Freitag, 17. August 2012

SUFFER THE PAIN: The new demo "THE LAST MASSACRE" coming in the next two weeks and here's the new artwork of the upcoming release!!!

Okay folks, very good ''News'' I have to announce here for you all interested in a new Crustcore meets Sverige Death and Black Metal assault, because the mighty SUFFER THE PAIN are about to finally drop out their new demo, titled "THE LAST MASSACRE", in about one to two weeks or so. I'm fucking excited and pretty curious about it, can't wait for it!!! Ah, and just  btw, if you should still not have their great "THE DEATH" titled first assault then you can now order it directly from "KINK RECORDS" in Gemany (, so just in case you've missed this gem somehow so far you now have the information that you need to finally change it. And now comes the planned artwork of "THE LAST MASSACRE" demo, cool stuff, so just enjoy it and watch out for their new assault, to become a victim of "THE LAST MASSACRE"and SUFFER THE PAIN!!!

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