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YDINPERHE - "YDINPERHE / LP" (Hardcore Punk from Finland; "D.I.Y."; 2011 + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A band that I discovered recently on my search for some new stuff to attract and convince me, and during this search I found this band, YDINPERHE from Finland. A band that released already some stuff and this is their current release, released July 2011 or so, and this for all what it seems as a (self titled) LP (but don't ask me via which record label) and also as a official for free download over at their Bandcamp site and at least the link to this very site of them I can and will give you at the end of this review. Okay, what are YDINPERHE all about? Hardcore "Pogo" Punk! All sung in their native-tongue/-language. What do they give us? Twelve songs in about twelve minutes! Twelve angry, noisy and pissed off minutes full of fast paced songs filled with sawing and buzzing guitars, fast and heavy pounding drums, mercyless bass shredding, hysterical throaty screamed (female?) back up vocals and nearly overtuning pissed off spitted and pretty much more spoken than traditionally sung lead vocals. Fans of bands like OI POLLOI (to their "RESIST THE ATOMIC MENACE" sound and time) and such heavy Anarcho Hippie Peace Hardcore Punk bands should go nuts about YDINPERHE. (At least music-wise, lyric-wise I have not a clou what they are all about, due to the language barrier.) What's pretty suprising is the fact that some of the songs despite their very short running time hold some nice suprises in store for us. What they do they do pretty good, no doubt about it, but the major problem is simply the fact, that it all sounds very similiar and equal to each other, which means song for song. It's all not that interesting and grapping over all the time, but the energy level is incredible high and the pissed off and aggressive attitude is a good and for this kind of music a necessary and correct one. To the lyrics I can't say a word because I understand not a single one they sing (read above), to judge by the artwork they are a pretty left winged political band (but that's just based on the impression that the cover artwork is giving me) but also to judge by the totally clichè artwork of the cover also maybe not a too creative one, and the production sound is a pure bomb. So, okay, not really my thing at all but also anything but bad and if you are a fan of above mentioned band(s) and style of Punk YDINPERHE should serve your needs pretty well. Maybe test it... (6 of 10 points)

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