Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

BITTER THOUGHTS - "TAKERS - DEMO 2011" (Chicago Hardcore released as a MP3-Download the "D.I.Y." way already in 2011 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
BITTER THOUGHTS are a pretty new rough'n'tough moshy everyone and everything down beatin' roughnecked Hardcore band from Chicago (even this demo respectively the general informations of this release states that they had been based in Minneapolis during the time of the release of this demo, don't know how it all now was or is, but today everyone everywhere states this a Chicago based band - and maybe it's also everything but that important after all) that released recently their newest demo, also as a MP3-Download, and I stumbled upon this band when I read through several reviews of their current release. I became curious about what I've read and so I searched the web for them, because all their releases to this point are also or maybe even solely released as an MP3-Download - at least for what I know or think to know - officially and for free by the band itself. So I finally found their Bandcamp site and there I also discovered this one here, their - so it seems - first output, the "TAKERS - DEMO 2011", recorded and released by the very end of 2011 and containing two songs, "TAKERS" and "TEMPORARY", all in all in about four minutes or so. So, yes, would have been a pretty nice 7'' or maybe also tape release, for sure... And of course the download link respectively the link to their Bandcamp site will close this very review here, the usual pocedure in cases like this up here, as well as I will also review their current release in the next days up here. This very release here of BITTER THOUGHTS is a damn good starting point for them as a band as well as for us the potential listeners. If you like your Hardcore somewhere to be located between the Old School and the New School - maybe let us call it Old New School or so - with heavy doses of down beating Mosh in it and some metallic marks on it all, somewhere between legends like BIOHAZARD, MADBALL, TERROR and the mighty ST. HOOD from Finland, delivered via the forceful use of damn heavy and bloody harsh pretty diverse and skilled guitars, sharp and hard screamingly shouted lead vocals, and a sheer bulldozer like rhythm section, as well as really good and interesting songwriting and all done by skilled musicians and coming with a already nicely pretty own identity. Here and there there's still room left to use for them to make it even better, but this is anyway already a really strong release by a damn good band to keep an eye and an ear open on. Download this one and enjoy it!!! Ah, and just for the record, good coverart, intense lyrical delivery and a bombing production sound. Thumbs up!!! Ah, and don't get anything wrong, it's just a very short release and so that's it all why this is also a pretty short review of it, that's it. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

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