Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

BEATRIZ CARNICERO - "NO RECES" (Powerviolence from Uruguay + Download Link)

("En Los Vervios Fanzine & Distro", "WEST CAVERN", "MMXII" + "D.I.Y."; CD + MP3-Download):
A band that some friends of me told me to check out, and so I did. (And now I ask myself why they told me to do so...) This are BEATRIZ CARNICERO from somewhere in Uruguay with their "NO RECES" album that was released as a CD via (I think so) several collaborating distros and labels as well as via an by the band itself uploaded official MP3-Download at their Bandcamp site and as usual I will give you the link at the very end of this review. The download comes with scans of the complete- very good and passionated- artwork, and that's pretty cool. What about the music? 15 songs in about 8 minutes, but... did I said songs... nah, not really. Maybe better just "songs"... Guess that kind of musick is called Powerviolence (and some may call it Fastcore or something like this...) and I am anything but familiar with this kind of music and I think that this band here is pretty much the first band ever out of this genre that I listened to... and now I know why... Sounds to me like very weak pseudo Grindcore without any substance and sense and then that's it. But maybe it's just me who used to do the mistake to expect something else by judging by and looking at the name of Powerviolence... With songs or better "songs" that mostly hardly last until thirty seconds you can't really talk of music or in case that you buy a CD like this of value for money by any means. At least if you ask me... I know, fans of music or maybe better "music" like this will see this in a total different light. The guitars just shred, the bass just mumbles and the drums just beat fast and short, while the hysteric scream and slightly guttural vocals make this whole stuff round and that means that it is in the end just noise and by no means and in no way anyhow music with some sort of substance or what ever. I love Grindcore, but Powerviolence just sucks. At least to me and at least to judge by this very experience here. Also, by the way, where is the power and what shall be violent with this stuff? But maybe it's also just me, wanting some sort of somehow valuable music instead of just anyhow senseless noise, who knows... Absolutely nothing for me, so I won't write anything more because it would be in no way fair to ran my mouth when it's simply just nothing for me and nothing I am anyhow into and nothing I want to get anyway into. If you are into Powerviolence (why ever?) then BEATRIZ CARNICERO and their "NO RECES" album are maybe your current holy grail, who knows, then test them out, but I am out of it as soon as possible again. What they sing about I have not a single clou, but the production sound is a pretty good and strong one and the passionated artwork totally rocks. Nothing for me, like I've already said one or two times by now, so don't judge to much by my ratings (the one point is like above mentioned a fairness point or so)  if you are a fan of or interested in Powerviolence stuff like this and maybe just give it a try or download it directly and promptly, I mean not at least after its up there for free and a lot of folks out there familiar with Powerviolence (or maybe Fastcore) and are into stuff like this really celebrate this band and release. (1 of 10 points)

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