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STOOP KID - "JUGGAHOLOCAUST" (Rough'n'tough D.I.Y. Mosh Hardcore assault from Massachusetts, U.S.A. released in 2012 + Download Link/-s)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
I stumbled upon this band and their demo release here some time ago and if I understand/-ood it right then this is only as a MP3-Download release thrown out so far and the download link that I found I will give you at the end of this very review here. I hope that I got this all correct, if not then drop a line (which means someone of the band) and I will take care of it and the Download Link will be done. And after this fery link is not ''mine'' Download Link I hope that it is okay for the guy who done it that I post it here, if not then also just drop me a line and I will take care of it and delete the download link as well. Now that's all, and so with these words straight ahead and forward into this review. All in all we get here five songs in about eleven minutes by STOOP KID and they are a massive heavy bulldozer like Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore band from Massachusetts, U.S.A. that takes no prisoners, and they are already a very, very strong band. Massive and sinister ultra heavy shredding and sawing guitars, a violent and gruff and grim bouncing bulky and bully bass, tight and massive pounding harsh stunning drumming, and angry, pissed off and hard and hysterical screamed and shouted pretty charismatic lead vocals, as well as also some tough gang back ups, delivered by nice and clever songwriting that really knows to give a fuck off about stereotypical clichés and potentially Beatdown Hardcore boredom and so even the Breakdowns really rule your ass off and are some truly grapping and fresh demolishing affair, thumbs up for this. The skills of the involved musicians are also very good and they deliver it in a more than only proper way. What shall I say more, if you like Beatdown Mosh and Tough Guy Hardcore somewhere between WORLD OF PAIN, DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, UNIT 731 and xTYRANTx you will for sure love STOOP KID and their "JUGGAHOLOCAUST" demo. Good typical but not dull lyrics, a very good production sound and a great old school styled (cover) artwork make this demo and this very review of it complete. I hope for more of this band to come out soon and someone please give this band as soon as possible a good and fair record deal. And don't get anything wrong just because this is a very short review, but this is anyhow a truly great release by this young band, period. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)
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