Freitag, 10. August 2012

WORLD WAR IV - "DEMO 2012" (Old School Hardcore from out of Boston with a nuclear assaulting Thrash Metal influence the "D.I.Y." way in 2012 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; Tape & MP3-Download):
Here's a for what I do know a very new band that used to debut this very year, roaring from Boston, MA/U.S.A. and formed by members of the Boston Straight Edge Hardcore roughnecks in xNO TOLERANCEx (see respectively read just right here: and FLOORPUNCH, and this is their debut release that is officially physically released on Tape (for what I do know) at the "PHILADELPHIA HARDCORE FEST" 2012 as well as for those unable to go there and buy it physically as a official free MP3-Download, and after it's pretty impossible for me to go there and buy it I just have it as the above mentioned MP3-Downlaod and I will give you the download link at the end of this review, as usual in cases like this. I stumbled upon this band thanks to some fellow bloggers in the great blogs of "99 MILES OF BAD BLOGS" (, the "HARBOILED HARDCORE WEBZINE" ( and "AMERICAN AFTERMATH" ( and anyhow do yourself the favour and list the three mentioned blogs or sites in your list of favorite sites and links and visit them on a regular basis. And after this whole lot of introduction talking let's go straight ahead onward into this very review of this demo release, the debut of WORLD WAR IV. If you know xNO TOLERANCEx for example you better clear your thoughts and ears a bit, because beside the fact that both bands know about and know how to play really good Hardcore music (and so so) there aren't that many similarities. WORLD WAR IV play some stormy raging sharp edged and hard boiled fresh and lively not (!!!) boring retro Old School Hardcore or Thrashcore that reminds me quite a it of D.R.I. and S.O.D. as well as M.O.D., maybe some very few early PRO-PAIN and maybe the little bit later GANG GREEN with a undeniable 1980's U.S. American East Coast Thrash Metal influence like NUCLEAR ASSAULT as well as old ANTHRAX and maybe some very few old OVERKILL as well, and also some Old School slightly grinding early Old School Skatecore impressions like early SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER are clealy to hear, at least if you ask me. But they do it all very fresh and very stand-alone, no dull and boring retro crap and no copying of anything or anyone, that's how it all should be done, so thumbs up for that. This all makes this demo that's filled with harsh thrashing, fast hitting and sharp cutting skilled hardcoreish as well as metallic great guitar work, fucking damn charismatic clear sung and still also hard shouted lead vocals, forceful shreddng bass playing and stunning fast and diverse and even blasting drums to one hell of an release ad surely a must have and in a only at least somehow anyhow "just" and "righteous" world this demo will soon be a underdround classic with a long life as a legend potential and this band would get soon a very good record deal, and hopefully this all will happen this way. And for now, get this demo, so far the "D.I.Y." release of the year, period. Great lyrics, a cool artwork and first class production sound on top of it as well. For any fans of real Hardcore as well as Hardcore Skater Maniacs and Metalheads that thankfully lack a too close minded mentality. Get this demo, enjoy it, support this bloody mighty band. Great work!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
(After I didn't get it done to find a what and where so ever bandsite the following link is the only somehow contact link I can give you... sorry...: