they went seperate ways for many years. But their legend and legacy became more and more immortal and lived on around the world and every Oi! addict knew and know that they created one hell of an stand-alone groundbreaking album. And all had been left desperately waiting and being left thirsty/hungry for more and demanding for it... Btw, like already above mentioned, in 1998 their debut was finally rereleased via "TAANG! RECORDS".

Lyrically and musically this was some sort of the end of the first era of this band named STARS & STRIPES - surely more was just about to come but it took one hell of a long while before so - with creating hard knocking, fury stomping and heavy beating Oi! music full of hard, sharp, dry and just heavy and pretty diverse guitar work, rumbling bass and military style storming drumming. And above all throned Chokes amazing and incredible characteristic and hard and smart, pissed off lead vocals, backed up by some healthy doses of massive back up chants. Only a very slightly Hardcore influence is to be noticed and the songwriting as well as the skilled playing of the instruments had been and still are damn fucking bloody great, and for miles far above your average run of the mill bullshit wasted on a drink pseudo "Oi!" music. In every way a truly groundbreaking album, I would proclaim it a "decade making album" if you know what I want to say with this words. I think to the lyrics and their lyrical approach I already said or written enough  and so I will spare me the words here and now. Instead of this we will go on in time and history, because the time of STARS & STRIPES wasn't back then in 1989 already ran out through...


It should take thirteen years for STARS & STRIPES untill they should come together again in 2002 when Chris Lauria rejoind SLAPSHOT and with them also refiring STARS & STRIPES where he now should play the bass and the band decided to come back, recording a new full length album that should be finally released in 2004 on "I SCREAM RECORDS", announced right after the release of the brilliant "DIGITAL WARFARE" (''comeback'') album of SLAPSHOT. To point it out and say and set it straight right from the start: I love this album of the very name of "ONE MAN ARMY"!!! They got a lot of heat for or because of this album, again you might can say, but this time not because some clueless retarded weak hearted felt offended by the political lyrics and its messages (beside some AFA nutjobs who will never get it in their selfrighteous way of living their lies called lifes), but because a lot of guys attacked them because they refused to make a "SHAVED FOR BATTLE" Vol. II. But insetad singing again over the top patriotic Skinhead anthems they rather decided to sing also damn self-ironical Hooligan hymns, and this was too much for all the self-proclaimed ''die hards'' and ''hard knocks'' out there. The lyrics were great, point and fact, especially the self-ironical-exaggation was and is totally great again and also the lyrics are damn authentic especially if you keep in mind that Choke pretty much surely never was involved in a real Hooligan gang fight. Also musically they changed a little bit the direction, and while the back then very slightly to be recognized Hardcore influence was totally gone they also played it all more a little bit more melodic and with a bit Streetpunk influence in it, but still standing true to their american idea of Oi! and that's just great. Fuck the "die hard" and "hard knock" critics on this album, clear your mind and forget any expectation of getting a "SHAVED FOR BATTLE" Vol. II and you will enjoy this great album. Okay, that it can't beat "SHAVED FOR BATTLE" anyhow should be clear right from the start is not a failure of the band and is making this album not in a single way worse and was also pretty clear right from the start, and so their decision to make something really new was even more right and deserves even more respect.


This is it for now, the end of this post as well as the end of the story so far of STARS & STRIPES. SLAPSHOT still use to play STARS & STRIPES songs live on stage sometimes these days and maybe we will see a thrid full length album of this great ''project''-band some one day. I would cheer up to it, for sure. For now I just hope that you've enjoyed reading through this article at least a little bit as much as I enjoyed writing it finally down. Even it turned out to be a hell of a lot of work, haha;-), I can tell you. But that's nothing wrong with anyhow. Closing this article I will very soon give you some more videos of STARS & STRIPES anthems beside the ones already watched/viewed by you or so, so you can enjoy this almighty legends from the States directly through their music, because not at least that's how it's meant to be. Don't know when the next "AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES" article will follow this very one here up (surely it won't take a year again, to set this straight) and I am also not so sure who will be the next ones that's being payed tribute to up here by me. But there will come for sure more some day, maybe soon maybe not so soon, we will see, but it will come, you can take my word on this. So, okay, that's it for now, more soon the next days again. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!



(PS: This article isn't read over, wrong spellings will be corrected in the near future or so.)

Sonntag, 12. August 2012

WORLD WAR 4 - "RUFF AS FUCK" (Thrash Metal from Ontario, Canada released the "D.I.Y." way in 2012 on Tape as well as via an MP3-Download + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; Tape & MP3-Download):
Here's another band of the name of WORLD WAR 4 that I stumbled upon when I was surfing through the web to find a homepage of the before this one here introduced and reviewed Hardcore silverbacks in WORLD WAR IV from Boston, MA/U.S.A., and so I found finally also beside a somehow crappy Alternative/Grunge/Nu Metal band this cool guys here in WORLD WAR 4 that hail down from Ontario in Canada and play some Old School Thrash Metal that will chop you in half and leaving you satisfied with it if you are a fan of this kind of (Metal) musick, period. This demo is released on tape (or will bes released on tape still this very year) as well as the complete demo with the full artwork is as a name your price download officially put up on the web, as well as you can also download the single tracks one after another totally for free but without the full artwork as well, and this all up on their Bandcamp site and the link you will find at the end of this very review here. To be honest I should have to bury my head in shame after currently I only got it as the song by song download, but okay, so far shame on me and finally going deeper into this whole affair here, WORLD WAR 4 being "RUFF AS FUCK". The band says by themselves that they would play Old School Thrash Metal spicy flavored with some New School Doom (Metal) impressions. So okay, even I don't really know what they do mean with there words about New School Doom (Metal) here I have to say that Old School Thrash Metal hits the nail, add to it a very strong and good songwriting with a lot of fresh interesting ideas and really grapping moments and a thoughtful approach on it varying the pace and the riff and rhythm structure of each song very clever (reaching from fast thrashing mad assaults to slow mo down paced destructive bombardements) and keeping it all pretty interesting and fresh and with this WORLD WAR 4 succesfully deny this whole small as well as very close minded retro crappy bullshit Thrash Metal garbage trend and instead of this they rather deliver a release with substance and value of great (Old School) Thrash Metal that will make your head start to bang and your whole body start moshing and that will remain for sure if its just given the chance to do so, and yes, for this my thumbs go up high, without a doubt or a second thought. Very skilled charismatic clean sung and only very slightly shouted and screamed but still very aggressive and also pretty diverse lead vocals are really the first thing to out shine of the whole package here, then the stunning bonedry and damn hard and bloody heavy multi-layered and diverse skilled guitar work is up next, delivering a stroming destructive riff assault one after another, and giving us also brilliant leads and solos covering a wide distance from melodic and symphonic arrangemens to psychotic and neurotic hectic shreddings. Then the forceful bass and the massive rumbling drumming are up next, giving the music of WORLD WAR 4 the strong and poerwful, beefy and bulky backbone. All is done very smart and clever, filled with damn good arrangements, deliverd by very skilled musicians and songwriters, and all pretty stand alone, and for this also thumbs up. But, for example, if you like the old Bay Area thrashing mad days also WORLD WAR 4 should be interesting for you. After I just got the free download to the artwork and the lyrics I can't say that many, but for what I see from the artwork it's a pretty cool one, and to the lyrics I just can say that it is fucking nice to see again a cool band that's not taking everything and all oh too serious, judging by song titles like "F.T.W.", "DAEMONE", "HOBOGOBLIN" and especially "HUGO: DENTIST OF DEATH", and yes, I really like this somehow humoristic and ironical approach to it very much. The production/recording sound is pretty good, just for the record. So, even I am not really much in today's world and scenery of Old School Thrash Metal this very band here, WORLD WAR 4 from Ontario in Canada, really convinced me, damn good stuff, and hopefully this band gets a fair shot, a good and fair chance in the current Metal scenery, far above average and far above most of the whole Old School or retro (Thrash) Metal stuff out there today, and so I recommend this release to you, so check them out. I like it!!! (8 of 10 points)