Freitag, 15. April 2011

You love some good old 1990's clichè German Oi! Punk musick?!? Right, now comes something for ya!!!

("Metal Bastard Records" / "Bellaphon"; CD):
Don't get any wrong impression(s) because of the name of the label that back then used to release this record, this is in NO fucking goddamn way an anyhow Metal record, fuck no, this is traditionally brewed German Oi! Punk musick the 1990s way of style and sound, yehp, and for what I know it's also straight from out of the 1990's. I don't really know it for sure but I think this one here was released some-time around the late 1990's or so, and I remember seeing promotion for it in the magazines, fanzines and mailorders I used to read back then and just because of the pretty cool artwork and the name of the band as well as the title of the record I always felt the need to get this record... and despise the feeling of need it took quite a while and I just call it my own since 2010. Anyhow, 'now' I call the "KOMMANDO Oi!" (= "COMMAND Oi!") titled record of STAHLSCHÄDEL (= STEELSKULL) finally my own and after I would bet that a lot of you possible interested guys out there don't know anyhow about it I thought that a review of this forgotten little gem would be cool and nice move, yes, yes, yes, and so here we go: I don't know who was in STAHLSCHÄDEL and if they ever released anything else than this little record here, but what they've done here was quite damn good stuff even it was (or is) nothing groundbreaking or something like this and hell no this band wasn't building fusion bombs or mastering the challenge of time and space, hell no, but there was also never the quest out there to do so, and so anyhow, this is and was and still is some pretty cool stuff, point and fact. If you've used to grow up with 1990's German Oi! Punk musick STAHLSCHÄDEL will totally be something to serve your needs (even it's just some nostalgic feeling that needs to be satisfied). Snarling and biting guitar work with some strong "Schrammel Oi!" (don't know how to translate it, sorry folks...) spirit, a heavy buzzing and droning wumming bass and harsh stomping drums, and on top of it a very throaty and wasted-on-a-drink grumbling lead vocals. Nice pace and rhythm and structure of the songs, and all done petty heavy and without any happy gaily melody bullshit, and all pretty powerful.Thumbs up!!! Maybe not a milestone or anything like this, but something that I would say you really should have as a 1990's German Oi! Punk fan. Five song at all, one of them a typical 1990's instrumental used as the outro of the record, and STAHLSCHÄDEL are to be located somewhere between the old BIERPATRIOTEN (I talk about their "RANDALE, POGO, ALKOHOL" debut release), some BOOTS & BRACES (remember their great "SCHÖN WAR DIE ZEIT" release), some pretty strong BRUTAL DE LUXÉ impressions (anyone should need to know this veterans from the german city of Wolfenbüttel twenty minutes near where I use to live), and also some (no it gets 'evil', haha;-)...) STÖRKRAFT (talking about their "MANN FÜR MANN" release), yehp, and with this localization you should pretty good know what STAHLSCHÄDEL used to do here. Two more by BIERPATRIOTEN and BRUTAL DE LUXÉ and BOOTS & BRACES influenced songs, "TALKSHOWS" and "EIN SCHLUCK WEIN, EIN SCHLUCK BIER", and two more STÖRKRAFT like songs, "MEINUNGSFREIHEIT" and also "LEBEN NACH DEM TOD" (also some 'earlier' BÖHSE ONKELZ marks are to be noticed here), then the cool instrumental track, yehp, and then that's it. I like this record really very much, point and fact!!! All made round by some good and typical 1990's German Oi! Punk lyrics (cover topics like freedom of speech/thought, the disgust of religion, drinking and smashing bars and getting barred after it, as well as talkshows and the degeneration of society) and all done pretty good, a earthy and dirty production sound, as well as a nice artwork (please don't ask me why, but somehow I really love the cover art, fuck, don't sk me why, haha;-)...). Good stuff!!! If anyone knows anything more about STAHLSCHÄDEL please just let me know about it. If you like the mentioned music and the described bands, yes, then I would highly recommend this to you and, btw, you should be able to get this one here today for very low prices (if you still can get it anyhow from somewhere, but mayb just search a little bit for it). Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(Don't ask me about any http://www.-sites/ of STAHLSCHÄDEL, know of not a single one, found not only a single one, so you just have to stay with this review, at least for right now...)
(Note: Maybe I was wrong but- how could it in this 'maybe-and-but-case' be any different- I am not so sure at all, what I mean is that when you 'google' this band and record a lot of sites on the web tell ya that it was released around 2004... damn it, could I be so wrong with my 'retrospective-perception' at all... nah, that can't be true I could swear that it was released much earlier than 2004... But like I've already said, I'm not sure about it after all, so just that you know about it... I'm sorry that I couldn't tell it to ya more precise...)

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  1. Die Platte habe ich mir im jahre 2000 gekauft , zusammen mit der platte von der Rasselbande...
    die daten im netz sind daher falsch :)