Montag, 4. April 2011

IFBB display of Bodybuilding majesty... here we go, '', it's all about the '2007 Giant Killers'

Hey folks,
some days have passed since the last post came up and online and ready to read here so you see it's really about time that finally this new one comes up. It's a short but damn impressive clip of some tough IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Roughnecks that show us some really damn pretty impressive workout tutorials, hard and brutal and mercyless impressions and nothing else than a statement of one hell of a kind. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and next up in the category of 'Sports' will be JAY CUTLER (a living legend and the currently reigning Mister O., damn it, so what did ya expect) and I'm thinking about doing something to introduce and honour BRIAN "THE WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN" SHAW (also currently reigning damn supreme, more monster than human, much respect) and then there will also be a nice little 'Old School' suprise of the world of Bodybuilding and the category of 'Sports' coming up for ya. Watch out and be prepared, you've been warned!!! Until then just you enjoy this clip and then from tomorrow on do something of that what you see in the clip the next time you're in the gym!!! Much respect to the guys in the clip!!!


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