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*** UNDISPUTED - IFBB Bodybuilding Majesty, JAY CUTLER, the four-time Mister Olympia is here!!! ***

JAY "UNDISPUTED" CUTLER: Hey folks, it had been some days since the last post came to happen up here and since this very month wasn't marked by such a 'big actions' it's really about time that finally something new happens here, yoahr, and so here comes the next (and) new post and it is (finally) one of the 'Sports' category again, yehp, and it's a tribute post to pay tribute and give honour and show respect to no-one-else than Mister 'UNDISPUTED', the currently reigning and all in all four-time(s) Mister Olympia JAY CUTLER, yeahr, and so now here it comes, one of the strongest, most impressive and biggest 'SILVERBACKS' out there and so you see, this post here is more than 'just' justified, yehp, and so here we go...!!!

*** UNDISPUTED *** - MISTER OLYMPIA 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010

*** JAY CUTLER ***


The private person: JAY CUTLER was born back then in the days of the year of 1973, at the 3. of August of 1973 to be more precise at this point here. He was born in the city (or town... ?!?) of the name of Worcester, Massachusetts, something like 50 miles or so in 'western direction' of/from Boston. He was born as the youngest child of seven (three brothers, three sisters) to his parents, his mother was working in the 'finance department' of a local military base and his father was a superintendent for the state highway department of Massachusetts. Beside their jobshis parents also used to run a farm at which JAY CUTLER also used to work during his childhood days, this days should have been a pretty active and good and 'nice' time what you may can call all-in-all 'your lucky childhood (days)'. He graduated Highschool- he visited the Wachusett Regional Highschool (that consisted out of five towns which were Paxton, Rutland, Holden, Sterling, and Princeton)- in 1991 and went on to College. During his teenager days he used to work in the cement plant of his brother. After highschool he used to go to the Quinsigamond Community College and he completed succesfully his Associate Degree in Criminal Justice in 1993.

The early stages: Around 1991 or so JAY CUTLER started with Bodybuilding (his insipration to do so was a meeting with the personal trainer Marcos Rodriguez), when he was or became eighteen years old. At first his primarly motivation was just to get a better look respectively simply to look better. Pretty soon and with his first sucess he started to step into the world of 'Bodybuilding competition'... and the rest is history. Oh, nah, I was just kidding, haha;-), that wasn't all so here we go ahead: He was nineteen years old when he participated in his first official competition, so already after only one year of training and working and living Bodybuilding, and this competition was the "TEEN NATIONALS" 1991 in Raleigh, NC. He was the victor and this was the start for his (professional) Bodybuilding career. While JAY CUTLER and his grilfriend Kerry moved together in Worcester he started to train for the Pro Status. During this fast and intense time period he orked in several different jobs and Kerry was succesfully completing her nursing degree. In 1994 JAY Cutler should met no-one-else than Bruce Vartanian, a regional Bodybuilding legend and a business owner, and Bruce should take him under his wings and so JAY CUTLER should become to one of the very, very best Bodybuilders ever and also a smart and clever business man that knows about the "Do's!" and "Do-Not's!" respectively the "In's!" and the "Out's!" when it comes to the (business) world of Bodybuilding. With the help of and the training with Bruce (Vartanian) and also his diet mentor/coach, Chris Aceto, JAY CUTLER used to build the impressive physique to win the 1996 NPC Nationals in the Light Heavyweight category and so he used to get the IFBB Pro licence and to archieve his goal he was totally aimed at. He was offered many, many sponsoring-, etc. pp. contracts after this triumph and finally he signed to no-one-else than the legendary Joe Weider. In 1997 he then took a year out when it comes to competition but he came back in 1998 at the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS" in NYC. The result was some sort of a dissapointment for JAY CUTLER with just reaching the position ranked no. # eleven. He dragged his consequences out of this dissapointment and returned to old school training and dieting and returned in 1999 with gaining the third place at the "PRO IRONMAN INVITATIONAL" and the fourth place at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC", and also he made his first "MISTER OLYMPIA" appearance and reached position ranked no. # fifteen. Back then in 1998, at the 9th of July, he and his girlfried got married (after being already for seven years a couple) and they should move on to Aliso Viejo, CA. That should turn out as a more than good move for both of them, Kerry started working as a nurse Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, and for him, JAY CUTLER, the glory days were yet to come.

The Glory Days (and their end): In the year of 2000 JAY CUTLER became the winner of the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS", which took place in May 2000, as well as Kerry and he became the owners of their first 'own home' in CA. Also in 2000 beside the private side of life, the sports also some very important business stuff happened, and JAY CUTLER was offered a contract by "ISS RESEARCH", based out of Charlotte in N(orth) C(arolina), and he was giving the opportunity to 'only' prepare a complete year for the 2001 "MISTER OLYMPIA", that was set to happen in te October of 2001. And the outcome was a great second place at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" 2001, only beaten by the legendary Ronnie Coleman, even this second place was a controversial one because not only few saw JAY CUTLER as the true victor of the "MISTER OLYMPIA" in 2001. This happening and its outcome really was a boost for his career, took him off to the next stages. Directly after the 2001 "MISTER OLYMPIA" he started preparing for the 2002 "ARNOLD CLASSIC" where he won over Chris Cormier. 2003 then should become the (first) year of JAY CUTLER with seeing him as the victorious one at the "IRON MAN PRO INVITATIONAL", the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" (again), and the "SAN FRANCISCO PRO INVITATIONAL", and he also won in 2003 the "ENGLISH GRAND PRIX" as well as the "DUTCH GRAND PRIX", and he scored in as the second winner at the 2003 "MISTER OLYMPIA", the "RUSSIAN GRAND PRX" and the "GNC SHOW OF STRENGTH". So, yes, it was the (first) year of JAY CUTLER, this very year of 2003. Also in 2003, in December, he signed a contract with "MUSCLE TECH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT". In 2004 he won again the "ARNOLD CLASSIC". In 2005 for what I know he didn't compete at all, to return in 2006 in a phenomenal strong and impressive way with taking the victories at the "AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX", the "ROMANIAN GRND PRIX", the "DUTCH GRAND PRIX", and finally for the first time the "MISTER OLYMPIA", what a great year it was, point and fact!!! Also in 2006 he and Kerry moved to Las Vegas, in the 30. of September of 2006. They still live there today, and he trains in the legendary "GOLD'S GYM". In 2007 he only competed at the "MISTER OLYMPIA", and again he was the victor. Over this years he and Ronnie Coleman became the most feuding rivals in the current Bodybuilding history.

The Return - Coming off big ("Stronger than before!!!"): After this amazing and great and damn succesful years in 2008 again he 'only' competed at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" and he was the most promising athlete up there on stage for all of the experts in the word of Bodybuilding... but he should be beaten by Dexter Jackson and 'only' came in as the second winner. It was a let-down and due to the fact that no beaten "MISTER OLYMPIA" before him managed it to rise to power and triumph again JAY CUTLER and his career was declared as history from this point on... But he should proof them all damn wrong with returning with incredible victories and/or triumphs at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" stages in 2009 and also in 2010, winning in 2009 over the then currently reigning "MISTER OLYMPIA" Dexter Jackson and winning in 2010 over no-one-else than Phil Heath (and Branch Warren, who scored in at rank no. # three). So, you see, there are many more than 'just' good reasons why he, JAY CUTLER, is ranked as the nomber # one Bodybuilder in the world today, even there are some very strong rivals that will challenge him tis very year very hard (just remember Dennis Wolf). He's training very hard and is also doing some practises that are pretty unusual (like you can read, for example, in the currnt issue of the "FLEX" magazine) to keep the crown of professional Bodybuilding. No matter what may come, but JAY CUTLER will stay on the top where he currntly is forever, because- to say it that way- there aren't and also weren't many other guys in Bodybuilding with such a great and impressive career and so many victories including four "MISTER OLYMPIA" trophies at all, and for that I pay him, JAY CUTLER, my honest respect and honour!!!

Basic Data: JAY CUTLER is 1,75 m tall and his competition-weight is 120 kg, his off-season weight is 140 kg. The ambit of his neck is around 54 cm, the ambit of his chest is around 147 cm, of his upper arm 57 cm, of his belly 87 cm,  of his femoral 79 cm, and finally the ambit of his calves is around 51 cm. His schedule for 2011 is already also put together and he starts this weekend at the 16th of April of this very year of 2011 at the "ORANGE COUNTY CLASSIC", and of course he will be back on the stage of the "MISTER OLYMPIA" of this very year of 2011. And 2011 will see him also cmpeting at the "DESERT CLASSIC" in Las Vegas at the "Red Rock Resort & Casino" at the 23th of April of 2011.  Today he's sponsored by many prominent sponsors in today's world of Bodybuilding, like "MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT", "SCHIEK", "SMART SHAKE", and "PRO-TECT FILM DISTRIBUTIONS", to name just and only some few of them. He'd also done training and work-out videos and there are also several merchandise articles in store of him that you can buy, beside also books in which he is featured respectively that are written about and/or with him.

JAY CUTLER ('Promo Video Clip')


JAY CUTLER ('Chest Work-Out')

JAY CUTLER ('Motivation Video Clip')

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