Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

This is about HUMAN HOLOCAUST, this is about GENETIC DEATH... this is about what's waiting for all of us...

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoaaa, that's some great'n'fine stuff!!! Never heard of GOD HARVEST before this one here but for what I've read they are around since 2008 or so and this one here shall be pretty much something like their first proper release and if they continue to do so how and like they do it here it definitely won't be their last one. First of all two things: 1.) I just know about this (by the band itself authorized and done) MP3-Download version of the "DEMO 2011" release of GOD HARVEST, hm, but it seems that there are also some how-ever limited (?) physical copies floating around so just get in touch with the band via contacting them; 2.) Listening to this stuff you wouldn't have expected to listen to a D.I.Y. release so damn professional (meant in a very positive way) this all here is, point and fact. So, okay, it's late and I'm about to keep it short due to the fact that I'm damn tired today, yehp, again, I know, and also due to the fact that the "DEMO 2011" by itsef just runs its songs down in eleven or twelve minutes at all so what do GODHARVEST deliver here to us? A great mixture out of Hardcore, Metalcore (the old school way of it), Crustcore and Grindcore, hm, here and there you can maybe also get aware of some Powerviolence influences and also some very few (Trash) Metal impressions left their mark here and there. Combine the almighty NASUM with a good healthy dose of SKIT SYSTEM (minus the swedish lyrics, hm, but that should be clear anyhow), here and there some (early) NAPALM DEATH and also EXTREME NOISE TERROR marks, some WRECKING CREW and also CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER inpressions and a big bunch of good old school style Hardcore and also Punk (maybe we all could aggree with INFERNO?!?), cultivated by some few Powerviolence influences and only here and there some very few (Trash) Metal notes (remember SLAYER), yeahr, and then you have drawn yourself a pretty good picture of what GOD HARVEST use to do and they do it in an already fuckin' damn good (and damn much stand-alone) way!!! Incredible heavy and brutal punishing guitar work, great aggressive yet suffering lead vocals, and a rampage-going rhythm section, all played damn fucking strong. And the songwriting is just a sheer and true beauty, mostly fast and very fast if not 'death race' style fast, but it gets never (and I mean never!!!) anyway boring, great quick and (you wouldn't expected what's now coming...) fast ;-) changes of pace and rhythm, and on top of it all we do get always in nearly every (and I mean every!!!) song a bunch of very suprising stuff that you really need to discover for yourself. If they work out some of their riffs even more precise and make them so even more intense and if they could expend the amount of this damn great down-beating heavy and brutal grooves as well as maybe here and there even more their already mentioned suprises GOD HARVEST will get with their next release a even (far) better rating then they already do get it here. On top of it there are great lyrics and an brilliant (and very cynical) artwork (all delivered by the download), and an outstanding heavy and hard production sound. If you ask me, don't think twice (if you like your music- at least from time to time- really very heavy, brutal, and extreme) and get this great digital D.I.Y. release, point and fact!!! (8 of 10 points)

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