Sonntag, 17. April 2011

"Showcase is on again, looks like a Hollywood! Showcase is on again, where concrete flowers bloom!"

("Bandworm Records"; CD):
Some days (or so) ago I used to review the or a album of the Sverige Punkrock band of the name of THE VIGILANTES (that was also released via the sympathic german "BANDWORM RECORDS" label quite some years ago) and after also this band here is or was from Sverige and use(d) to play Punkrock and released this album via "BANDWORM RECORDS", too... ah, I feel, you can see the linking chain up here;-). This one here is also already quite some years old, released back then in 2004. Anyhow, here comes the review of it, if you like it or not, ha;-)! Okay, for all what I (think to) know the whole band (what shall mean every guy in and so member of the band) immigrated some-time in the 1990's from the back then bitter 'war-raped' Yugoslavia to Sweden and like we all know bands from there that are bad are only very rare and damn hard to find and here you will also not find a anyhow bad band, point and fact. Even some nutjobs out there will now talk crap like that they wouldn't had been a swedish band because of their 'foreign heritage' and bullshit like this the BLOCKBASTARDS played a very swedish style of their kind of music. Hm, what kind of music they played at all?; that you now ask yourself, right? Simple answer to your question: Punkrock! Streetpunk! You now the legendary VOICE OF A GENERATION? You always liked them? Right, that's great! You know BOMBSHELL ROCKS and more or less always liked them, too? Even better! You know the final and just fantastic 59 TIMES THE PAIN album releases of the titles of "END OF THE MILLENIUM" and "CALLING THE PUBLIC"? You always really loved them? Perfect! Okay, the BLOCKBASTARDS aren't or weren't anway anyhow rivals to 59 TIMES THE PAIN and VOICE OF A GENERATION (while they play(ed) in one and the same league with BOMBSHELL ROCKS) they did here a really strong and good, hell yeahr, a really good job. Power, aggression, and attitude, yet melody, anthem-character, and catchyness, and not to forget about giant larger-than-life Sing-A-Longs and a lot of cool suprising stuff that make this album and especially its songs pretty round. The charismatic and very specific cantillated and emphasised lead vocals really mark the whole songs very strong (and that for only damn good reasons), also the guitar playing is great and really something special (at least partly), and the very tight and massive rhythm section is also some totally convincing stuff, thumbs up for that. The rhythm and pace are arranged pretty good and cool, some interesting and grapping stuff, and there's a lot of heart and soul and passion in it, yes, you can really feel it while you listen to this record. Yeahr, maybe (...) nothing like a milestone or something like this, nah, but fuck it, who cares, as long as this here is and stays some really strong stuff, yes, and this it was, it is and it still stays it. Damn good and really pretty strong Punkrock or Streetpunk from Sverige for fans of 59 TIMES THE PAIN, VOICE OF A GENERATION, BOMBSHELL ROCKS, etc. pp. really something damn interesting, and for all of you out there interested in good and honest Punkrock this here is really something very interesting that you should check out asap (if you still don't own or even know it), yes, and nothing else. On top of it very strong and intersting lyrics, a very nice artwork, and a pretty strong production sound, and then that's it, and yes, check it out!!! Btw, today you can get this album for very low prices at some sources. (8 of 10 points)
(PS: Sorry I found no MySpace-site or band-homepage or what so ever...)

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