Samstag, 30. April 2011

Don't know who or what the 'BIG 5' are anyhow but here's their booklet...

"BIG FIVE" - Issue No. # 06 respectively issue no. # 01 of 2011
Fee: 4,50 Euro (includes one free Issue Compilation CD)
Okay, it's really about time that also the category of the so called 'Fanzine Reviews' gets finally continued up here. Hm, maybe you wouldn't label this on here (with a lot of might that masters right) more a magazine than a fanzine but that's not really that important at all. This was my first copy that I grabbed of this magazine and it was because a lot of interesting bands were announced on the cover to be featured in this issue and here comes now what turned out to be my favorites: The interviews with ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS, DEADLINE (great!!!), SODOM, SOCIAL DISTORTION, FLATFOOT 56, THERAPY?, DEVILDRIVER, ILL NINO,  BEATSTEAKS, and BERSERKER are really fucking damn good stuff. Beside this we get also a big bunch of more or less nice interviews more (with various different bands like MUSHROOMHEAD, REZUREX, ANTAGONIST, and many more), as well as some little book reviews (by musicians that showcase us their favorite books), movie introductions (thumbs up!!!), a lot of record reviews, a column of Sebi of STOMPER 98, informations about and reviews on tours and concerts, some few introduction words, a tribute to G.G. ALLIN (who needs this?!?), as well as some short band profiles. Yehp, that's all. Just music and so... Sounds now maybe a little bit 'unpassionated' at all but it's just nothing special or so, just a really very good done pretty professional magzine that covers a lot of different styles of underground music (what's pretty cool) and it's all done in german and in a very cool layout and good tonguing (by a big bunch of different writers). So, yes, it's just very professional but lacks some-how the emotions and something 'special' so that's why this review maybe lacks the passion and why it is so short and seems more like just a list of the content of this issue... Anyhow, if you are interested in the named bands then do yourself the favor and grab a copy of this one, because it will be worth your time and money. On top of it we get a really pretty good CD compilation sampler for free. Check it out, you should be able to buy it nearly 'everywhere' and a new issue should also be already out on the market (but don't ask me anything more about it). Like I've already said, if you like the mentioned bands and styles of music then check the "BIG FIVE" out.

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