Sonntag, 12. August 2012

WORLD WAR 4 - "RUFF AS FUCK" (Thrash Metal from Ontario, Canada released the "D.I.Y." way in 2012 on Tape as well as via an MP3-Download + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; Tape & MP3-Download):
Here's another band of the name of WORLD WAR 4 that I stumbled upon when I was surfing through the web to find a homepage of the before this one here introduced and reviewed Hardcore silverbacks in WORLD WAR IV from Boston, MA/U.S.A., and so I found finally also beside a somehow crappy Alternative/Grunge/Nu Metal band this cool guys here in WORLD WAR 4 that hail down from Ontario in Canada and play some Old School Thrash Metal that will chop you in half and leaving you satisfied with it if you are a fan of this kind of (Metal) musick, period. This demo is released on tape (or will bes released on tape still this very year) as well as the complete demo with the full artwork is as a name your price download officially put up on the web, as well as you can also download the single tracks one after another totally for free but without the full artwork as well, and this all up on their Bandcamp site and the link you will find at the end of this very review here. To be honest I should have to bury my head in shame after currently I only got it as the song by song download, but okay, so far shame on me and finally going deeper into this whole affair here, WORLD WAR 4 being "RUFF AS FUCK". The band says by themselves that they would play Old School Thrash Metal spicy flavored with some New School Doom (Metal) impressions. So okay, even I don't really know what they do mean with there words about New School Doom (Metal) here I have to say that Old School Thrash Metal hits the nail, add to it a very strong and good songwriting with a lot of fresh interesting ideas and really grapping moments and a thoughtful approach on it varying the pace and the riff and rhythm structure of each song very clever (reaching from fast thrashing mad assaults to slow mo down paced destructive bombardements) and keeping it all pretty interesting and fresh and with this WORLD WAR 4 succesfully deny this whole small as well as very close minded retro crappy bullshit Thrash Metal garbage trend and instead of this they rather deliver a release with substance and value of great (Old School) Thrash Metal that will make your head start to bang and your whole body start moshing and that will remain for sure if its just given the chance to do so, and yes, for this my thumbs go up high, without a doubt or a second thought. Very skilled charismatic clean sung and only very slightly shouted and screamed but still very aggressive and also pretty diverse lead vocals are really the first thing to out shine of the whole package here, then the stunning bonedry and damn hard and bloody heavy multi-layered and diverse skilled guitar work is up next, delivering a stroming destructive riff assault one after another, and giving us also brilliant leads and solos covering a wide distance from melodic and symphonic arrangemens to psychotic and neurotic hectic shreddings. Then the forceful bass and the massive rumbling drumming are up next, giving the music of WORLD WAR 4 the strong and poerwful, beefy and bulky backbone. All is done very smart and clever, filled with damn good arrangements, deliverd by very skilled musicians and songwriters, and all pretty stand alone, and for this also thumbs up. But, for example, if you like the old Bay Area thrashing mad days also WORLD WAR 4 should be interesting for you. After I just got the free download to the artwork and the lyrics I can't say that many, but for what I see from the artwork it's a pretty cool one, and to the lyrics I just can say that it is fucking nice to see again a cool band that's not taking everything and all oh too serious, judging by song titles like "F.T.W.", "DAEMONE", "HOBOGOBLIN" and especially "HUGO: DENTIST OF DEATH", and yes, I really like this somehow humoristic and ironical approach to it very much. The production/recording sound is pretty good, just for the record. So, even I am not really much in today's world and scenery of Old School Thrash Metal this very band here, WORLD WAR 4 from Ontario in Canada, really convinced me, damn good stuff, and hopefully this band gets a fair shot, a good and fair chance in the current Metal scenery, far above average and far above most of the whole Old School or retro (Thrash) Metal stuff out there today, and so I recommend this release to you, so check them out. I like it!!! (8 of 10 points)

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