Sonntag, 17. April 2011

"When you're on your knees with a gun to your head it's better to be dead than fucking red! - The right to choose, we want the cruise!"

Hey folks, now today or tonight only a short and/or little post for ya, finally some 'Videos' stuff again and of a great, legendary, important and still some-how controversial (get a real life, you stupid nutjobs) band, the stand-alone COMBAT 84!!! (Can't believe that they weren't featured before up here on this very blog...) Like them or not, but if you really think just being right wing (remember that you don't have to agree on everything) made them (or make/-s anyone) a Fascist(s) or (Neo-) Nazi(s) then you really need a reality-check!!! I could write much more about that topic but, nah, I'm pretty tired tonight and tomorrow again some hard work is coming and only the wise Buddha may know how long it will take until fucking 'Blogger' finished the upload of the video clip, yehp, and so that's it for now. Enjoy this clip (okay, okay, again, hm, it's not really what ya may can call a 'real' video clip, I know, I know...) and especially the song, it's my favorite of them, of COMBAT 84, and this band really always was and still is one of all-time favorite Oi! bands (and not only of all the great and awesome Oi! bands around, from back then up to today, but also when it comes to music(k) in general, point and fact), and damn it, yeahr, I truly and honestly love this stuff, so hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do enjoy it!!! Great band, great music, great song, great lyrics!!! "THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE! - WE WANT THE CRUISE!" Militant U.K. Oi! - Cheers & Oi!


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