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SELBSTSTELLER & THE GRANITS - "TRADITION VERPFLICHTET" (German far right R.A.C. on "Old School Records" on CD EP in 2012)

("Old School Records"; CD):
This is a 2012 CD EP release of the two german R.A.C. bands from out of the far right released on the open Fascist Rock label "OLD SCHOOL RECORDS" from Germany. I found this CD for that I never asked some time ago in the mail but I don't think that I should say thanks anyway, hm, but anyhow, fuck it, here comes the review of it. Btw, but I really ask myself why the fuck anyone should send me this stuff, especially after also the new split of the ANGRY BOOTBOYS and PUNKFRONT reached me as well by mail (and the review of it will follow in the future), but okay, it is like it is, at least I guess so. SELBSTSTELLER are long running veterans of the musical far righ scene and THE GRANITS are the follow up band of the nutjobs in DONARS GROLL and pretty much more clearer positioned like back then with their precursor "Vikingrock" band, and also the chosen label releasing this CD displays this more outspoken attitude. Both bands deliver us two songs which makes four songs all in all and while I was expcting the most terrible stuff the starting point with SELBSTSTELLER and their song "NU H" is really good. No one can deny that this guys are around for quite a while now already and they really show and prove it. Big SKREWDRIVER influence as well as also a big 1980's strong rockin' and rollin' British R.A.C. like also BRUTAL ATTACK influence in general, full of power and especially the marking guitar work and the snotty and pissed pretty charismatic lead vocals are really strong, while the rhythm section delivers a good foundament of it all. No fancy shit, just straight ahead. Good stuff!!! Lyrically it's against new trends and stuff like this. Nothing really ''evil'' to find here anyway. Then comes the second song of SELBSTSTELLER, entitled "ZURÜCK NACH HAUS'", a song promoting the home coming or backdrawel of the armed forces from out of the shithole named Assghanistan. What ever your personal standpoint on this topic is they sing here about a very prominent and current issue that is heavily discussed from the left over the middle to the right in the complete society, politics, culture and media, so also nothing really ''evil'' here anyway... or to say it more precise, if you should not know where this bands politically stands you won't get it from out of this two songs, good and clever work on the lyrical front, so at first sight no outspoken far right crap if you not take a deeper look at it and if you not know where this very band stands. The song is musically by far not that strong like the opener but also by far better than what shall be coming after this two songs. A slight SKREWDRIVER influence again, but far more influenced by melodic German R.A.C. of the old School (especially the verses) and also by "Party" German Punk, pretty melodic stuff and really a nice sing a long refrain. Good guitar work, again good vocals, as well as also a nice rhythm section at work. Nothing fancy, straight ahead R.A.C. sound. For sure some stupid nutjobs of the intellectual and mentally incestous far right, but this songs are one really good and one at least solid song, no doubt about it, and then are coming THE GRANITS... And while already DONARS GROLL used to suck now with THE GRANITS the involved band members really cultivate it to suck and crown it with this crap. Wasted on a drink dull and dumb lead vocals, a lot of by far over stretched "Ah-Ha" an "Oh-Ho" backing ups, typical boring galloping drumming, a weed pulling bass playing and boring punky guitar work without charmé or ésprit, also very old school or better retro German R.A.C. that sounds like a very melodic HKL version blended with the fast punky drinking songs of ENDSTUFE. And it sounds damn boring and dull, cheap bullshit. And the lyrics are utter garbage, dumb ass blinded "love your land" and "be proud of your heritage" pseudo ''patriotism'' and pseudo ''rebellious'' and pseudo "underdog"/"outsider" retarded cliché bullshit crap lyrics of the lowest standard. No, forget about this bullshit!!! While SELBSTSTELLER take away seven from out of ten points due to their musical delivery (the lyrics you can forget about it, nothing specail or so, and the rest like above already mentioned) THE GRANITS get proud zero from out of ten points due to their musical delivery (while the lyrics are dumb ass bullshit of the first class), and so this CD gets after all three out of ten points. And if you are not a total far right music nerd you don't need to have this CD anyhow, and if you are such a music nerd you are simply reading the wrong blog, period. The production sound is pretty good and the unspectacular artwork is okay. And no, straight away with this stuff and again, this all without say thanks for it. Never asked for it, so what have you expected? Btw, I will spear me the links to the bands and/or the label, if you really want it then search for it by yourself, and then that's it, point and fact. (3 of 10 points)

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