Freitag, 17. August 2012

MIND PLAGUE - "ANXIETY" (Holy Terror fueled Hardcore inferno from Germany + Download - Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoaa, that's a asskicking happening melted in musick, what an infero. I read about this band in the current "OX FANZINE" issue and what I could read there really made me curious about this band. This is a demo and it should also be released as a proper physical release, at least if I'm not total wrong with this. But it's definitely released as an official MP3-Download by the guys in the band themselves on their Bandcamp site and the download contains all the songs, the coverartwork and the whole art and the complete booklet as a .pdf data format, and that's really cool. The link to their Bandcamp site you will find as usual in cases like this at the end of this very review. MIND PLAGUE are for all what I know a band coming from Germany that, if I understand it al correct, used to release aready three albums, "A WALK WITH BROKEN ANKLES" back then in 2010, then "MORTIFIED" in May 2012 and this one here released primarly also in May 2012, that's what their mentioned Bandcamp site tells us. But if "MORTIFY" is really a proper release or just a differet named other edition of "ANXIETY" I don't know, but second thing would make sense after "MORTIFY" is also a song on this very album here and also the Bandcamp site shows pretty much the same coverartwork to us for both releases and the "MORTIFY" data seems to be left empty. Anyhow, maybe also not that important after all. MIND PLAGUE give us on "ANXIETY" six songs in about seventeen minutes, and they give us a damn fresh breathe in and of great Hardcore the Holy Terror style and sound. If you know me, maybe just at least via reading more or less regulary the entries up here by me, then you all should know that I damn fucking love this specific kind of Hardcore really very, very much, and MIND PLAGUE also not disappointed me. No, in total contrast, they incredible strongly convinced me. This is metallic, sinister, apocalyptic and dark, occult, grim, sick, psychotic, twisted, in every way heavy and sheer intense Holy Terror by first and foremost INTEGRITY inspired Hardcore with a very skilled approach and clear SLAYER as well as gloomy Death Metal impressions and even some few ice cold Black Metal influences in it all, cultivating all and everything with a very strong great own identity and a unique charcter of their own. Great!!! Blending INTEGRITY, ROT IN HELL, etc. pp. with SLAYER, DAY OF SUFFERING, melting it all together with morbid and occult Death Metal like maybe MORBID ANGEL (without being so fast playing) and cultivating it all with some ice storm like Black Metal impressions (I mean first and foremost and epecially the atmosphere), great. Doing this by delivering truckloads of atmospheric (sinister, dark, sick, twisted, grim, gloomy) and incredible strong (heavy, forceful, massive, shredding) high skilled and multi-layered guitar playing very rich on variations from the riff to the leads to the unbelievable catchy solo work, backboned by a very diverse and also damn high skilled stunning and shocking rhythm section, and all crowned by sheer intense and fucking psychotic, screamed, spitted, puked, shouted, all together and far more outstanding great lead vocals. They really create here something of their very own, maybe call it if you want to do so their very own style of Holy Terror Hardcore, but anyway, call it like you want, what MIND PLAGUE do and deliver here is just phenomenal. Just listen to the two maybe best and most multi-layered songs, "NON FOLLOWERS" and "TOO LATE", that close this album, they shine in the purest sick beauty and will leave your mouth open. The songwriting is as well as the skills of the musicians very, very strong and good, just that you know about it. The artwork looks great and fits perfect to the music of MIND PLAGUE, the lyrics are very interesting and damn good stuff, and the production sound is a pure bomb. Amazing, from start to finish. Why has this band not already a record deal? Hopefully some good guys will come and change this fact very soon.  This album is highly recommended by me, so go and get it. Amazing!!! Hardcore!!! Fist!!! (10 of 10 points)

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