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PSYKOANALYYSI - "JULISTUS EP" (Grinding and crusty roaring Hardcore Punk from out of the icy fields of Finland + Download Link @ their Bandcamp site)

("D.I.Y."; CD-R + MP3-Download):
This is a very dirty and crusty Hardcore Punk trio from Finland with their current release, so here are PSYKOANALYYSI with their "JULISTUS EP", released all the D.I.Y. way  and this on a self produced and distributed CD-R as well as via an offcial for free download that you can get at their Bandcamp site and the link to this very site I will give you when this very review here is finished. Who are or what is PSYKOANALYYSI?!? Well, let them do the talking about this topic by themselves in their very own words:
"Psykoanalyysi is a masked terrorist trio from Finland! Our headquarters are located in a secret location in middle-Finland. We play straight to the point grind/hc/crust, or just Vitutus-HC. And DIY all the way!"
So, after we have set this straight, what's to tell about this very EP?!? (I only have the donwload version, just that you know it.) First of all, to talk about an EP is by looking at the amount of twenty-two songs maybe not that correct after all. Hm, but after the songs crash in in about twenty minutes it's maybe a little bit justified again after all. Anyhow, this is the current release of PSYKOANALYYSI after they already used to released around three releases before or so, and this is a really damn fucking bloody good album, and my personal starting point of and with this very band. Best you could and so I should and so I will do describe their music as a grinding crusty Hardcore Punk (or Hardcore Punk that's heavily influenced by blasting Grindcore and thundering Crustcore) that showcases also harsh D-Beat influeneces and a lot of strong rockin' and rollin' dirty and noisy very punky Rock & Roll or Rot & Roll influences that sound like a drunken and roaring bastard of rotten undead MOTÖRHEAD, old trashin' SEPULTURA and dirty filthy Scum Punk in the tradition of G.G.ALLIN and ANTISEEN. And they throw it all into the mix, melt it together and create something of their pretty if not very own out of it. Dirty and crusty guitars, rumbling crushing drums, noisy and rotten bass work, and loud and brutal, aggressive and hysterical double lead vocals, all blended together by their pretty own character. If you are looking for a perfect mixture out of EXTREME NOISE TERROR combined with GENOCIDE SS and some DISCHARGE and melted together by MOTÖRHEAD while its all cultivated with G.G. ALLIN / ANTISEEN then PSYKOANALYYSI is the perfect match for you. I like this band really pretty much and will also listen to their older stuff for sure in the future and you should do nothing else then at least get this album. By the way, this is a 2012 release and they sing completly in their mother/native tongue and so I have not a single clou what they all sing about (even the artwork looks pretty offending and rebellious if not maybe even political). I love the cover artwork and the production sound is pure gold. Recommended, without a single doubt. (8 of 10 points)

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