Donnerstag, 28. April 2011


Hey guys,
time for a little new post up here, and now you finally get  again a 'Videos' post especially for ya. (Ha, I could bet- or would I?- that you've all waited for that for a long, long time now, right, haha;-)?!?) I wanted to do a post to pay tribute to this now coming great band for a pretty long while now, yehp, and so now finally here it comes up: It's now all about the almighty RETALIATOR, british Oi! or better Skinhead Rock at its very, very best!!! And I don't care who of you so-called and self-declared political jackasses out there now cry about it, no matter if from the left to the right or vice verca, I just don't care about you so now go and fuck yourself (or get a real life) instead of all this tough 'cyber-hustle' in the 'virtual reality'. I don't know but for all what I've heard RETALIATOR shall be back on track again after they went seperate ways some years ago and some of the members went on to form the bands of the names of BALEFIRE and THE LONDON DIEHARDS. Anyhow, would be damn great if RETALIATOR should really be back alive. So now you get a live clip of them playing their incredible larger than life anthem "SKINHEAD ROCK" live on stage in Yorkshire or so in 2005 (not in 1995 like the introduction of the video says). Enjoy it!!! "RETALIATOR - NO COMPROMISE!!!" Oi!


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