Montag, 6. August 2012


Hey folks, nothing anyhow ''big'' today, just a little ''Videos'' post for you all and your enjoyment, and a very cool video of a great song of a truly great band, the almighty ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS from the city L.A. with their anthem "DOGHOUSE BLUES" and the bloody cool official video clip of it. This band first came across my way years ago when they released their already really great debut full length album "LET IT RIDE". This was years ago and since then I've lost them totally out of sight without any reasons that I now somehow possibly could name you, but also since then they released other albums and they developed quite a bit and became even far, far better then they already had been when they started back then several years ago with their already mentioned debut release and so I really need to work myself finally again deeper into the complete discography of the ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS. Phenomenal band!!!! One of the very best Punkrock & Roll bands ever. Period!!! Who the fuck needs SOCIAL DISTORTION?!? You got what I want to say?!? You got it!!! Now just enjoy this clip and then sleep well and I wish you all a good night and we'll read us again more or less pretty soon. Until then: Cheers and good night!!!