Sonntag, 5. August 2012

RETALIATOR - "LIONHEARTED" (U.K. Skinhead Rock finally fighting back in 2012!!!)

("P.S.T." & "D.I.Y."; CD):
Great, the U.K. Brickwall Oi! bulldozers and silverbacked U.K. Skinhead Rock roughnecks are back again, one - let us call it a: - "reunion" that I was really looking forward to and that I truly set some big doses of expectations into. ANd, to say it right from the start, they did not dissapoint me. I love their "WHEN DUTY CALLS" masterpiece, an album of the decade if not even maybe the century if you ask me, and also their works released before as well as after this giant album I really like a lot. This band used to have to eat a lot of shit, being heavily attacked from the organized AFA left and even INFA-RIOT were also thrown into the ring and got heavily attacked and defamed by the european organized AFA left because of the RETALIATOR plus INFA-RIOT colaboration in BALEFIRE. Okay, even I have no sympathys for the "DeKastelein" pub respectively the "Molokko Bar" how it's named today and this whole at least menally incestuous crappy bullshit "LIVE & LOUD" festival scenery around it and I also think that this whole braindead assfucked belgian mostly White Power Rock & Roll scenery established around this location as well with crap bands like KILL BABY, KILL (dead, yeahr!!!), LES VILLIANS, SHORT CROPPED (and don't talk to me about P.C. and not-P.C. when it's just plain and simple open Xenophobia and Racism and Nationalism) and other mentally deranged suspected to be "BLOOD & HONOUR" near bands and folks involved in it I think that it's a huge failure to label all bands that once played there as that, for example in cases of bands like DISCIPLINE (sadly: R.I.P.!!!) and DEADLINE it's simply wrong, they have and had nothing to do with this crap and just because they once years ago played there you make a fool out of yourself if you would label them as this. And so I also won't label a band like RETALIATOR as this, point and fact. And even I personally also think that very often Patriotism is everything but a solution to huge problems of the past and today and was and is especially today very often used, abused, violated and left for dead by the far right I still think that it's not a crime to be a Patriot (if it makes sense is another story and depends also on personal believes) these days and I regret the defamation of patriotic and conservative just right wing bands today as Fascist that became very famous due to the work of brave AFA internet warriors over the last years and so just you shut up and better start to fight the real enemy. Btw, and being critical on the ruling policy and the political instrument of mass immigration is for you maybe not pretty sympathic, but it's more than justified if you look at the state of "the world" today, especially from an emancipatoric working class standpoint, like it or not. And, to close this topic, yes, it's maybe shady and dodgy and especially pretty retarded to wear proudly R.A.C. logo shirts, I know about it, even by myself...;-)... And, also to close this topic, I don't think that RETALIATOR are a WP or even NS band, and so for more I don't really care about it, so shut your mouth and better get a life, point and fact. Just a patriotic and conservative and literally not politically corret Skinhead Rock band from out of the U.K., period. And now, straight back to the topic, this very album of RETALIATOR here. Like I've already said, with this album they are finally back, and how they are it!!! Full of energy, force and power, attitude and anger, pride and strength. Two former (?) members of CONDEMNED 84 are today on board here as well, and today they are even far more metallic than before, sometimes you get the impression that this is Heavy Metal played by Skinheads for Skins and Metals and Rockers/Bikers as well, not just Oi! by Skins for Skins. If you want your stuff pure and true then better step aside, but if you look for hard and heavy and very skilled and somewhat ''special'' musick with a strong mark on Oi! as well as Hard Rock and Heavy Metal then you should really look here at RETALIATOR and you will find what you are looking for, trust me upon this. What I like even more is that RETALIATOR refuse to adopt and promote the bitter poor clichés of the two worlds, that they stay away from this crap, no matter if Skin/Oi! or Metal/Rockers clichés, and do their very own thing. The first totally outshining trademark is the damn strong bloody heavy and for sure fucking characteristic as well as truly nicely diverse guitar work, that really combines stunning and pounding harsh and hard and heavy riffing, exciting organic grooves, great melody lines and really catchy leads as well as really strong and great done, absolutely not off ticking solos, thumbs up. And the pressure and diversity behind and of the guitar work is just damn impressive and really skilled, from symphonic over anthemic to sheer brutal and forceful, aggressive and grim marks they give us all and nearly everything. Then there are the great snotty and aggresive, anthemic as well as damn sheer brutal and above all outstanding very charismatic lead vocals, sometimes more spoken cantillated than traditionally sung, and all done really fucking great, and then we get also some nice broad and fat back up shouts to even add some pressure and weight more to it all. Then there's the massive rhythm section left, and they leave no questions unanswered and no blank space open after all, the bass crushes right through in, buzzing and shredding and sawing full of skills and power, and the drumming is just a military exact heavy and massive stomping and cracking war machinery, and far more than just your ordinary Oi! or (Street-) Punkrock drumming. Like the whole music is far more than your ordinary U.K. Oi! music. RETALIATOR latest today play a style totally of their very own, truly not comparable to or with any other band anymore. Maybe take acts like CONDEMNED 84 and CLOSE SHAVE as well as BAKERS DOZEN as starting points, but that's just all what this band comparisons would be, only starting points for you, nothing more. And beside Oi! and Skinhead Rock you also really need to have also a faible for Metal music, because otherwise you won't be able to get and enjoy this album in its whole beauty. We get thirteen songs in about fourty-three minutes and one is a cover version of "BIG BROTHER" by CRIMINAL TENDENCIES (the precursor band of CONDEMNED 84), and as well as this is far from bad it's anyhow the by far weakest song of this album. Also we get very good lyrics, typical RETALIATOR stuff, also very angry and pissed off, and great heavy and dirty production sound and an at least okay artwork, but there they could have done far better. Anyhow, maybe in the long run this album will even manage it to somehow keep up to their immortal classic "WHEN DUTY CALLS", we will see as time will tell. Nothing left to say here anymore, just that if you ask me you really need to have this album if you maybe should still not have it, point and fact. A great album, period. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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