Sonntag, 24. April 2011


("Metal Bastard"/"Bellaphon"; CD):
Okay, after I am already doing reviews of some of my old('er') "METAL BASTARD" records I thought that I also need to have to do finally a review of this one here. Don't really remember when this one here was released back then, maybe at the end of the 1990's or the beginning of the 2000's, hm, I don't know it, yehp, but anyhow anyway that's just not really that much interesting after all at the end of the day. KRACHKANONEN, a band I didn't knew back then and I also don't know anything else of or from them than this six song containing CD release. Bought it many yers ago because I knew some other releases of the label that I liked and the price was already back then truly really damn low. Okay I have to say that also paying some (much) bucks more for it wouldn't had been a mistake back then anyhow anyway, no, really not. No Oi! or something comparable anyway (after the band was- and still is- also pretty often announced as an Oi! band back then in the days, what a bunch of crappy bullshit), this one here came out some a lot years way to early because today it would have been a pretty god success in this whole Deutsch Rock (a.k.a. German Rock) scenery even the KRACHKANONEN had really much more to offer than just third class copy songs of the mid too late 1990's BÖHSE ONKELZ period. Hard and heavy, yet damn melodic and very 'lead-dominated' guitar work, a great pushing bass playing, tight and forceful driven drumming, and some really great damn charismatic lead vocals, hard and powerful yet pretty clean and melodic, and all done with some strong riffing structure, great leads and a big bunch of pretty cool (Hard Rock guitar) solos, as well as a lot of very cool rhythm architecture work (and suprising changes of this architecture), cool arrangements of the verses as well as the refrain parts, and also a big bunch of very cool suprises (a great funky bass to lead the way of "STEH AUF!", breath-taking hammond piano to mark "WIR SIND ZURÜCK", etc. pp.), it's all there, and it's really damn good shit!!! If you like the mentioned BÖHSE ONKELZ period and the mid 1990's German Rock band DIE VERLORENEN SÖHNE, as well as bands like FREI.WILD, the ENKELZ and this whole currently on-growing German Rock stuff than do yourself a huge, huge favor and check the KRACHKANONEN out because they will be exactly something for you and they do have also so much more to offer than your ordinary bands out of this genre. If the song "GEFÜHLE UND GEDANKEN" wouldn't annoy me that much with it's too impelled rhyming style of singing the verses and if the last track "ENDSTATION" could maybe stay away from some of its too overboarding pathos this record would get a even far better rating than it already gets here and now anyhow. Ah, before I forget about it, we do also get very good lyrics (multi-layered and rich on thematic varities, also often pretty critical and political), a very good clean and hard, yet earthy and warm production sound, and a nice artwork, yes, and that's all what there is to say about it... okay, beside two last final things: 1.) Damn best songs are "DER WEG ZUM ERFOLG", "STEH AUF!" and "WARUM?"; 2.) And also the record should be still out there at some sources to be bought by you for pretty low prices so just get it. Hm, btw, like a lot of the "METAL BASTARD" bands also the KRACHKANONEN got (and still get) attacked for respectively being labeled as a Neo-Nazi NS Rock band but, hm, even and also today listening to them don't makes me think I would listen to the soundtrack of a new 'Reichsparteitag' anyhow... (8 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, also in this case here I foud- again- no hompegae or MySpace site or what-so-ever.)

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