Freitag, 15. April 2011

We sing the FORGOTTEN WORDS to honour our BLACK HEARTED SON while the BURDEN FALLs...

("I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records"; CD):
Here's the next one of the 'older' releases (this one came out already in 2003) of the german "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label that I got some time ago in a nice package for a very, very low or cheap price and of that I finally managed to put up the reviews of them in case some of you out there are possibly interested in this stuff and until today totally overlooked this releases. This is just a CD single and what shall I say, that's truly nearly the only annoying thing about this record here at all, because just three tracks (plus the promo video track of the title track) are really just simply too short or too less of this great band!!! THE AWESOME MACHINE... somehow a strange bandname... I never knew before I got this CD and also today I don't really know more about or of them, but okay, who cares about it, haha;-). This band took me by storm: Forceful, heavy, energetic Hard Rock music somewhere between great 1990's Hard/Heavy Rock like the almighty CREED and also heavy Stoner Rock influences (like, only for example, NUCLEUS that I have also reviewed up here some weeks ago), and all done really damn fucking good. Very, very well-versed and especially multi-layered guitar work (no matter if it's about the riffs or the solos, just great shit), a very strong and charismatic lead singing (!!!) voice (fantastic, totally filled with power and might, awesome), a heavy pounding bass at work and very diverse and just incredible heavy and tight drum playing, all cultivated by great rhythm and (song-) structure work, also very cool and diverse short and quick changes of pace and rhythm of the songs, just awesome!!! All very grapping and interesting, and also full of charisma, just great!!! If the live recording of "BLACK HEARTED SON" could just be more tight and precise than it's done here... And if the CD could contain only at least some few songs more... Lyrics (aren't printed) are pretty strong and interesting stuff, the production sound is very hard and clear and 'fat', yet dry and warm and dirty, thumbs up, and the artwork looks really pretty cool. So, what shall I say more, if you like described bands and music (and can imagine a very self-contained and stand-alone and not copying kind of band as the result of mixing it) then don't think twice and don't only look at the price, instead just go out and grab and get one of these here, point and fact and nothing else or even less. Great stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Contact: - I think this should be the MySpace site of this THE AWESOME MACHINE band here...)

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